Sunday, April 29, 2012


When we put Adelyn to bed at night she is usually awake and goes to sleep without a peep. I always go in to check on her after about 15-20 minutes.  Well one night last week I went in to find a crib filled with tissues! She had reached her little hands through the crib slats and pulled all the tissues out of the box! I couldn’t resist a picture even though she was fast asleep!IMG_1772

I cleaned up all the tissues, but the next morning when I got Adelyn out of her crib she handed me a tissue that I had missed! Ha!

Thursday, April 26, 2012



Easter Sunday we went to church as a family. Afterwards we met my family for a nice brunch. I found Adelyn’s Easter dress a few months ago. I loved the bright blue and the smocking!IMG_1716

We were lucky enough to make it through church and brunch with no spills on the dress to get a photo opp in our yard. We used this beautiful flowering bush for nice background!IMG_1723

Adelyn tried to convince Daddy to share his Easter candy with her!IMG_1735

After our outdoor pictures we came in to do Adelyn’s Easter basket!IMG_1749

We gave Adelyn some gold fish snacks, an under armour outfit, a baby doll, and some bubbles. IMG_1758

I couldn’t believe that Adelyn didn’t have a baby doll yet and so I couldn’t resist the chance to get her one! She wasn’t too interested in it yet, but she did have fun pulling everything out of her basket!IMG_1762

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Adelyn’s Ten Months Old!

April 21st Adelyn turned 10 months old! I cannot believe that in less than 2 months I will have a 1 year old! It just seems like yesterday she was a tiny baby! Now she’s a happy little girl on the go!ten monthsedit
Last month Adelyn got a music table that I mentioned in her 9 month post. Well she started pushing it all over the house. Since it wasn’t made to be a walker toy (read: not safe for a baby learning to walk!), we decided to purchase a walking toy and she LOVES it! She is so proud of herself walking all over the house. It’s so cute to watch her. As she walks across the room she always has to look over to make sure we're watching her! I have a feeling she will be walking by the time her 1st birthday rolls around. IMG_1839
Adelyn’s crawling has been put into super drive! She is SO fast! She will get across the room in no time. She’s starting to give Abby a run for her money! We have been working on “hi” and “bye” this month and she is doing really well. She puts her arm out, palm side up, and opens and closes her hand. Not quite right, but it’s pretty cute!IMG_1845
She is still not a fan of her changing table. We either both take on the task or distract her with a toy or her toothbrush! She also doesn’t like to get in her carseat. Once she’s in it, for the most part, she’s content. We’ve been using snacks to distract her. I’m thinking that once we turn her facing forward in a few months she’ll be more happy in her carseat. IMG_1857
Adelyn got her 6th & 7th teeth this month. She got her top one to the right of her top 2 and also her first molar on the bottom left. The molar just popped through the week of April 15th. We were SO surprised to see it. She wasn’t 100% herself, but not anything close to what I thought she would be while getting a molar.IMG_1859
She is still biting. Usually 3 times/week we have to sign an incident report at daycare. I just feel so bad that she biting other kids. I can’t imagine how those parents are feeling. The workers at her daycare remind that this is normal and right now she isn’t old enough to realize it something that hurts others, she is just doing it because she is teething. Since we found her molar this week the biting makes sense. We’re still working on it though, telling her “No biting” and thumping her. We’re hoping one of these days she’s learns!IMG_1865
Adelyn is doing SO well with table/finger foods. For the most part she will eat what are having. We are still waiting on the 5 foods to avoid before her first year. She is such a good eater and loves her fruits & veggies. She usually she has 3 “meals” a day and 2 snacks. In addition to that she also nurses 3 times/day and/or has a bottle of pumped breastmillk at daycare, one when she wakes up, one at noon, and one before bed. ten monthsedit2
Adelyn you are growing up so fast! You are such a happy, easy baby and we love you more and more everyday! You are such a fun girl and we are thankful to be blessed to be your parents!
*TEN MONTH STATS* weight – aprox. 20lbs 8oz (weighed at home) 
length – didn’t measure
eating – 100% nursing or breastmilk from a bottle, cereal, & solids. Beginning more table foods.
clothes - 6-9 mo and 6-12 mo
diapers – size 3
Watch me grow!10 months

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Celebrating Easter

On Saturday we celebrated Easter at my parents’ house with my family. I got Hayden a pinwheel and some bubbles! Last minute I got Adelyn & Lily some adirondack chairs! We couldn’t resist the opportunity for a photo opp!IMG_1646

It was so cute…we caught Adelyn & Hayen sitting in the hallway feeding their snack to Abby!!IMG_1657

Adelyn says “Hey, save some for me!”IMG_1669

“Adelyn you can lick the bowl!”IMG_1672

Love these 2 little ladies! Stef is officially a stay at home Mom as of last week!IMG_1673

Mom made all the main dishes (read: holiday=hamballs!) and us girls brought the sides. I made some festive deviled eggs!IMG_1675

After lunch we spent the afternoon visiting and playing with the kids!IMG_1678


One of Stef’s high school friends, Bethany, stopped by with her husband and their little girl, Mae! She was born in August, so just a few months behind Adelyn. IMG_1692

Since I can remember Mom has always hit Easter baskets for us kids and just ‘cause we’re grown she hasn’t stopped…they’ve just gotten a little smaller! ry=480

Mom and Duane hid our “baskets” all around outside and we had a fun time finding them.ry=4801

They even hid one for Grandma!ry=4802






I had to take the opportunity to snap a few pictures of Adelyn in her Easter SheSheMade outfit!IMG_1700

We had a wonderful Easter, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, surrounded by the ones I love most!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Good Friday in Granville

Kyle & I were off work on Good Friday. Wednesday night we were discussing our Friday plans. I had an idea to drive up to see our friends Mark & Jenna from KC. They were visiting Jenna’s parents for the weekend. It ended up working out and we head to NW Iowa for the afternoon/evening!

Adelyn was a great little traveler. Jenna greeted us at the car when we got to her parents’ house and Adelyn went right to her!!IMG_1581

Mark & Jenna were so sweet to get Adelyn a little Easter lamb…she loved it!IMG_1583

She also loved Marks iphone! He was teaching her how to play Angry Birds!IMG_1590

Sadly we hadn’t seen Mark & Jenna since their wedding in September, hence we hadn’t done our Christmas gift exchange. They got Adelyn this cute little Hawkeye lawn chair!! It will be perfect for tailgating!!



We took advantage of Betty’s, Jenna’s Mom, Easter decorations for a few pictures! Here Adelyn is hanging out with the bunnies on the porch!IMG_1617

We enjoyed the afternoon catching up with our besties. Picture 041

Betty made us a wonderful supper and the boys grilled.Picture 043

After supper we got Adelyn in her PJ’s and had a little more play time before we had to hit the road home. Needless to say she had a fun afternoon/evening!IMG_1631

Betty had to get a little Adelyn time before we left and it was SO cute. Betty was laughing at something and Adelyn threw her head back and laughed too!! Too funny!IMG_1642

Monday, April 9, 2012

Goodies in the mail!

Last week Adelyn got a few Easter goodies in the mail! I let her open her card from Great Grandma. She thought she was pretty big stuff opening her envelope…or she just liked to rip it! IMG_1565

Checking out the goods! Thanks Great Grandma!!!

IMG_1566 IMG_1571

Our sweet friends, the Jackson’s, sent Adelyn this SUPER cute pair of fairy wings and a cute little crocheted flower for her hair!! Of course she was pretty curious about what was on her back and kept trying to pull them off.IMG_1578

Stay tuned for more Easter posts this week!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter!



You have to see the out-takes!

This one just cracks me up!!IMG_1514

“ha ha, Mom, I got these ears off my head!”IMG_1511



“This basket is quite tasty!”IMG_1522

“Mom, I really wish you stop putting these ears on my head!”IMG_1536


Dad came to help….IMG_1555

…and got a few smiles out of our little bunny!IMG_1558


I'm excited about Easter Sunday! We’ve got Adelyn’s 1st Easter dress all ready for church in the morning! Hope everyone has a wonderful day and remembers the real reason we celebrate Easter, that Jesus loved us so much that he died…and rose again!!! Happy Resurrection Sunday!

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