Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Weight loss Journey Update

Well a lot has happened since I last posted before my birthday. I exceed my birthday goal by 5.4 pounds and celebrated with Mexican food and ice cream! Twas a grand dayIMG_5937

The next goal I set was to be down 50 pounds total by our Vegas trip in early October. I continued working out 3-4 days/week throughout September and tracking my eats using MyFitnessPal and lost another 6.6 pounds that month. So that made a grand total of 50 pounds lost since the first of the year! Yep, you read that right, FIFTY pounds gone this year…and I exceed my Vegas goal!

Can you believe the difference 7 weeks & 14lbs can make?IMG_6029

Kyle and I had a good time with our friends in Vegas. Sometimes when I would walk by a mirror I could hardly believe the image staring back at me! Such a good feeling! Oh and not to mention feeling confident in my swimsuit at the pool! Five months prior on our Dell’s trip, I wasn’t feeling anything close to that. IMG_6556

I got home from Vegas and got right back to work and lost another two pounds and busted into the 150s, I hadn’t seen a 1 and a 5 at the beginning of my weight since 2009 – pre baby weight!! At that point I was down 55 pounds total! After hitting the 55lb mark I set a new goal to be down 60 pounds total in 2016. At that point it seemed very doable, over 2 months to lose 5 pounds? No problem!

But…when trick or treat time came around my will power was weak and that snow balled into about 6 weeks of being off track with my eats. I knew I couldn’t continue with that lifestyle or I’d quickly be back where I started. Throughout those 6 weeks I still worked out normally and ate “good” for breakfast and lunch, but supper and snacking were not good. In those 6 weeks I gained about 3 pounds.

After Thanksgiving I knew I needed to reign things in and re-focus. I had worked SO hard to lose those 55lbs, there is no WAY I was about to put them back on. NO WAY! And I’ve got a goal to meet! image1

For the past 8 days I’ve been back on track and it feels SO good. I’ve kicked those 3lbs {that I gained during those 6 weeks} to the curb and lost another 1.2lbs and am on my way to hitting that 60lb mark! Stay tuned I plan to do something {almost} unheard of during the holidays, LOSE WEIGHT!

This is what 56.2lbs difference looks like!IMG_7277

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