Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fun, New Things!

While in Omaha the end of February I picked up Adelyn’s first “anywhere” chair from Pottery Barn Kids. She LOVES it! I plan to take it somewhere here in town to get her name embroidered in it.IMG_1193

Oh and this was the first time I’d put her hair in a “pony tail”. She surprisingly left it alone! This may have to be the new way she’s wears bows because lately she is a pro at pulling her headband/bows off!IMG_1198

My blog friend, Katy, tweeted about finding a music table at a garage sale for her little guy. It isn’t quite garage sale season here in Iowa yet, but I knew just where to look! I checked out Craigslist before going to Omaha to find a music table for Adelyn and was successful!IMG_1189

I ended up finding one for $10, these things retail at $45+, so I considered it a success {plus it’s pink]! And as you can see she loves it!IMG_1191

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St Patrick’s Day

Despite Kyle and I being a very small percentage Irish I couldn’t help but dress our little girl up for the holiday! Come on who wouldn’t want to kiss this sweet little face!IMG_1305

And wouldn’t you know that the headband wouldn’t last very long!


And where do you think it ended up after pulling it off her head?
















Of course, her mouth! Thankfully they were only $1!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Cousins Weekend

The last weekend in February Adelyn, cousin Hayden, Aunt Wendi, and I made the trip to Omaha to see cousin Lily (and her parents!). We wanted to get in some Lily time. I know all too well how quick it goes! She was already going on 7 weeks old when we were there!cousins

I always enjoy our time in Omaha. Stef & Geoff have a great house for company and they are always great hosts! We did a little shopping and there was also a neighborhood baby shower for Lily.Lily Weeks 6 & 7 034

My Dad and Grandma also came out for the weekend. I love these pictures of my Dad with the baby girls! And I love how Lily & Adelyn are just checking each other out in the 1st one!IMG_1176IMG_1179

Unfortunately Adelyn got sick while we were there. Hayden & Wendi weren’t feeling well either. We ended up coming home early Sunday morning. Sadly poor little Lily got sick too. Sick babies are NO FUN! Thankfully everyone is feeling well now!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

First Trip to the Park

We have been having unseasonal highs here in Iowa this week. So we took advantage of those warm temps and took Adelyn to the park after work on Monday. Needles to say, she LOVED it! See for yourself in the pictures we captured.

This was her first trip down the big slide. We put her on her back and Daddy let her slide down to Mommy at the bottom. She giggled the whole way day. It was so precious!IMG_1205

Daddy went to shoot some hoops, so Mommy & Adelyn went to play in the tunnel. As you can tell, she loved that too! She liked to smack the tunnel and hear the noise it made. IMG_1207

Daddy couldn’t resist playing with his girls!IMG_1208



Time for the BIG slide! Daddy joined her for this one though!IMG_1221


Unfortunately the baby swings at the park near our house were broken, so she had to swing with Daddy & Mommy. I don’t think she minded though!IMG_1230


And one last trip down the slide before heading home for bath time!IMG_1243

Check out the video of Adelyn giggling down the slide! LOVE it!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Adelyn’s Eight Months Old!

Once again this post is late. I’m posting it more for my reference than anything! On February 21st Adelyn turned months old!! So check out what Adelyn was up to during her 8th month! Hard to believe I need to be thinking about her 9 month VERY soon! IMG_12711

Her favorite game is peek-a-boo! This month she learned to hold her taggie up by herself to hide! And of course Sophie & her taggie blanket have been a favorites for a long time. She still loves to gnaw on Sophie! I think we might have to retire poor Sophie though. Adelyn threw her out of the cart at Target and Sophie got ran over. Now her squeaker sounds a little horse!IMG_1274

Adelyn continues to be a champ at army crawling!! She’s so quick too!! She will take about 1-2 strides of regular crawling, but then she plops down to her tummy and army crawls. This month she started pulling herself up on whatever is available…coffee table, toys, Mommy, or Daddy, etc!

She celebrated her first Valentines Day this month! She took apple juice Valentine’s to her friends & teachers at daycare. Also at daycare she got her first brownie (not by Mommy & Daddy’s choice). Speaking of daycare she got moved up to the next room on 2/1/12. She was the big girl in the room and now she’s the little peanut again! I’m hoping this doesn’t make her want to do big girl things sooner, although I’m sure it will!IMG_1278

Adelyn has really started to talk this month! Of course her first words were “da da” and “ba ba” despite the fact that I say “ma ma” to her 100 times/day!

We started doing more finger foods with Adelyn this month and she does SO well with them. We’ve done pancakes, waffles, broccoli, green beans, potatoes, cooked carrots, sweet potatoes, and peaches. She also had her first *small* taste of ice cream this month and LOVED it!IMG_1282

We eliminated a feeding this month down to 4/day. I still nurse her in the morning and night before bed. Then she has 2 bottles of breast milk at daycare. Adelyn was completely ready for that change and did really well. She also started getting 3 meals a day. She has cereal or oatmeal with a fruit for breakfast and then a fruit & vegetable for lunch and supper. She also gets 2 snacks a day at daycare.IMG_1286 

Adelyn moved to size 3 diapers this month. They seem SO big, but I’m sure that won’t last long!  And she's wearing just a few size 3-6 mo, mainly 6-9mo, and some 6-12 mo clothes. We're close to retiring those last few 3-6 mo clothes!

weight – aprox. 19lbs
length – didn’t measure her
eating – 100% nursing or breastmilk from a bottle, cereal, & solids
clothes - 3-6 mo, 6-9 mo, and 6-12 mo
diapers - size 3

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Toothbrush and No Hair Brush

Now that Adelyn has teeth we’re working on the concept of brushing those cute little teeth! Of course she’s more interested in eating the tooth paste and chewing on the tooth brush…but hey it’s a start!IMG_1143


Just for fun the other night I spiked Adelyn’s hair! She has a bit of natural curl (that I’m really hoping stays!) that makes the spike so much cuter!!IMG_1168

She can’t quite pull herself up to stand in her crib, but she will kneel. After I spiked her hair I stood her up in her crib to pose for a few pictures!IMG_1164 

Can you tell she was pretty proud of herself?!?!!IMG_1162


Friday, March 2, 2012


During the time Adelyn was home sick, Daddy had her in her jumper for snack time. Daddy was getting some lunch ready and turned around and noticed the 6-8 puffs he gave Adelyn were quickly gone. He gave her more and then same thing happened again. Then he found the culprit…the dog! Adelyn was feeding Abby! It was so cute! She would feed Abby one and then she would feed herself one! I guess we need to be thankful that she’s good at sharing!2.29.12 adelyn learns to feed abby

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sick Baby Girl

Adelyn and I went to Omaha for the weekend (more on that later!). Saturday night Adelyn woke up 5 times just screaming. The poor thing wasn’t feeling well. We got an early Monday morning appointment. I thought for sure she had another ear infection, but nope our Doctor said she had strep. He gave us some antibiotics to give her. She continued to run a fever Monday-Thursday ranging anywhere from 100-103.6. Adelyn wasn’t sleeping well either…who would though when you aren't’ feeling well. I stayed home with her Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday and Daddy stayed home with her on Wednesday. The only thing I liked about her being sick is all the snuggles. She didn’t want anything else, but to be held by Mommy or Daddy! I will never say no to that!IMG_1180

We’re praying she sleeps through the night tonight and wakes up fever free!

Adelyn Update

Adelyn has about as many pairs of shoes as her Daddy…but unfortunately we can’t get her to keep them on! Well before we even get to that point, when we are putting them on her, she curls her toes up, and doesn’t want anything to do with the shoes! We will have to keep working on the shoe department! IMG_1119 - Copy


Adelyn does so well these days playing with her toys…but she would much rather play with the basket! IMG_1125

Or chew on it! That’s her favorite!


Silly girl! Notice her bow & headband is around her neck. She is very good these days about pulling it down. Another thing we’re working on!IMG_1130

Lastly, Adelyn still is not crawling, but she’s probably the fastest army crawler I’ve seen! ‘And she likes to explore all around the house. Her favorite spots are under the bench in the living room and scooting around under the table & chairs!


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