Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Weekend – Day 1

Kyle’s ENTIRE (siblings, cousins, aunts, & uncles…everyone!) family came home for the 4th of July holiday so we spent the weekend in Poky! But before we left on Saturday, Kyle and I got in a 10 miler and headed up to Mom & Dad B’s house.

Just an FYI…picture heavy post! ;)

Mel has been taking cake decorating classes so she made one for Grandma DeWall’s birthday!DSC07578

Kyle’s sister, Sarah came home as well with her husband Brian and their daughter, Arianna. They live in CO, so we don’t get to see them too often. Arianna wanted to help Aunt Mel! ;)DSC07579

We got Arianna a few things…just ‘cause shopping for little clothes is SO fun! I was worried she wouldn’t be too impressed that they weren’t toys…but I was wrong! She loved her new clothes!DSC07581

She is quite the meticulously little thing…I think she folded and re-folded those clothes about 10+ times!DSC07582

Kyle had to test out Arianna’s chair! She said he was too big! ;) Abby wanted to try it out too!

DSC07585 DSC07586


The final product! Great job Mel!! Unfortunately we had to wait until Sunday night to eat it when the whole family was there!DSC07588

Arianna quickly warmed up to Abby!! It was pretty cute!DSC07590   DSC07595  DSC07598

And I think Arianna quickly warmed up to Aunt Darci too! ;) We had lots of fun spinning in the roller chairs!DSC07602         DSC07612

Late afternoon everyone headed into Poky to go bowling, but not before a stop at Grandma & Grandpa’s house so Arianna could give the tractor a spin!DSC07614

Her legs weren’t quite long enough, but she had fun anyway!DSC07618     DSC07623

Our CO fam…Sarah, Arianna, & Brian!DSC07627

Ok, on to bowling!DSC07631

Grandpa & Grandma DeWallDSC07632


Steve is a pro…he was saying “no pictures please”!DSC07633   DSC07636                 

Grandma B kept Arianna entertained while everyone bowled! She sure loves her Grandma!! :)DSC07660

Steve gave Kyle a few pointers…like how to put a spin on the ball….DSC07673 

it didn’t go so well the first time around!DSC07674

But the next time was a different story….spare! :)DSC07683   

Steve & Mel…our Chicago fam!! DSC07689 


Grandma B & Arianna!DSC07693

After bowling everyone enjoyed a yummy supper and then we headed outside to watch our own fireworks display!DSC07697

Arianna wasn’t too sure of the fireworks…but she didn’t want to go inside either. She just sat on Grandma’s lap with her fingers in her ears!DSC07694   DSC07702   

Stay tuned for Day 2, the 4th of July!

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