Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lunch Date…

…with her blankie! Adelyn insisted on holding her blankie while she ate her lunch after she woke up for her morning nap a few Saturdays ago.


I tried to take from her once she was busy eating, but she wanted no part in that! I figured it will wash, so I let her keep it! Silly girl!


Monday, July 30, 2012

Cousin Pool Party

A few weeks ago my sister, Stef, & her family were in town for her 15 year class reunion. Stef is always good about getting the family together when she is home and that is just what she did this weekend! Our cousins, the Klatt’s, have an awesome pool and deck area that can fit everyone! So my Mom coordinated supper, everyone brought their swimsuits, and we had a great time!

This is Maya, my niece! I loved her goggles! She is getting an {adopted} little sister soon, they are hoping to be able to get her in August, so exciting!IMG_2814

This is my little cousin Emma, she is 5, and has the cutest little personality! She reminds me so much of her Aunt Elizabeth!


Enman was just content to float around on the floatie! He and Hayden are the same age, but he is so much more laid back than Hayden. Its so interesting to see the kids’ personalities and temperaments shine through as they get older!


Adelyn wasn’t a fan of the big pool. She didn’t want to be restricted in a floatie, only wanted to be held by Mama. I’m hoping over time this will change! She did love running around on the big deck though!



Mom grilled for supper and had a HUGE pot of sweet corn! Aunt Stef brought cupcakes….I think Hayden enjoyed them!


I just cannot get enough of this sweet little girl and those adorable legs! Lily is going on 7 months old, hard to believe! We’re thinking she will be crawling soon!


After supper the little boy cousins had a blast on the gator! The Klatts have a BIG yard so its perfect for them to ride all around!


Ethan was giggling the whole time! I think he though it was pretty funny that I was chasing them all around the yard with my camera!


Hayden says, “Wait for me!” I’m thinking a little car like this might be a good Christmas gift for Adelyn that she can use next summer!


While the little boys were cruising around the yard everyone else headed back out to the pool. Uncle Geoff put on all the tubes!


And Maya pushed him in!


Check out Geoff’s face…hilarious!



“Here I come Uncle Geoff!”


Grandma & her girls…Adelyn was more than ready for bed {which is why she’s wearing her PJs}!



Lily loved floating around in the pool. She’d kick her legs and would just bounce in that little floatie, was too funny!


We had a fun day, wish I could have gotten more pictures of everyone that was there {I think there were 30+ people there} rather than just the kiddos! But they are all pretty cute though!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cousin Playdate

Last weekend Wendi & Hayden came up to our house & we had an impromptu play date! We met for lunch & had some Mexican and then headed to our town’s splash pad.

Hayden was more interested in wanting to play on the equipment than in the water. My poor little girl got knocked flat on her back. {scared me too ‘cause she knocked her head on the concrete}. Remember how I said in this post about the bigger kids running around, yep one got her. Poor thing, she was so upset. So with all that, we decided just to go to our house with a fenced in backyard and the kids could play without us worrying about them running off or getting knocked over!



We pulled the slide up to the pool and Hayden had a BLAST! Adelyn went down a few times, but I was a nervous nelly and had to hold her hands.


Check out that big smile!


Wendi was happy to get some sun & play w/her iphone!


I love the kids’ expressions in this picture, they both look so focused!


And no afternoon in the pool is complete without a wagon ride. This was a short one though, they were both more than ready for nap time!


Kyle stayed home while the kiddos napped and Wendi & I did a little shopping! It was fun to have some sister time without busy baby interruptions! We came home to find that Uncle Kyle/Daddy had both kids happy and snacking!


I made supper and it was time for a bath. Hayden insisted on getting in the tub with Adelyn! Love these two babies SO much!


It was such a fun day with some of the people I love most! Come & play again Wendi & Hayden!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Weekly Meal Plan

My friend, Katy, always does a post of her weekly meal plan. I usually have a rough idea in my head what we’re having for the week, but I love the idea of getting it set and making sure we have the groceries on hand to cook that meal each night. So here’s my first weekly meal plan post!

Sunday Lunch: Grilled Chicken and Mac & Cheese Muffins

Sunday Supper: Cheesy Taco Pasta and Steamed Broccoli

Monday: Quesadillas and Steamed Carrots

Tuesday: Bubble of Enchilada Casserole

Wednesday: Grilled Chicken and Steamed Veggies (whatever we have leftover)

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Subway – on the road to Omaha

Saturday & Sunday: @ My sister’s in Omaha

I am trying a few new recipes this week from Emily Bites blog. She has lots of simple Weight Watcher recipes and looking over her blog I’m pretty sure I would love anything from it! I’ve had the Bubble Up Enchilada casserole before, but she adds black beans for a filler and I loved that idea, so we’re going to try it out!

Happy Weekend everyone!

Friday, July 13, 2012

An All Girls Day

One day over the long 4th of July weekend we had originally planned to go to Lake Okoboji to meet up with some friends. Unfortunately those plans didn’t work out so Adelyn & I took advantage of our last minute free day and made a trip north to see my good friend Sara and her 3 girls, Emma, Grace, & Josie.

Sara is such a great friend and I admire & respect her so much as a Mom! She just had baby girl #3, Josie, three weeks ago…she has 3 girls, 3 years old & younger!

Adelyn & I brought up lunch & some cookies. I knew Sara was busy getting ready for Josie’s baptism that night so I thought this would be one less thing she would have to worry about.IMG_2759

We had a great morning, catching up & talking all things Mommy! We had pizza for lunch and the girls were pretty excited about their cookies. I was so impressed that Grace {18 mo} was able sit & eat her lunch & didn’t need a high chair, more kudos to my great Mommy friend. {sara had to pull the highchair out of storage for Adelyn}


Grace was so interested in Adelyn. Even though they are only 6 months apart, Grace kept calling her “baby”! It was so adorable!


And we had to get one of 3 of our girls…Josie was napping! Love these 3 girls so much!


Another thing Sara & I did while we were at her house was this pinterest inspired arrangement. We had to make a few compromises based on the supplies we had, but it worked out pretty well!


Thursday, July 12, 2012

4th of July Celebration

This is a lot later than I would have like to get it posted, but better late than never!

It was my family’s tradition to go to a local, small town parade for the 4th. And that is just what we did this year! Kyle, Adelyn, & I met up with my parents and Wendi & Hayden. Thankfully my parents got there early & saved us a spot!314776_603051484933_1441594677_n

The kiddos were pretty excited for the parade…can ya tell?!?!


I think this was 2nd favorite part of the parade. I think there were 8+ trucks with trailers filled with flags. Each flag represented a veteran who served our country. So thankful!


Bicycle built for 4?



This was my favorite part…there was a fly over! And they came by multiple times. Kyle was in 7th heaven, he loves fly overs even more than I do!


Hayden wanted to wear Adelyn’s bow since he didn’t have red or blue on!


Wendi thought at the beginning of the parade that she wouldn’t encourage Hayden to pick up candy, but that didn’t happen! Uncle Kyle helped him out and we came away with more candy than we needed! Hayden even snuck a few pieces!


No Iowa parade is complete without farm equipment!



Adelyn has a thing about taking people’s glasses…we should probably work on this!


Grandma & her grandbabies…one little grandbaby was missing though {Lily}!


This float was for the girl scouts, they made a tower out of boxes of girl scout cookies! yum!


After the parade we headed back to my parents house for lunch and then spent the afternoon at my cousin’s house cooling off in the pool!


It was a wonderful 4th of July! Since it fell in the middle of the week I took Thursday {we had a funeral} and Friday off so that way I had a nice long weekend, it was glorious!!!

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