Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Breakfast

Since we spent Thanksgiving day with Mom we had breakfast on Saturday with Grandma at Mindi’s house. Mindi and Stef made a great meal. We had Monte Cristo’s with raspberry syrup, apple cinnamon muffins, clementines, french toast, and juice! I had never had a monte cristo before and I was quite surprised, it was really good!


Backing up a day, I spent the day Friday shopping, shopping, and more shopping! Mom B and Laura spent the night Thursday  night and we all got up and were to the mall by 3:45am Friday! We split our lists and covered lots of ground in little time! Kyle and I went to Younkers and then headed across the street to Target by 4:45am to stand in line for the 5am opening time! The line was half way to Wal-Mart! But we both got a free reusable shopping bag! We “cleaned up” at Target and then had to get one quick thing at RadioShack and then headed home! Kyle had to work at 8am so he got a little shut eye before he had to go in.

Mom B and Laura finished up at Sears and Wal-Mart and met me at the house and we headed south to do some more damage in Des Moines! We shopped all day and didn’t get home till after 6…14+ hours of shopping!! Wow!! It was super fun though and we had lots of fun! I even went shopping more when we got back to Fort Dodge. We actually lost power and Kyle was still at work, so what else would I do, but shop?!?! lol

Ok, back to Saturday. We had some good conversation around breakfast and played the Wii. Stef and Geoff had to get back to Omaha and I had to be back to FD by 1pm so everyone headed out. It is so nice that Stef and Geoff are so close now, just a few good hours and they’re home! Keep Stef in your prayers, she is still on the hunt for a job!DSC05120

Happy Thanks-Mas…???

Mindi and I got back to her house with just enough time to shower up and make our things for Thanksgiving dinner. Kyle and Abby met up with us and we all headed to Mom and Duane’s house for dinner. And  boy did they have quite the spread complete with turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, cheesy potatoes, corn, stuffing, sweet potatoes, strawberry pretzel salad, fruit salad, homemade rolls, and a whole spread of pies!!


Maya loves pie! She is just too cute and quite entertaining!   DSC05112

I think Mom was happy to have everyone at their house. All four of us girls were there with our guys and then also Duane’s daughters and their families were also there. It was definitely a house full! I think it was 20 total!

I think everyone got plenty to eat! After dinner we spent the afternoon visiting, watching football, and scouring the ads! A little while later we did our gift exchange because Mom and Duane won’t be around for Christmas. They are leaving for South Padre Island early this year. So hence the title…Thanksgiving & Christmas = Thanksmas! :)

DSC05104 DSC05103 DSC05108

  DSC05105 DSC05106   

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for this guy!DSC05111 

The whole family!DSC05115

Sister Time in Omaha

The week of Thanksgiving was filled with sister time! Wendi flew home from Florida on Monday. That night we went out to Sports Page for supper with her, Mindi, Grandma, Kyle, and I. They have BOGO burgers on Monday nights!
I worked a full day on Tuesday and then that night Wendi, Mindi, and I headed over to Omaha to Stef & Geoff’s new downtown loft! We spent the evening chatting, checking out their very trendy, cool loft, and watching the Biggest Loser. Stef also made us a delicious pizza! She is such a great host!
Wednesday Stef and I woke up early when Geoff went to work and went to the gym in her building for a sister sweat session! I have a to say I am a tad jealous that she has a gym just a few steps out her door! So cool! We came back to her loft and she made us yummy breakfast burritos! After breakfast (and Wendi finally getting out of bed!) we hit the town for a some shopping and sight seeing! Stef showed us a few neighborhoods where her and Geoff think they would like to eventually buy a place, including one on the lake!! We went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch and got WAY too much food. Afterwards everyone was ready for some chill time so went back to the loft and got a Netflix and relaxed!  (Don’t watch Management w/Jennifer Aniston…it’s HORRIBLE!!)DSC05081
That evening we volunteered at Stef & Geoff’s church for a Thanksgiving dinner that was open to the public. It really puts things into perspective and makes you realize how fortunate you are for what you have been blessed with. I think we were all glad to be able to help!
After volunteering we went to the Old Market to The Dubliner. They had live music that night, it was fun! I think we were all quite tired though from our long, fun filled day!   DSC05090
DSC05087        DSC05095 DSC05096
We called it an early night and headed back to Stef & Geoff’s place. Thursday morning Mindi and I got up early to head back to her place to get our dishes ready Thanksgiving dinner. Stef, Geoff, and Wendi came later.
For Tte rest of our Thanksgiving…stay tuned!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Iowa Hawkeyes vs Minnesota Gophers

Today was the last home game and regular season game for 2009. And after winning 9 straight, losing the past 2, many injured players, we weren’t sure what to expect, but were hoping for a big win. I’m not sure it was a BIG win, but hey a win is a win, right?!?! It was a defensive battle the whole way and we ended up winning 12-0! Here are a few pictures from our last fall day in Iowa City.


Tavian Banks was the honorary captain!DSC05058   


Here come the Hawkeyes!DSC05064 


The band played Thriller again and did the dance! So fun!!DSC05073  DSC05075  

Playing around with reflections!DSC05080

We are definitely going to miss our fall Saturday’s in Iowa City shopping, tailgating, cheering on the Hawks, and fun times with friends. The Hawks have had a great season and have much to be proud of. But are also excited for for the bowl game and hopefully finishing the 2009 season at 11-2!!

Weekend In Wisconsin

My cousin Deneshia got married November 7th. (I know I’m a tad behind!) Mom, Mindi, Stef, Geoff, and I hopped in Mindi’s suburban and headed north for the event! We left Saturday morning to make it in time for afternoon wedding.
Mom drove the whole way there…DSC05006 
while my sisters and I had girl talk in the backseat…DSC05007 
and Geoff…well…put up with us! :) You’re a good sport bro!! DSC05008  
It’s about a 5 hour drive to the area where our family lives. The first 4 hours are all interstate and the last hour is 2 lane, 55 mph, curvy, small town roads.
Mindi wanted to stop and take pictures of this beautiful, recently constructed church she remembered from our May trip to WI. Her church (Mom also attends there as well) has plans to build a new church so Mindi wanted some ideas!DSC05013      
Me and my big sis!! I <3 her…even though she wears that ratty Cyclone sweatshirt! :pDSC05026  
We made it to WI and there 5 minutes of the Iowa vs. Northwestern game left. So I said some quick hellos and headed to uptown Augusta (the town where our family lives) to find a bar with a TV that got ESPN! Unfortunately we all know it was a heartbreaking 1st loss of the season. But I didn’t let it ruin the weekend with my family.
I rushed backed to my cousin’s house to clean up and head to the church for the wedding. Her colors were sage green and brown. Very pretty!
Groomsman and bridesmaid, sister of the bride, Sephra! Sephra is Wendi’s age and they always got along when we made the trip up north! She is such a gorgeous girl!!DSC05029 
Here comes the bride!!DSC05031   DSC05034  DSC05036   DSC05039 
Bridesmaid and Anthony, groomsman & brother of the bride! Him and his wife Amber live in Georgia with their 4 children. It was fun to see him and meet his beautiful family!DSC05041 
Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs.!!DSC05044 DSC05045 
The dinner reception was small and only immediate family so we went to a nearby town, Osseo, where we found the Norske Nook to have a delicious, fun supper together!DSC05047DSC05046  
The Norske Nook is famous for their pie so, of course, we all had to get a slice! I got a peanut butter chocolate one!! Mmmm!!!DSC05048DSC05049 DSC05050 
After supper we headed to a cake reception and dance. It was fun to chat with our family and dance the night away!! Sunday we went to church and then hit the road home. It was a quick trip, but glad we could celebrate with Corey and Deneshia. Congrats to you guys!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Friday Night With Garrett

I got to spend the evening with my friend Kim’s little guy, Garrett. It was his Daddy’s birthday. So Kim and her husband Steve went out for dinner. And Kyle and I found out this was their first night out!! (Except once when Garrett’s Grandma was here!) So we felt a little special that they trusted us with their very special little guy!!

Garrett will turn 3 months old on the 13th! He is such a content, alert little guy! Super easy to watch for the evening! Kim and Steve aren’t big Hawkeye fans, but they put Garrett in his Hawkeye shirt just for us! :) Thanks guys!! :)

I love this one with his little pinky sticking up! Reminds me of Austin Powers! lolDSC04985 

DSC04987 We said a few prayers for the Hawkeyes…as we all know, though, they didn’t come true. :( Doesn’t it look like he’s ready to pray?!?! Too Cute!DSC04988


Garrett thought he could fit his whole hand in his mouth!! Not quite!! :)DSC04991 

We had so much fun he cashed out quite quickly! Just look how sweet he looks!   DSC04995     DSC05003

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


After the Hawkeye game Kyle and I rushed home so I could get ready to go to a friend’s Halloween party. We also quite a few trick or treater’s in between too! It’s always so fun to see the kids all dressed up!

I found my costume online last year and really wanted to get it, but we didn’t have a party to go. But this year we did and the website was still selling the costume so I jumped on it right away when I heard about the party!


Matching bumble bees!!DSC04976 

I went to the party with our friends, Robbye & Mel. They are our neighbors we got to be good friends with this year and are a ton of fun!

13454_197721826116_729161116_4408687_715611_n 13454_197721761116_729161116_4408676_5007023_n


A “light up fairy”, “cat”, and a “bumble bee” enjoying the night together!13454_197721751116_729161116_4408674_4274616_nuntitled  13454_197721756116_729161116_4408675_5744900_n  13454_197721791116_729161116_4408682_6898856_n

Can’t wait for next year!! I’m already costume shopping!!

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