Monday, April 13, 2009

New toilet lid costs $200…???

Doesn’t sound right does it? Well for us needing a new toilet lid we thought would be a quick fix. I picked up the cheapest one at Target…$5.99! And as Kyle was taking the old one off the whole toilet cracked. :( I was in the living room and I hear him say from the bathroom “we’re going to menards”. Oh I’m not a fan of those words! So we headed off and picked up our new toilet. And yep with taxes and a few other parts it was right at $200. Now I wish we would have just lived with our other toilet seat.
Kyle working on getting the old toilet out.  DSC02221 
Kyle putting in the new toilet. He was very willing to smile for the picture! But I got it!! DSC02225 
The old toilet hanging out in the tub before we took it outside. DSC02226
And here’s our new toilet….sigh!DSC02228

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