Saturday, August 22, 2009

Weekend in Minneapolis

Last weekend when Kyle got off work on Saturday we jetted outta Dodge and headed north to the Twin Cities with our friends Mark and Kathy. This was to celebrate our anniversary! We just delayed the celebration for a while ‘cause this was the only weekend that worked for both of us!
When we were just getting into the Cities the guys thought maybe we could catch the 7 o’clock Twins game rather than waiting until the 1PM game the next day ‘cause we were going to scalp our tickets no matter which game we went to. So we quick check into our hotel, park the car, switch into our Twins clothes, and grab a cab to the MetroDome. We were almost there and the cabbie says “Where to at the MetroDome"?” (he was thinking he was taking us to our parked car!) and we’re like ….well the main entrance probably. Kinda a silly question we thought….but then we started to see all these Twins fans walking AWAY from the Dome. And the cabbie, he says “Well the game’s already over!” OMG!!! The guys swore it was at 7PM, but it was obviously earlier! We had quite a good little laugh!!
So since we had the rest of the night to we decided to walk around downtown, see the sights, and find somewhere to eat supper.

Kathy said she always wanted to take a picture with Mary Tyler Moore….and now she has one!! :)
We ended up at the Hard Rock Cafe for supper!DSC04218 
I didn’t know my hubby liked jalapeƱos!!!

Can you see Kyle there behind the steam from Mark’s fajitas?!?!DSC04226
Kyle and Kathy both got lil flags on their sandwiches and were pretty proud of them!! :) 
DSC04227 DSC04229
I ordered the Hawaiian chicken….mmmm it was SO good!! But WAY too much for 1 person! :pDSC04230 
DSC04231 DSC04233
  So we stayed NEXT DOOR to the GAP and guess what?!?!?!? I didn’t even get to go there. :( Kyle says good thing ‘cause we saved $$!!DSC04297 
We stayed at “The Marquette”….very nice! Kyle liked the giant flat screens in the room! I liked the glassed in shower! DSC04284
the hotel lobby…kinda cool!DSC04296

The next morning we weren’t sure where to eat breakfast…not a lot of options downtown! We ended up walking just a few blocks down from our hotel to the “Keys Cafe” and it was GREAT!! But we did catch a few pictures on the way! :)DSC04268  
DSC04283 DSC04282 DSC04274

Kyle got hit by a bus on the walk back from breakfast….j/k LOL!!!DSC04281      
 Reflections!!! check out the bus in the background…"go greener”!!DSC04314 

After breakfast we headed down to the Dome to find our tickets. And we had great luck! Got ones on the 3rd base line, only 14 rows up for $25…not bad!!
DSC04316 DSC04318
DSC04334 DSC04319
Laura – these pictures are for you! ;)
DSC04321 DSC04324 DSC04328
Look at this GIANT tub of bunny tracks ice cream!!! Ok well it really wasn’t filled with ice cream, but Kyle wishes it was, that is his FAVORITE kind!! It was a blow up thing that someone from the crowd got to throw a ball in and if they made it they got a year’s worth of ice cream! Too bad we weren’t picked to do that!!DSC04340 
I don’t think this umpire was even watching the game. He was too busy eating his sun flower seeds. Look at the mess around him!DSC04341 
Our last game in the Dome! Can’t wait to go to the new ball park next year…when it’s warm anyway! ;)DSC04343
Thanks for a great weekend Mark & Kathy…you’re too good to us!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Show Us Your Life Friday – Baby Showers

untitled Kelly over at “Kelly’s Korner”  hosts this every week and I wanted to participate this week because I love throwing any type of party and who doesn’t love babies!!!

Between my sister Mindi and I, we have thrown MANY showers! And through all of those we have collected a lot “ rubber duck” decor! Works perfect for boy or girl!

Usually for our little for our group of friends we decorate and have a fun theme shower and then for baby #2, #3, etc we do a “pot luck” style and just get together, which is always just as fun!

I also enjoy card making so I usually get to make the invites! Here is a “duck” theme one I did for my sweet friend Leanne! It swiveled open and had all the shower info on the inside! Simple, but fun!IMG_2399


I’ve also made a few diaper cakes! they are time consuming, but fun and practical!

PICT0004 IMG_2992


Giant Rubber Duckies!IMG_2320


Punch Duck Pond!!PICT0005         

I’ve also made a few “baby carriages” out of watermelon and other fruit! Ok well actually Kyle does all the carving andI do the finishing details! Notice the duck cookies in the background…courtesy of “Larita’s Cakes & More” …my favorite!PICT0002   

These are only a few of those showers. I couldn’t find pictures of all the showers my sister and I have done. So fun!! Can’t wait to go to my own baby shower someday!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Garrett Steven

My good friend from work, Kim, had a baby boy last Thursday via c section after 24 hours labor! Ugh!! Poor girl!! But I am sure she would tell you today that it was all worth it! I went to visit them on Saturday while they were still in the hospital. This is her first and her and her husband have wait VERY long for this precious little boy. I am so happy for them and all the happiness he will bring into their lives!

Garrett – Born 8/14/09 7:31AM – 7lbs 12 oz 19 inDSC04211 

Proud Mommy!!DSC04212 

Me and precious little Garrett…he wasn’t too happy though! It was feeding time and he wasn’t interested in taking a picture!DSC04215

Monday, August 17, 2009

New Garage Door Opener

A month or so ago our garage door must have got hit by lightening (that is what Overhead Door told us anyway!) and so the sensor that works with the remotes in our cars didn’t work. And the opener is SO old that they don’t make parts for them anymore. So we had to get a new one.   We decided to go with a Craftsman from Sears…to save some $$$!!

The old opener…detached from the ceiling and ready to be “laid to rest”! DSC04182 

Kyle working on installing the new opener!DSC04186 

The new opener!!DSC04189

All installed! Kyle just has to finish installing the sensors at the bottom of the door and they we’re back in business!!DSC04190

Saturday, August 15, 2009

20 days….




Our season tickets came in the mail this week!! 

DSC04205 DSC04204


And I might have to do a little…ok maybe a LOT…of shopping from this!!!DSC04207

Friday, August 14, 2009



Who knew dishwasher detergent and regular dish soap didn’t work the same in the dishwasher…..soap is soap, isn’t it?!?!? :)


Tonight I learned that “soap is not soap” and they DO NOT work the same!!

Sweet Little Abby

I just wanted to share because I don’t think anyone can resist Abby’s cute/sweet-ness! She was all curled up in some clean laundry on the day-bed watching me get ready this morning. Her face just looked so sad, like she knew I was leaving her for the day! Just melts my heart!!


Oh and she recently got her hair cut! She always looks SO different when she comes home from the groomer, but she’s still the same sweet Abby!DSC04196

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