Monday, October 31, 2011

Quack Quack

That is Adelyn’s way of saying Happy Halloween! Ha! She didn’t mind her costume too much, actually she tried to eat it! We don’t plan to trick or treat, but couldn’t resist dressing our little one up for the holiday!DSC01015

I feel like her costume makes her look SO big! She is just growing up way TOO fast! We have to thank my co-worker, Kelli, for Adelyn’s costume. It was a hand me down and we were A-ok with that! DSC01013

And a holiday wouldn’t be complete with a personalized outfit from SheSheMade! And luckily Halloween wasn’t any further away, otherwise her romper wouldn’t have been long enough! This girl is just growing & growing!DSC01021

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Adelyn’s Four Months Old!

On October 21st Adelyn turned 4 months old! She continues to grow and change all the time! Sometimes when we pick her up in the evenings from daycare I think it looks like she changed just in those 10 hours we were away from her!4 months

Late September I got a call from daycare that Adelyn was running a temp of 100.2. So I quickly got her a Dr. appointment that afternoon. The Dr said she had double ear infection and put her on some antibiotics. That week was pretty rough on her, she didn’t sleep well, but by 1 week later she was back to her normal happy self! Speaking of Adelyn being happy, unless she is hungry or tired she is usually smiling, cooing, and just jabbering to herself! We feel so blessed to have such a happy little girl!DSC00986

Adelyn visited 2 new states in her 4th month of life. We took a trip with my friend Kim and her little guy Reece to Missouri & Kansas for a  crafting weekend! Adelyn was such a great little traveler. Hayden just couldn’t resist joined Adelyn for a picture! He is about 13 1/2 months now. Notice his shirt, “I’m a Hawkeye just like my Uncle”! I wonder who got him that?!?!DSC00991

We are amazed at how strong Adelyn is getting! On October 1st she rolled from her back to her tummy and daycare thinks that she’s not far away from crawling. I’m not so sure about that, but when she is on her tummy she sure does move her arms & legs, but just doesn’t go anywhere, so I’m sure she’ll surprise us once again! However I think she is a little bit closer to sitting on her own. She’s pretty good at doing the “tripod”. DSC00990

Adelyn is a busy little girl! She is hold grabbing for something and wiggling those arms & legs! A new favorite when we’re changing her diaper is to grab her feet and pull them up to her mouth! In fact I tried to take per 4 month pictures a night early and this was the result! Silly little girl!DSC00942

Another thing we learned from daycare is that Adelyn holds her own bottle! We would’ve never known this because I always nurse her when she is home with us! We were so surprised to hear this that we had to give her a bottle to see for ourselves. Sure enough she grabs right on and holds it all by herself! I think we have an independent little girl on our hands!

We finished out the Pampers size 1-2 diapers and moved to size 2. They seemed really big at first, but she’s quickly growing into them! And I finally did the whole switch over of her closet to her size 3-6 mo clothes. DSC00988

Adelyn has been giving us little “ha ha’s” quite a bit, but this month she had her first all out giggle! It was the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard! She happened to think the crinkling of a grocery sack was the funniest thing that night. Unfortunately it was a one time thing. I tried it a few nights later with her and didn’t get the same result! if you want to hear it for yourself, click here!

At her four month appointment she weighed 15.2 lbs and was 26 1/8 inches long. She was in the 97th percentile for height and 80th percentile for weight. Doctor said she’s perfect! And of course we agree! We love this little girl more than anything. Waking up to her happy coo’s and smiles every morning is our favorite way to start the day! We feel blessed beyond words to have such a happy, healthy little girl! four months


weight 15.2 lbs

length 26 1/8 in long

eating 100% breastfeeding

clothes 3-6 months & some 0-3

diapers size 1-2 & size 2

Watch me grow!

one month1[4]edit1 adelyn[4]4 months

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wear Your Baby

While I was pregnant I got multiple emails from this place called Seven Everyday Slings with a promo code for a free sling. At first I thought it was a scam! Why would they pick me and send me a free sling? Well come to find out it wasn’t a scam and by paying a few dollars for shipping I got a free sling!

I tried it out when Adelyn was tiny, but she really didn’t like it. I was so bummed. I thought for sure she would like it because it holds her close to me wrapped up nice and tight. I decided to pull it out last week to see what she would think. As you can see by her smile in the picture, she loved it!DSC00926

We also have a Snugli carrier. (this is what she was in when we heard her first giggle) It’s a pretty basic carrier that she can either face me or outwards. She is pretty content in this as well. She really likes it now that she can face out. Daycare says she’s a nosy little girl ‘cause she always has to know what’s going on! ;) Anyway…back to the carrier. This one is a little more “macho” where Daddy wouldn’t mind wearing it!DSC00963

A fellow blog friend, Katy over at the The Link Home, actually makes baby wraps! I was so impressed to read that she made it and Pearson looks like he just loves it! I’m so tempted to buy one…keep convincing me Katy! :) Click here to check out the K’link baby wraps!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Adelyn has something to show you!

If we could only get her to open her mouth…DSC00964

With Daddy’s help and some silly sounds we got a few wide mouth smiles from Adelyn so she could show off her 2 new teeth!DSC00965

That’s right, I said TWO TEETH!! We couldn’t believe it!! Just before the weekend we discovered these 2 little, sharp, white things in her mouth! We knew they were coming because she’s been drooling and gnawing on things for 3-4 weeks, but didn’t think it would be this soon! She just turned 4 months old on Friday the 21st. DSC00965

Now Mommy just hopes she doesn’t use them when she’s nursing! ;) So far, she’s done well!

Baby Food

A few weeks ago Adelyn and I headed down to my Mom’s house to make some baby food! A friend/neighbor of my Mom’s had an apple tree that was just loaded with apples. They are an elderly couple and weren’t going to use the apples this year, so my Mom found out we could have them!DSC00858

Mom, Adelyn, and I went and picked two grocery bags FULL! We then headed back to my Mom’s house and got busy! We cleaned all the apples first and then cut them up. 

Once they were cleaned & cut we put a little water in the bottom of a pan and let them cook until they got nice and soft. DSC00860

After they were cooked, we used this thing to make them into applesauce. I have no clue what it’s called. It was my Great Grandma’s and my Mom inherited it. Whatever it is, it worked great!DSC00862

My Mom was a great help throughout the whole process. She did the majority of the cutting and mushing part!DSC00861

After my Mom got the apples all “mushed” I divided them into small containers to cool and then freeze. I used smaller Glad containers so I could just grab one out of the freezer for Adelyn. DSC00863

We are thinking of starting her on food maybe next month. She is still doing really well just nursing, so we don’t see the need to rush the cereal or baby food.

I ended up popping them out of the cups and Mom made another batch of applesauce for Adelyn. Needless to say, we are stocked up on applesauce. I’ve heard it’s good to mix it with the rice cereal or just eat plain. Either way I’m excited to have made this for my baby and know there isn’t anything in it, but apples! I’ve also done a few squashes and some sweet potatoes that are in the freezer for Adelyn.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Adelyn’s First Laugh

Last night I had Adelyn in the Snugli while I was in the kitchen getting supper ready and cleaning up. I was rolling up a plastic grocery sack to put it away and I heard the sweetest sound ever!! Listen for yourself!

The first video gets out of focus a little and she losses interest in the 2nd one. Our charger for the video camera battery is MIA so these were taken with our regular camera.



Monday, October 17, 2011

Crafting Weekend

My friend and co-worker Kim and I, along with our babies, headed south over the weekend to Kansas for some crafting. She does this every year with her family and invited me along this year! Our destination was Baldwin City, Kansas. Every year they have the Maple Leaf Festival with a good sized craft show. DSC00922

We left at 5am Saturday morning on our 5 hour drive. The babies did WONDERFUL!! We stopped once on the way down to feed them and that was it!DSC00918

Kim’s little guy Reece is 3 weeks younger than Adelyn. They happen to be at the same daycare in the same room!  We said all weekend how fun it is going to be to watch our babies grow up together.DSC00891

Ok…back to our weekend! With the kiddos fed and dressed in their black & orange we headed to the craft show!DSC00892

Adelyn was excited!! ;) She should be too because I’m pretty sure about 95% of what I bought was for her! It’s funny how things change once babies come along! I love the change though!DSC00895

The craft show was PACKED with people! It made it quite interesting maneuvering our strollers around!DSC00896 DSC00897

Nearby one of the food stands were these little violin players. Look at the tiny one near the front, she has to be 3 or 4! They were good too!DSC00898

About half way through the craft show we met up with Kim’s family to chat a bit and to feed the babies! This is Kim’s niece Amber and her little girl Cambry (I hope I spelled that right!). Amber was so kind to let us park at her place and use her house for feeding the babies, changing them, and storing some bottles! Thanks Amber! :) One more thing, Cambry is 6 months old and crawling! I cannot even imagine Adelyn crawling in 2 months, crazy!DSC00899

Reece and Adelyn were both SO good in their strollers all day. And when I say all day I mean like 5-6 hours, which I was pretty impressed with!! I think it means like that craft shows! ;)DSC00900

While we were stopped Adelyn had her legs resting up on the stroller. Everyone got a kick out of her doing that! I joked that it wasn’t very lady like!!DSC00901

Once we were craft show-ed out we headed to Kim’s Aunt Ginger’s house just about 15 minutes away. We spent the evening there with Kim’s family including her Aunt Ginger, Aunt Pat, Phyllis (Kim’s Mother In Law), cousin Shelly, and friend Pete.  Every year they have soups for supper and just relax around the house visiting the night away.

Phyllis enjoyed getting her Grandma time in. I say she was Adelyn’s adopted Grandma for the weekend! As you can tell by Adelyn’s face she liked that idea!! :) But I’m not so sure Reece wanted to share his Grandma! :)DSC00910

When Sunday rolled around everyone packed up and headed out. Kim and I got the babies ready and drove a bit to the Legends, an outlet mall outside Kansas City. While Kim was getting ready and I was watching the kids I had to snap a few more pictures of them together! I tried to get Reece to put his arm around Adelyn, but as you can tell by his arms he was having no part of that! Ha!DSC00911

I just know they won’t appreciate these pictures when they are 16! DSC00916

Our friend Jenna, who lives in KC, met up with us at the craft show on Saturday and then joined us for some shopping on Sunday too. I was glad we got to see her on this last minute trip!!DSC00919

And Jenna was happy to see the babies! Jenna just got married last month, but I think these 2 little ones were giving her baby fever! ;)DSC00923

We finished up our shopping, said good bye’s to Jenna, and hit the road. And the babies were just as good on the way home! Kim and I enjoyed the girl/mommy talk the whole way home. So much so that Kim lost her voice. :(DSC00920

I will have to do another post with my craft show finds last this week! Happy Monday everyone!

One Year Ago…

Sunday October 16th, 2010 was the day Kyle & I found out we were pregnant! It is a day we will always remember!DSC09069[1]

The excitement and anticipation of a baby on the way is so fun! And now having Adelyn watching her grow, learn, and change everyday is even more fun!DSC09049[1]

Of course it isn't always perfect, every parent knows that! But so far this new journey that Kyle and I have embarked on is pretty amazing!

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Latest

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the wealth of updates I posted over the weekend last week. It’s hard to believe Adelyn is 16 weeks old, going on 4 months! Time is flying by WAY too fast! She is growing and changing everyday. It’s so fun, though, to watch how she learns new things!

Mostly everyday Kyle and I ride to work together. It’s so nice to have 2 sets of hands to get Adelyn into to daycare and settled. Well when Kyle and I went to pick her up one day last week she was in the jumper/exersaucer thing and I thought “No way, she can’t be big enough for that?!?!”. Well she obviously was! ;) I decided it was time to get our’s out at home for her to see what she thought! DSC00881

I had to put a blanket around her ‘cause the opening was quite a bit bigger than the one she was in at daycare, but we were able to lower it enough so her feet could touch the floor. She didn’t bounce too much, but she did like looking at all the new toys that surrounded her!DSC00884

This is her “latest” thing she’s doing. She loves to put her feet up in the air. She grabs at them quite a bit too, but mostly she’ll just sit there with her feet in the air! Too funny!DSC00888

Did you notice the John Deere corn teether in the picture? This is a gift from Grandma B, it vibrates. Adelyn really likes it, but it’s almost too heavy for her to hold on to so it usually ends up just sitting on her tummy! She’s definitely an Iowa girl! :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Adelyn and I are headed out of town with some friends while Daddy is going to the Hawkeye game.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Catch up on our family!

Hello friends! I did a little blogging over the weekend. Since going back to work I’ve fallen quite a ways behind on keeping this updated! Instead of scrolling through the blog you can click on each link below to get caught up on the Bangert family happenings!

And just for fun here is my latest favorite picture of my favorite little girl!!edit

Ear Infection

In Adelyn’s 3 month post I mentioned she got a cold after being at daycare for just a short time. Well a week or so later she was running a 100.2 temp and quite fussy so we took her into the doctor and confirmed the poor little one had double ear infection. Sad smileThey put her on some meds and within a few days we could tell we had our happy baby back.


They did want to see her for a 1 week follow up to look at her ears again. So Daddy and I took a few hours off work a morning last week and took our sweet girl in to the see the doctor. Thankfully they said everything looked good!DSC00851

I was already dressed when I got Adelyn ready. I had laid out her purple onesie the night before and I couldn’t resist her wearing these cute little gray pants to match Mommy in her purple & gray!! PS Don’t you just love her onesie: “My Mom is awesome, fun, and the best”!!

Daily Life

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