Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Golden Birthday

ICYMI I’ve been a bad blogger & I’m determined to get caught to have our family memories “journal-ed” on our blog!

August 29th I turn 29! Last year in my 20’s! The girls at work brought some delicious treats and gave me a nice card!


My friend Mindy and I took an un-planned lunch hour to go get pedi’s! Spur of the moment girl time is always fun!


My Mom came up to watch the kids so Kyle and I could go out for dinner. We invited Mindi & Preston to come along too. A local restaurant has Mexican Thursday nights…read: margaritas, burritos, and free fried ice cream! Yum!


It was a wonderful birthday and I can’t wait to see what my last year of my 20’s has in store!

Little did I know what was to come the next day…

Mark & Jenna’s Baby Shower

On August 17th we packed up the kiddos and headed up to a small town in northwest Iowa for our friend’s, Mark & Jenna, baby shower at her parents’ house. The kiddos were perfect little travelers! (Bubble Guppies helps!)


The guys hung out in the backyard and played bag-o while we showered the mama-to-be in the house with the ladies! It was so fun to see all the fun things Jenna got from everyone. This little girl is going to be one spoiled lil thing!


The kiddos napped in the afternoon and we spent some time catching up. It had been over a year since we had seen our good friends…too long!


It was so good to see our friends. We are so excited for them. This baby girl has been a long time coming and is a complete miracle!


August Randomness

ICYMI I’ve been a bad blogger & I’m determined to get caught to have our family memories “journal-ed” on our blog!
Kyle has a slight obsession with Under Armour so we couldn’t resist a picture when all 3 of them were sporting UA! 8.11.13
Avery just chillin’! 8.11.13
Almost every night during bath time Adelyn ask me “Mommy make it pretty”…which means spike it! 8.12.13
Grandma Cindy watched Hayden for Wendi for a few days so we took advantage of it and had some cousin time! Love these two little people! 8.13.13
Friday August 16th we had a family date night with our friends Chris & Sarah and their 2 kids Tricia & Justus, who happen to be our kids’ age! I’m sure we were quite the scene with 2 two year olds and 2 five month olds! Everyone had a good time and that’s all that matters!
Avery is a quite a needy little guy. He likes to be held all the time, so we try to find different things to keep him entertained. On 8.18.13 it happened to be a water bottle and he went to town on that thing! Check out the seriousness of his face in the picture on the right! Ha!
Adelyn loves our phones and we find random Adelyn selfies all the time! One night we decided to have a Mommy/Adelyn photo shoot! 8.28.13
My hometown hosted a Cowboy 5k for Kathlynn. She was a young girl who was abducted and murdered near the elementary school I once attended. It was a horrific event and shook our entire community. One thing they did was to organize this even to raise money for the center for missing and exploiting children. Wendi, my Mom, and a few friends from work, along with our kids all participated.
The first day of class at the college where Kyle & I work there is always a big cookout in the court yard. Kyle brought the kids out to have supper with me and we ate with our friends Nate & Sarah and their little girl McKenzie. Unfortunately it was super windy, hot, & buggy so we took our cookout inside! 8.27.13

Twin Lakes Tri

On August 3rd Kyle along with our friends Brandon & Brittany competed in the Twin Lakes Triathlon. They did the same race together last year too! Kyle’s parents met us there to help with the kids.

Daddy & Adelyn listening to some “pre-game” music to get pumped up!


Adelyn and I watched with Brandon & their boys for Brittany to swim across the lake while Kyle prepped in the bike area. Once we spotted her we raced to the transition area to see Kyle off for the bike portion.


Adelyn was a good little girl while we waited for Daddy to loop the lake.


The bike portion was twice around the lake so after we saw him once we came back the transition area to watch him come in!


And then Brandon was off to finish the Tri with a  5k. We all packed up and drove around the lake to see him at the finish line.


Brandon finished with a great time!


Overall the whole team finished in 1 hour, 13 minutes and 58 seconds. They cut off almost 7 minutes from their previous year!


Team B did great and earned 2nd place in the team category!


Can’t wait to cheer them on again next year!

Sibling Love

Adelyn wanted to “read” one of her books to Avery one evening so we put them both in the recliner, it was so sweet!
It’s a look & find book, so Adelyn was telling Avery about everything she was finding and he was totally into it until I decided to video…

July Randomness

ICYMI I’ve been a bad blogger & I’m determined to get caught to have our family memories “journal-ed” on our blog!
We spent lots of our summer afternoons in the backyard in the pool or playing in the sprinkler. My good friend, Sara, gave Adelyn this fun beach ball sprinkler. Note: it needs to be a hot day ‘cause boy that water out of the hose is COLD!IMG_5790
Usually we would fill up the pool in the morning and let the summer sun warm it up, so after nap time about 2-3pm it would be the perfect temperature. And yes…I got in our tiny pool with the kids!IMG_5796IMG_5799
After one afternoon dip in the pool Avery had a nice little swing and was so relaxed!IMG_1761
One of my most favorite outfits over the summer was this sweet little bloomer set from, none other than, Ashley at SheShe Made! Pretty sure he wore it to church every Sunday as long as it fit! Sadly those cute, chunky thighs don’t fit in the cute lil bloomers anymore!IMG_5810
Even though I have a boy & a girl doesn’t mean they can’t coordinate! A blog friend did a sale on these super cute state shirts, I couldn’t resist! She has an etsy shop, Elle + Ollie. IMG_1808
I had to prop Avery up so you could really see the cuteness of those chunky thighs! I just can’t help but squeeze them!
Kyle trained all summer for a marathon. On one of his long runs he ran from our house to my sister’s house, 20 miles! The kids & I gave Daddy a head start, met up with him around mile 18, and then cheered him to the finish in Mindi’s front yard! Stick around for a marathon recap soon!IMG_1797
The last weekend in July we headed north to MN for my cousin Sephra’s wedding. It was a busy, quick trip, so I didn’t get a lot of pictures. These are 2 of my favs…Lily was quite interested in Avery’s car seat and Adelyn doing her best Marilyn Monroe!
The end of July Kyle’s sister Mel and her husband Steve came home. They weren’t able to come home for Adelyn’s 2nd birthday so we kept the party going with a birthday gift from Aunt Mel & Uncle Steve.
This was this first time Avery met Aunt Mel & Uncle Steve! The kids were too busy watching Daddy blow up Adelyn’s “Jump-o-lene”!
Adelyn sure loves her Aunt Mel…and I think the feeling is mutual! Mel wanted to read books for Adelyn’s bedtime routine, Adelyn didn’t mind!IMG_5849

Avery’s 4mo Well Baby

On July 17th we had Avery’s 4 month well baby check. The big boy weighed in at 16lbs 13oz and was 26 1/2 in long!
He was a tough little boy for his shots too! And how cute is he in his Pumpkin Butter Kids onesie!

4th of July

ICYMI I’ve been a bad blogger & I’m determined to get caught to have our family memories “journal-ed” on our blog!
We started out our 4th of July with a party in Mommy & Daddy’s bed! I keep telling Kyle we need a king size bed, we don’t all fit well in our queen!IMG_5788
Ever since I can remember we have always went to the 4th of July parade in Gowrie, a small town not far from where we live. This is my most favorite part of the parade, I think there were 6 trucks pulling a trailer filled with flags representing those who have fallen for our country. (All while listening to God Bless America…cue tears!)iphone 914
Adelyn was more into eating the candy than picking it up! We watched the parade with my parents, Mindi & Preston, and our friends the Essmans!
After the parade we went back to my Mom’s house to grill out! I think the kids had a good time…both were napping before we got out of town!
iphone 915iphone 916
As with most 4th of July’s, it was a perfect warm day. So after nap time we hit the back yard for some fun in the pool and snacks! Well Adelyn did…Avery took a nap!
iphone 921

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