Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mommy’s Lil Pumpkin

The week before Halloween I dressed Adelyn in fun holiday outfits each day for daycare!  DSC00973

This outfit is from a store that was having a sell out this summer, only $3! I think all Mommies would agree that anything with Mommy on it is hard to resist! ;) Funny thing is that she is wearing a Mommy shirt today too! Ha!DSC00974

The whole time she was sitting in the chair she was just jabbering up a storm and smiling away! DSC00978

I just love all the faces she makes! A friend at a scrapbooking retreat a few years ago did a scrapbook of all black & white pictures of her kids and the faces they make, I can’t wait to do that with Adelyn!DSC00976

Another silly face! I sure do love this little girl!!DSC00977

Hope everyone is having a great week! I told Kyle this morning on the way to work that 2 weeks from today it will be our “Friday” since we will be off for a 4 day weekend for Thanksgiving! Hooray!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Adelyn Loves her Feet!

I have SO much blogging to catch up on! Over the past week or 2 I feel like I’ve taken SO many pictures…but how can you blame me when this sweet girl is your subject?!?! DSC00941

Anyway, on to the point of my post! Over the past 2-3 weeks Adelyn has become obsessed with her feet! It just cracks us up! If she could get both feet in her mouth she would!DSC00942

When we lay her down on the changing table her these days, it’s automatic that her feet come up and her hands find them and then straight to her mouth! Silly girl!DSC00933

Who needs toys when you have toes to grab?!?!DSC00935    DSC00939

And I couldn’t help but to include this one from the day. No she isn’t reaching for her feet, but I just love that big smile!!DSC00971

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