Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mel’s Brrr Birthday Bowling

Saturday night we helped celebrate our friend/neighbor, Mel’s, birthday!! We started out the night at a nice local restaurant, The Cellar.

Group shot, minus a few late comers!

The first time Mel & Robbeye came to our house was a party we threw for Wendi when she was home. Well Mel brought a “40” and we got quite the kick out of it, our tiny little friend drinking a “40”. So we decided we needed to get her a koozie! Little did we know someone else would get her the “40” to match!! Too funny!!DSC05955


I ordered grilled chicken for supper and look it came in the shape of a heart!!DSC05956


It was also a few other friends’ bdays so they all blew out their candles together!! Check out the cake my friend made…it was a snowman! No worries though, I didn’t eat any!DSC05957


Check out the cake Heather made…pretty impressive!

After dinner we all headed to the bowling alley to do some cosmic bowling!!

Kyle had a superman shirt on under his button down…you could see the symbol in the black light!DSC05960 

Me with the birthday girl, Mel!DSC05962

I was the only one with non-glowing shoes. :(


Kyle has all the “moves” at the bowling alley!

DSC05963 DSC05964



Boys will be boys!DSC05971

DSC05965      DSC05972 

Mel doing the “wind blown” look!DSC05975 

I tried…but it didn’t work too well…I ended up giggling! :) DSC05976 

After bowling we danced the night away!! Too fun!! :)

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