Thursday, November 29, 2007

Our Christmas Tree

Last year after Christmas we bought a new Christmas tree. It is a pre-lite one and I love it! It was quite a bit bigger than our other one, so I had to find a new place for it! I went with a new color scheme this year, teal & silver!! I like how it turned out! You can't see too well, but there are really neat silver letters that spell out PEACE under the tree, but I think Abby had gotten into them!! :)

Abby in Boots

While Wendi was home over Thanksgiving she helped me get all 4 of Abby's boots on her and man did we have a good laugh!!! I don't know if it will ever happen again because Abby wasn't too fond of her boots!
Abby trying to walk.....too funny!
Abby chewing on her new boots!


So we are compeltely "un-traditional" this year and went out to eat for dinner! But it was good & we had a nice time! We went to the Starlite here in Fort Dodge with my Dad, Grandma, Grampo, Wendi, and her boyfriend Jake. Afterwards they all came over to our house to relax and for a little more pie!! :) Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and now we have to get ready for Christmas, only 25 days, 14 hours & 45 minutes, but who's counting!?!?

Grandma & Wendi

Grandma & I

Wendi & Jake

Grampo, Dad, & Kyle....they weren't too excited to have their pic taken!This is Charlie, he is my Grandma's dog. Him & Abby had fun running circles around the house!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Getting Excited

So on Sunday I decided I was ready to get my Christmas decorations out!! We are not having Thanksgiving at our house this year so I thought it would be ok! This will be the first time ever that I have decorated before Thanksgiving! I still haven't got my tree up, but this is the next best thing! I purchased this after Christmas last year and couldn't wait to put it up this year! It is the Willow Tree Nativity Set....I just love it! I think want to add some lights or something to dress it up a little! Anyway hope everyone is having a great week and an even better Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Brian Regan

Kyle & I went to one of our favorite comedians last night in Des Moines. His name is Brian Regan and he is absolutely hilarious!! You can check out his website for to hear some of his jokes! Brian has good, clean humor! He is great, this was our 2nd time seeing him in person and hope he comes back to Iowa again & again!

Nationals In Omaha

Wendi's volleyball team made it to the National Tournament and it was in Omaha!! By the way, Wendi is my youngest sister and she goes to college in Florida at Southeastern University (for those of you who don't know!) So we took a few days off work and headed over to cheer on the SEU Fire!! Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures, except one of Abby!! Doesn't it look like she is driving....too cute!

The girls ended up making it to the final four teams and lost in in the semi-finals. It was exciting that they made it there though, great job girls!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Baby Shower for Zach

My co-works and I threw a baby shower for anothe co-worker who had a baby in September. We went with the duck theme becuase I have a lot of duck decor from previous showers! We had a great turn out and Zach got lots of new things!

Angie & Jill tend to dress alike!

Jenny trying to guess what's in the diaper!Opening GiftsThe Theesfelds are Hawk Fans!!!
The daiper cake Angie, Jill, & I made!

New Sweater for Abby!

So I broke down and had to get Abby a sweater!!! And I have to say I think she looks too cute in it! She went a little crazy when I put it on her, I wish I had a video camera so you could see, it was quite entertaining!


I wish I was talking $$$, but nope, miles! Both of our vehicles turned over in the same week, crazy!! I'm sure you all of you were so anxious to see this!!! :) Just had to put it up!! Abby was there to witness this event too, so I had to get her pic!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Jami & Rob's Wedding

We had a wedding the last weekend of September. They were some friends we met through our slow pitch softball league! They are a fun couple and the wedding was very nice! It would outside at Dolliver State Park. They were my first wedding (besides mine & my sister's) that I made their invitations & programs!

I didn't take too many pics, but here is one of the bride & groom!
Congrats guys!!


This past week we have been working on our roof. And when I say we, I should really say KYLE!! He is amazing, I don't know how he does it. But he got it done in 8 days!! With help only three of those days!! And he worked his normal 50-60 hour work week too! Yep, thats right, he's amazing! His Dad & Brother were a great help over the weekend with the house and then Kyle had Monday off and finished the garage and then yesterday after work we finished the shed! I didn't take a final pic, but I will post that later. I want to take a before & after pic to show the HUGE difference!

Kyle & his brother, Travis on the roof

Another shot!
If you look close you can Abby peeking out...this is how she was almost all weekend. But we didn't want her to step on something sharp or get hit with a shingle! Poor little puppy!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Hawkeye Basement!

So last week Kyle & I did a really good deep cleaning on our house & it felt great! We kinda of transformed our basement area into a "Hawkeye Theme"! I think it turned out nice! And yes we are going to keep it all up despite their sad, sad lose to ISU. Sorry the pics are so dark...not sure why they didn't turn out! But you can at least see what we did!

View from the steps!

View from the bar area!
Our two new prints....pretty pumped about them too!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Abby's First trip to the Groomer!

So we decided that our foofball Abby needed a trim down & boy did she get one! When I went to pick her up I thought she looked like a completely different dog! But we still love her...just never this short again!

Wendi Comes Home!!!

Like I said in my prior post Wendi's volleyball team had a tournament in Ankeny! How exciting! It was great to see her and get to meet some of her team! Here are a few pics from the weekend.

After Wendi's games on Friday night we went to Cheddars for supper! It is one of mine and Kyle's favorite restaurants! They have the "cookie monster" and it is great! We share meals just so we have room for desert!

I was pretty excited because they have strawberry lemonade with FREE refills!

Jake & Wendi....we couldn't get him to smile!

Before: Wendi & our Double Cookie Monster!

After: Wendi & no Cookie Monster left...we were SUPER full!

I luv my lil sister!

We we were worried what we were going to do with Abby. We stayed in Ankeny Saturday night and didn't want to leave her in the car all day so I took a chance and asked the guy in charge at the tournament if I could bring her in and he said Yes!!!

The girls loved Abby! She got all the attention!

The Southeastern Fire won the tournament!! Way to go girls!!

Wendi loves Abby!

We had to give Wendi her gift before we left the gym because we wouldn't see her on her birthday! :(

But I think she was happy 'cause she got an Ipod!!

Happy Birthday to Me!

My birthday fell on a Wednesday this year, so of course I had to work! I can't wait for a year where its falls on a Saturday or Sunday!! That will be gift enough for me!! I ended up getting off work a couple hours early so that helped!

I got home & this is what Kyle had waiting for me, all my favorite foods! Hy-Vee Chinese, Sonic Strawberry Limeade, Applebees Spinach Artichoke Dip, and of course a Snickers candybar!

And of course flowers!

My man is so good to me! He also bought me another table for my craft room!

Wendi happened to be home from Florida. Her volleyball team had a tournament in Ankeny so she was home to help celebrate my birthday, which was great! Pictured below is Wendi with her boyfriend Jake....we like him! ;)

Mom made me a Strawberry Crunch cake...its sssoo good!! Thanks Mom!

And Wendi's birthday is just three days after mine so since she was home Mom made her a cake too, Oreo Ice Cream Cake! Another one of my favorites!

Gift Time! Mindi & Preston got me this puppy journal for Abby!

They also gave me this frame that I get to decorate...not sure what occassion I am going to use, but I can't wait to get to work on it!

Mindi & Preston! Thanks for the gifts guys!

Me & another one of my (early) birthday presents, Abby!

Another pic with my favorite guy...he always does so good of treating me SUPER great on my birthday! Thanks Babe!

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