Monday, June 30, 2008

Harley Man!

So as Kyle and I were working on the cabinets last night and I hear a noise that sounds like a motorcycle and I was just thinking it was our neighbor who has a few bikes and I look out the window and there is my Dad on his new Harley on the patio! So of course we had to go for a ride!! Kyle and I really want to get a bike....I just need to convince him a little more! :) We had a nice visit with Dad and of course a nice ride on the bike too! It's crazy...both of my parents have Harleys!!! Who would have ever though!?!?

I hope everyone had a good weekend and is looking forward to this short week and upcoming 3 day weekend! I know we sure are!!


We had a really nice day Sunday. Went to church and then got a few groceries and went out for brunch with Kyle's family. My cousin Christine is getting married in August and her bridal shower was today so I went to that and Kyle got a nap in! I stopped at Menards on the way home 'cause I had bought the wrong kind of hinges for the doors, so I got the right ones and then also purchased crown molding, new base board, and casing for the kitchen. So when I got home Kyle and I got to work putting the handles and hinges on the cabinet doors. They are looking so good. Unfortunately for some reason I don't know how to count and didn't get of the hinges so I don't quite have a good finished picture. So you just get a preview!

Kyle working on installing the cabinet doors!

We're Getting Closer!

Saturday evening I finally got everything back in the cabinets, organized, and cleaned! It is a nice feeling to go the cereal cupboard and get some cereal rather than a tote in the living room! We just have to wait for the last coat of paint to dry now and put the handles and hinges on and put the doors back on and the cabinets are done!! I can't wait!


I definately had a productive day on Saturday! Got up at a decent time and started in on the cabinets right away!! Last night Kyle had gotten all the molding on the front so I just had to get 2-3 coats of paint on today!! It was a productive...long day!! In between coats of paint I was trying to get things put back in the cabinets and re-organized and I heard this little "ding" "ding", it was the ice cream man!! I didn't go out for anything 'cause we have plenty in our freezer, but it was very tempting!! Hope everyone is having a nice weekend! I'll post more pictures later of the project.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Kitchen Progress!!

Once again last night we worked on our kitchen cabinets! Kyle's brother Travis came with the air compressor and finish nailer so we could add the trim to the front of the doors. I got the 1st & 2nd coats of paint on all the bases and part of the doors, but we ran out of trim to add to the front. Luckily my wonderful brother in law works in Des Moines and is going to pick some more up for us today!! Our goal is to have everything done on Sunday night when we go to we'll see!! I really think it is going to look great when its all done...just can't wait for that to happen!!
Kyle working on the trim on the doors.
After a few coats of paint!
Another view!
A view of the door painted with the trim on the front!
These are all the doors we have left to add trim and paint!!
Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend and enjoys this sunny weather we're getting!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kitchen Cabinets

So Kyle and I have been talking about re-doing our kitchen cabinets and we were kinda dragging out feet about it. Well not anymore...I came home at lunch yesterday and Kyle had all the doors off and was working on getting them sanded down!! So right now our kitchen is a MESS! We got everything pulled out of the cupboards and then got them sanded down last night and then also got one coat of primer on! So I think we're making good progess!! We just had to find our cereal this morning in the tote in the living room and the bowls stacked on the coffee table! :)

Notice all the dust in the air!!

All are cabinet doors ready to be painted!

A coat of primer!

All the doors primed and ready to be painted!!

La La Handbags

So a friend from work had this super cute purse and I asked where she got it and she said "La La Handbags" and I hadn't heard of that store before, but I know it now!! And I love it!! There is one in Ames and Urbandale. Kyle and I stopped there before the Barnstormer game last Saturday. They have sooooo many cute purses, wallets, sunglasses, jewlery, scarves...all kinds of good stuff!! So these are the two purses that I picked out:

A cute colorful one...perfect for summer!
And this giraffe print one, I have never really been into animal prints, but I loved this one! And I got the matching wallet too! Kyle thought it looked like a cow purse....those guys just don't know!! :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Joke's On Us!

So this morning when Kyle was getting ready for work he looked out the window and this is what he saw....tomatos! Not really sure who did it...but we have an idea!! With the salmonella outbreak in tomatos, Wendys had to throw out all their tomatos and we're thinking one of Kyle's employees thought it would be funny to "give" them to us!!

Look closely & you'll see about 100 tomatos!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

I Have to be Thankful!

My good friend Sara (the one who got married in April) shared these pictures with me this morning. They are from a sister of a girl who she works with. These were taken in Cedar Rapids this week. Its so hard to believe! I just have to say that I'm thankful that we haven't had any water damage during all of these wet weeks we've had! I read this morning that the Cedar River would crest today at 31.8 FEET!! WOW is all I can say!! They said at least 483 city blocks are completely flooded! I will definately keep this area of our state in my prayers.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Crazy Iowa Weather

Well we have definately gotten our share of rain here in Iowa. I am not sure on the exact amount, but there has been a TON of rain lately and many people have lost their homes due to flooding. Thankfully our sump pump has been working wonderfuly and we haven't had any water (knock on wood)! We stopped over at my Grandma's house the other night to see the "lake" in her backyard and this is what we saw on the way home...a beautiful rainbow!! Just a nice reminder that God will never flood the whole earth again....maybe Iowa, just not whole earth! lol
These were the strom clouds on the other side of the road of the rainbow!
And this was the sky a few hours later! I thougth the colors were beautiful!
But then it started to rain...again!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Monday!

Good Morning Everyone!! I hope that you all had a great weekend and are ready for the week now! Kyle and I had a nice weekend. He worked on Saturday morning and I went to a few garage sales! At my last stop I just happened to lock my keys in my car so I called Kyle and he was too busy, Wendi had already left town for a volleyball tournament, so I call our neighbor and he brought the spare set to me!! I don't think I'll live that one down for a long time!! When Kyle got off work we headed to DM for another Barnstormer game. Sad to say, but they lost. But we did have a good time. Sunday was church and the weekly grocery shopping! We took a 4 hour nap and had a nice evening together, making supper and cookies for desert! Hope everyone has a GREAT Monday! I know I sure will, we start summer hours here at work! Yeah for summer! :)

Here is a pic of us wating for the game to start! Don't you love our matching curly hair!

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