Friday, July 31, 2009

Show Us Your Life Friday – Wedding Party and Flowers/Ceremony

Kelly over at “Kelly’s Korner”  hosts this every week and I wanted to participate this week because I loved my wedding day!! This week is wedding party, flowers, and ceremony!

I always knew I wanted a summer wedding. We got married July 2nd, 2005. Over 4 years ago…hard to believe! My favorite color is pink so there was no doubt that was going to be the main theme of the wedding!

Our sign in table!8489689-R1-008-2A

Kyle and I got married at my Grandma’s church in the town we currently live in. The church we go to didn’t have a center aisle and I wanted to have more of a traditional feel for my wedding! Our Pastor from our church married us. That is actually where Kyle & I met in 1997….at church!!! :) And that is still where we go today….12 years later!8489689-R1-024-10A_4

I had my four best girls stand up with me! In the picture below from left to right:

Elizabeth, my cousin and almost like 4th sister. We grew up together and have stayed close ever since. She now lives in Minneapolis and just had her first baby boy in May!

Stefanie, my sister, she is #2 out of the 4 of us and 6 years older than me. Stefanie and I fought a lot growing up but have gotten much closer now that we’re both “grown-ups” with our hubby’s & houses!! Stefanie lives in Georgia with her husband Geoff, but they are hoping to move back to the Midwest this fall when Geoff gets out of the military! My fingers are crossed!!

Wendi, my sister, she is the baby of the family and 3 years younger than me. Wendi is currently living in Florida finishing up school this December. The past few years Wendi and I have gotten very close. She lived with Kyle & I the past 2 summers and stayed in Florida this summer and I have missed her dearly this summer!! Everyone calls Wendi the “pretty one”!! :p And she is!!

Mindi, my sister, she is the oldest…9 years older than me. In her words, “I’m the oldest and best”!! Mindi and her husband Preston have been such good friends to Kyle and I and really been mentor’s to us while dating and now in our married lives as well. They live just 20 minutes from the town we live in so it’s nice to have them close!

So that’s my girls…I’ll list the guys, but it’s not the same for me!! I should have Kyle do this part!! Standing next to Kyle is my brother-in-law (Mindi’s husband) Preston. Next is Kyle’s younger (and only) brother Travis, then our friend and Kyle’s boss, Mark, and then finally is another friend, Andrew.

Our flower girl is Elizabeth’s sister and my cousin Toni and the ring bearer is my cousin Daniel. 



Here is a close up of me and my girls!! I like this one ‘cause you can see our flowers. I ordered my flowers from and we arranged them into the bouquets. We saved a lot of money and I LOVED them!! I had various shades of pink roses with white roses. 8489689-R1-043-20


Here is another wedding party photo with our ushers kneeling in the front. The outdoor pictures were some of my favorite. 8489689-R1-035-16_2 

  I knew I wanted to have petals thrown for our exit and I absolutely LOVE how the pictures turned out!8489689-R1-017-7    8489689-R1-019-8 

Hope you enjoyed our “wedding”!! Make sure to head over to Kelly’s blog to check out everyone else’s  post!!

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  1. I like the idea of the signature mat.
    I love your dress. Everyone looks so gorgeous.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful day!


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