Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Finger Foods

Adelyn has really turned into a good eater these days so I decided to try more finger foods. She does so well with Puffs & yogurt melts, so I thought why not try fruits or veggies as finger foods too. I cooked up some broccoli last week and let her go to town! This was her first time trying broccoli and she did SO well!

I love to watche her eat! She concentrates so hard on the food on her tray. They she picks it up and gets in her fist. IMG_1116

Once she has a piece in her fist she brings it up to her mouth and uses the other hand to open up her fist…IMG_1117

And then pushes the food in with both hands! So cute!


By the way, we were finding those little green pieces from the broccoli all throughout her bath that night! Eating foods this way is SO much messier, but fun too! As far as finger foods go, we’ve done broccoli, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and bananas.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentines Celebration

Adelyn had a Valentine party at daycare. So Mommy had fun putting together little valentines for Adelyn’s daycare friends and teachers. For her friends I got the toddler size of apple juice boxes, put them in Valentine bags from the dollar section at Target, and finished them off with a printable tag I found on pinterest with a quote on the back that said “Valentine you’re the apple of of me eye”!IMG_1105

For Adelyn’s teachers at daycare I made pretzel buttons. I’ve made these for Christmas before, but never thought of doing them for Valentines Day. Another pinterest find! {love that site!} IMG_1107

Back to the gifts…I used old starbucks frap jars, decorated, filled with Valentine pretzel buttons, and finished with a little stamped tag! Doing these made me excited for the years when Adelyn will be old enough to help with her Valentines…and other crafts!IMG_1108

After work {and daycare} we celebrated with each other at home! Mommy helped Adelyn open her Valentine cards from friends & family and then she opened her gift from Mommy & Daddy! Of course she was more interested in the noisy tissue paper!IMG_1110


Here’s a video of Adelyn opening her gift! She was WAY more interested in the tissue paper and the gift bag!! It’s a bit long, but if you stick around till about the 2 1/2 minute mark you will see she love the “Party Rock” song and at 3 1/2 minutes she’s working on going #2!

After little miss was all tucked in for the night, Mommy & Daddy celebrated together! Daddy made Mommy spaghetti with meat sauce and surprised her with the newest Twlight movie! We spent the evening snuggled on the couch watching our favorite vampires! ha!

It was a perfect day with the 2 people I love most in the world!! I feel so blessed to have an amazing husband and a beautiful baby girl! Hope everyone had a great Valentines day!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Current Fav!

Adelyn’s current favorite toy is this Leap Frog fridge barn toy!


Except she doesn’t leave it on the fridge! She likes to pull it off the fridge!!


And of course chew on it or rub it on the floor (which makes Mama cringe…thank goodness for durable floors!).



Notice the blanket at the bottom of the fridge. We are missing a piece of the fridge and so all of Adelyn’s magnets would end up under the fridge. Enter Daddy’s great idea of the blanket!! Problem solved!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bath Time

We recently retired Adelyn’s baby bath tub and let her be in the big tub for baths!


I didn’t think it was possible, but she loves bath time even MORE now!


She loves to get down in the water on her tummy, swim around like a little froggy, and kick her feet! It’s SO cute!!


Seeing how much Adelyn loves the tub makes me excited to take her to the pool this summer!

Monday, February 13, 2012


I have a feeling we’re going to have an independent little girl!


She is already VERY interested in grabbing the spoon and trying to feed herself!IMG_1069

“See Mom, if I focus really hard I can do it myself!”


Almost have it…


“More please, Mama”!! Prunes were a bit messy to do this with, but hey it all washes, right?


Our baby girl is growing TOO fast, but we are loving each & every stage!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Princess Tea Party

My friend Sara’s little girl Emma turns 3 this month. They celebrated with a princess tea party at a local tea room. Even Snow White came to the party! It took a little bit for Emma to warm up to Snow White, so Sara joined them for the first few pictures. IMG_1014

I love how Emma’s feet are all “perky’! Pretty sure instead of saying “cheese”, they said “princess”!!IMG_1018

Emma’s little sister, Grace, had fun at the party too! Emma is getting another sister in June! Sara and her husband Vahn are going to be one busy family!!IMG_1017

On the menu was tea (pink lemonade) and for an entrée the girls had their choice of chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, or peanut butter & jelly! And no princess tea party is complete with out crown cookies!



Emma had a ball opening all her gifts! It was so fun to see her interact with her friends! And of course her friends were a great “help” opening her gifts!IMG_1030


Adelyn even got her picture with Snow White…but of course she was too busy to look at the camera!IMG_1031

The party was a success and its always fun to see these girls!


Happy 3rd Birthday Emma!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Adelyn’s Seven Month’s Old!

How did this last month fly by SO fast?!?! I feel like I was just writing her six month post! (wait I was...since I did it SO late!) January 21st Adelyn turned 7 months old. 7 MONTHS!!! How did my baby get this old already??IMG_09711

I feel like I say this every month, but Adelyn is SO fun right now! She loves to play! Her favorite toy is the one that you have to hit a button or turn a knob and something pops up. She's REALLY good at closing them, we're still working on the opening part! And of course Sophie & her taggie blanket have been a favorites for a long time. She still loves to gnaw on Sophie!IMG_0972

She is so close to crawling. She has been army crawling for about 6 weeks now. The week of January 9th she started getting up on her hands & knees and rocking, but then would go back to her tummy and arm crawl! And she's SO fast at army crawling...I just can't get over it! I'll be down in the hall and she's right behind me in no time at all!IMG_1009

The first two weeks in January she was teething pretty good! She was gnawing on everything, her gums were swollen, and a drooling machine! She took a 3 hour nap Mon, Tuesday, & Wednesday one week and then still slept all night. Finally the week before she turned 7 months old her top 2 teeth made their appearance! Even though Adelyn has been teething she is still her happy self, just sleepy! She started making this new face this month where she smiles (showing her teeth), squints her eyes, and wrinkles her nose, kinda like a cheesy smile! It SO cute!! Her other new face she makes is the fish lips, but they're off center! It's SO cute!!IMG_0983

Right after she turned 6 months old we celebrated her first Christmas. She liked the rip the paper on her gifts, but then would just want to eat the wrapping! Unfortunately the poor girl got sick on Christmas. Christmas day through Thursday she was running 102+ temp and 2 of those days she was on antibiotics. Another ear infection. She had a rough week. Poor girl!! The doctor said if she gets ear infection again we will have to talk tubes.IMG_0998

We were off work for a few weeks over Christmas. During this time we started solid foods with Adelyn. Her first try was homemade apple sauce. Every time she took a bite she made a sour face, but continued to eat it. Then a few days later we tried sweet potatoes and she did the same thing! We laughed so much at our sweet baby's silly's faces!! Eventually she stopped making the face when she was eating, but solid foods went on hold the week she was sick. I have made almost all her food except carrots & pears. She's had apples, sweet potatoes, pears, prunes, peas, bananas, and carrots. She's also had puffs & the Gerber yogurt melts. We will continue to introduce new foods as well.IMG_1003

Adelyn is consistently eating 5 times a day. I nurse her in the morning and at night before bed. And then she has 3 bottles of breastmilk at daycare. She gets either cereal or oatmeal in the morning with a fruit and then at night we usually give her a vegetable and a fruit. I think this month we will add the 3rd meal to her day.
Adelyn finished wearing size 2 diapers this month and I just bought our first box of size 3's for when our stock of 2's run out. And she's wearing size 3-6 mo, 6-9mo, and some 6-12 mo clothes. We're close to retiring those 3-6 mo clothes!seven months

weight – aprox. 18lbs
length – didn’t measure her
eating – 100% nursing or breastmilk from a bottle, cereal, & solids
clothes - 3-6 mo, 6-9 mo, and 6-12 mo
diapers - size 2

Watch me grow!6 Months

Monday, February 6, 2012

Be Mine

I couldn’t wait to get some cute pictures of my little Valentine.


This little love bug had other ideas though!


She has other things to check out…


…and chew on! Even though these aren’t the “perfect posed” pictures, I still love em!


They show my sweet girl and how she is these days…busy!


Notice in this last picture she’s up on all fours. Still no crawling, just rocking on all fours or army crawling!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hello Lily!

Last week we had plans to visit my sister and BIL in Omaha over the weekend. They had just welcomed their sweet little girl on January 9th and we wanted to visit!

Well not only did we visit over the weekend, but we got a bonus day! Friday was a snow day, the college where both Kyle & I work closed due to bad weather. Well the weather was mainly around our area and north and we had to go south. So within a 1/2 hour we drove out of it and had extra time with the new family of 3!IMG_0867

It was a fairly low key weekend, but that was just ok! we spent time with my BIL’s parents and got all kinds of questions from the new parents! And of course there was plenty of snuggle time with new niece!! It was so fun to see my sister as a Mother now!IMG_0869

Our new roles we have come into have definitely brought us closer!! Who would have ever thought…we fought like cats & dogs when we were younger! Smile with tongue outLily week 2&3 083

We are already planning another Omaha trip in February. I just know how babies grow so fast and I can’t wait till they come to visit in March!Lily week 2&3 059

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