Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Friday Night With Garrett

I got to spend the evening with my friend Kim’s little guy, Garrett. It was his Daddy’s birthday. So Kim and her husband Steve went out for dinner. And Kyle and I found out this was their first night out!! (Except once when Garrett’s Grandma was here!) So we felt a little special that they trusted us with their very special little guy!!

Garrett will turn 3 months old on the 13th! He is such a content, alert little guy! Super easy to watch for the evening! Kim and Steve aren’t big Hawkeye fans, but they put Garrett in his Hawkeye shirt just for us! :) Thanks guys!! :)

I love this one with his little pinky sticking up! Reminds me of Austin Powers! lolDSC04985 

DSC04987 We said a few prayers for the Hawkeyes…as we all know, though, they didn’t come true. :( Doesn’t it look like he’s ready to pray?!?! Too Cute!DSC04988


Garrett thought he could fit his whole hand in his mouth!! Not quite!! :)DSC04991 

We had so much fun he cashed out quite quickly! Just look how sweet he looks!   DSC04995     DSC05003

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  1. LUV HIM SO MUCH!! Thanks for watching our little guy...it was a comfort to pick him up all tuckered out versus upset & crying! Ha! Great pix...I will add them to my collection!


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