Friday, April 17, 2009

So I was told…

That I’m the best! :)

Well Kyle thinks so at least! This afternoon at work one of the secretaries brings in this beautiful bouquet of springy flowers!DSC02287

I really like this one!! Unexpected flowers are the best way to get them!! Thanks hunnie!!! :)DSC02291  

This was one of the “filler” flowers (in my words anyway!)…I love the detail!! Amazing to think that God created it and thousands of other flowers that are completely different!DSC02290

What a way to start my weekend! I hope everyone else has a FABULOUS Friday night!! We don’t have much on the agenda and that is a-okay with us!

Abby hits puberty?!?!?

I called Kyle quick today while I was at work for a question and after we talked for a bit he was laughing and talking to Abby. I could tell it was something funny, but that she had done something wrong! So I asked what and Kyle said that I would just have to wait to come and it see!

So when I got home this is what I found….

Yep that is a tampon on the bottom right corner!DSC02281

She even found a panty liner!DSC02280

And here is where we found most of the evidence. I keep a large ziploc baggie in my gym bag and I guess Abby thought she hit the jackpot!DSC02282

And if you are familiar with our house…the previous picture was taken in our office. And I found this one in Abby’s chair in the living room…quite a ways away!DSC02284

Another one I found on another chair in the living room! Kyle and I were laughing out loud walking around find all these “female supplies”!!! LOL :)DSC02286

And last, but not least she also managed to get my laufa (sp?) out of my gym bag too and give a good chew over. DSC02285

This little dog NEVER ceases to amaze it. But boy does she bring joy to our lives! We love her…even though she tends to be a little naughty!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

We had a nice Easter weekend spent with both families. I had Friday off work and did my spring cleaning….washed the inside & outside of the windows, cleaned the window sills, swept & vacuumed the floors, dusted the kitchen, living room, & office. The only rooms I didn’t get to were the guest room and our bedroom. Hopefully I can work on those this week.

Saturday I got my hair cut (check out my previous post) and then we went to Pocahontas to Mom & Dad B’s for supper. Mom B is such a great cook…we had pork loin on the rotisserie, cheesy potatoes, corn, homemade dinner rolls, brownies & ice cream for desert. Mmmm!!

This is the only picture I got all night though! Kyle wanted to just eat it right off the bar…ha ha!! :) Don’t worry…he didn’t!DSC02239 

After dinner we played some cards and chatted for a while. Abby always likes to visit their house and check it out. This time she made it down to the basement somehow and came back up with a dirty little face!

Sunday morning was church. Kyle wasn’t feeling the best so we rushed home afterwards so he could get a nap in before we headed down to my Mom’s house for lunch.

I used my gorilla pod & self timer though and got a quick picture of us all dressed up! DSC02243

Here is a close up of my curled short hair! Got lots of compliments…made me feel pretty!DSC02248

When I came out of the bathroom Abby was just sitting on the bench where we had taken our picture acting like she was waiting her turn. So of course I had to get one of her!! Isn’t she so cute?!?!? DSC02246

We headed down to Mom’s. It was so fun to see her new kitchen, living room, bathroom, and office. But she said since two of my sister’s hadn’t seen it yet I couldn’t post the pictures!

Here is Mom setting the Easter table. It looked very nice…Daune & her even dyed eggs, had Easter napkins, and Peeps at everyone’s place! Good job Duane! This is her old living room/new formal dining room. It was so nice to have lots of space to fit around her nice, big new table!DSC02251 DSC02257

Maya (Mom & Duane’s Granddaughter) wanted me to take her picture. She is so fun and VERY smart for a 3 year old. DSC02254

Kyle and I finished off the night on the couch crying while watching Marley and Me! It was such a great movie and if you’re an animal lover it will definitely make ya cry!!

New Hair

Hey everyone! I got the “itch” to cut my hair and this past Saturday I did it!! I ended up taking 10 inches off!! And I LOVE it!! I went to a new person so that made it a little extra nerve racking, but she was awesome and I think I will be going back to her!!



New toilet lid costs $200…???

Doesn’t sound right does it? Well for us needing a new toilet lid we thought would be a quick fix. I picked up the cheapest one at Target…$5.99! And as Kyle was taking the old one off the whole toilet cracked. :( I was in the living room and I hear him say from the bathroom “we’re going to menards”. Oh I’m not a fan of those words! So we headed off and picked up our new toilet. And yep with taxes and a few other parts it was right at $200. Now I wish we would have just lived with our other toilet seat.
Kyle working on getting the old toilet out.  DSC02221 
Kyle putting in the new toilet. He was very willing to smile for the picture! But I got it!! DSC02225 
The old toilet hanging out in the tub before we took it outside. DSC02226
And here’s our new toilet….sigh!DSC02228

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