Friday, August 27, 2010

Wendi’s Baby Shower

Early August Mindi, Stefanie, and I threw Wendi her baby shower. She is due August 31st! DSC08165DSC08136

The spread! Kyle is quite the watermelon carver!DSC08137  DSC08139 DSC08140 DSC08141 DSC08142  DSC08144   

Wendi had a great turnout for her shower!DSC08149


And she received lots of great gifts!DSC08150           DSC08162 DSC08163   

Great Grandma (to be!)DSC08178   DSC08181

Three prego girls!!DSC08187 DSC08188 DSC08189  

Can’t wait to be an Aunt to my first nephew!!!

Ch ch ch changes!

If you didn’t get to read this post I’ll fill you in! Kyle decided to leave his job....yep we went from being DINKS (Dual Income No Kids) to OINKS (One Income No Kids)! It was a hard choice that has been coming for a LONG time! We decided that happiness and time off are WAY more important that any amount of money! So this past Friday was his last day at his job! And we both couldn't be happier! He is going to go back to school full time to get his bachelor's degree and hopefully find a less stressful job!

Well that last sentence happened! July 19th was Kyle’s first day on the job! His official title is Trade Program Specialist. He is working with people who are getting laid off and recruiting them to go back to school! So we are co-workers now!DSC08049


My sisters and their husbands embarked on a journey this summer, the annual bike ride across Iowa! We went to see them off to wish them well! She had no clue what was ahead of her! ;)DSC08088 

DSC08090 DSC08093

Their huge rig! DSC08091

Stef sporting the fanny pack! DSC08094   DSC08097     

Their ride took them through a town about an hour north of my house. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go see them how their first few days were!DSC08124   DSC08125

I think half of them would do it again and the other half wanted to sell their bikes when they got home! I think it is something I’d like to scratch off my bucket list someday!

Mateo Turns 2!

Our friend/neighbor’s little boy turned 2 in early July. DSC08025 

Summer birthdays = slip-n-slide partyDSC08028

om even took a go down the slip n slide! DSC08033    DSC08037    DSC08041 DSC08042 

Kyle had an important part in the party!DSC08044

Party in the pool!DSC08046

It was too fun to watch the kids go down the slip n slide! It was a perfect summer day for a sweet little boy’s birthday party! Love you little Teo! :)

4th of July Weekend – Day 2

If you missed day 1 of our 4th of July weekend click here to check it out! I cannot believe it’s almost 2 months later & I’m still working on getting a post done on the 4th of July!! CRAZY summer!!

I definately have a different outlook when doing this post now, compared to a month ago. Losing Grandpa DeWall was not easy, but I’m grateful the whole family was able to have this time together! So without further ado…here is the 2nd half of our 4th of July!

Sunday morning Kyle & I headed up to Poky! Arianna, Laura, and I got in some good play time first thing!

Gotta change the outfit!DSC07714      DSC07725

Every girl loves to play dress up!DSC07731

Abby took a nap w/Dad B!DSC07734 

Time to eat!!DSC07735 DSC07736 

Brian did an awesome job on all the meat!! Good stuff!!DSC07738    DSC07742

I love the proud look on Grandpa DeWall’s face! He will never be forgotten. DSC07747 DSC07749

They love their Aunt Amy!DSC07752

MMM….desert time!DSC07757

I sure do love this guy!!DSC07759

Play time!!!DSC07762         DSC07772   


PricelessDSC07792  DSC07794  DSC07796

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