Thursday, July 31, 2008

Graeme Oliver Putnam

A friend's Eric & Michelle Putnam had their baby on Monday, July 28th. His name is Graeme Oliver and is a healthy baby boy weighing right around 8 1/2 pounds. My sister, Mindi and I went to see him on Tuesday. He is just so cute and super sweet. Michelle said that he doesn't cry very much which was to be so nice!! Congrats guys!!

Me & Baby Graeme

Mindi & Graeme

Proud big brother, Leif! He's 3!


Wendi was in the living room and says, "Darci look at Abby." And this was how she was sitting in the chair....isn't she so cute!! She never ceases to surprise me...always doing something different! Lately she has taken a liking to the office garbage!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Fun Weekend

This past weekend was a fun, family weekend!! My sister Stefanie who lives in Georgia came home for the weekend. It was really nice to have all the sisters together again!! She flew in Saturday morning and leaves later this afternoon. So it was definately a quick trip, but I'm so glad she came!! It had been a year since she'd been home.

Mom & Duane picked Stef up on Saturday and we had lunch at their house and then went to our cousin's house to swim in the pool. It was a nice relaxing afternoon. Kyle and I had our last home Barnstormer game so we went to Des Moines for the evening. Our friends Mark & Kathy were able to come with us was a fun night! Kyle dropped me off at Mom's house on the way home and we had a sister/mom sleep over! It was fun, but didn't get enough sleep and boy am I feeling it today!

Sunday we all went to church with Mom & Dunae in Harcourt and then back to Mom's for lunch! We had an all out summer meal....grilled steak, sweet corn, and strawberry pretzel salad!! It was great. We lounged in the living room for a while and then headed to the pool again for some more relaxation! Abby was so funny too...last time we were at the pool she wasn't very interested in getting in, but this time she loved it and jumped in numerous times!! We all got a good laugh out of it! It was a bit chilly 'cause the sun had gone under the clouds....we could see that there was a storm coming!! We got out when the lightening started and went under the awning part of the deck and it started to sprinkle a little...didn't think much of it! Then all of the sudden the wind picked up and it just started to PPOOOUUURRR!! Needless to say we got wet again! Only Mom & Duane hadn't been in the pool yet!!

Once we made it to our car....soaking wet, we headed to my house to get ready for supper. Uncle Kenny & Aunt Patty, Grandma, my cousins Christine & Brian (and their three kids), and Dad all came up!! We had a full house that's for sure! But it was a good time. We grilled out and played some games! By the end of the night I was definately ready for my pillow though! Unfortunately Kyle got called into work to close so I am sure he is super tired today!! I felt so bad for him. He is hoping to get off early today to rest up for the week.

Stef, Preston, & Mindi playing an old game they found at Mom's house!

Mindi & Grandma's dog Charlie...he was thirsty!
Mindi, Mom, Me, Wendi, and Stef at church!
This was a HUGE squash...Stef wanted a pic!! We went to Mindi's house after church to check out her flowers

My Momma & me....and Abby too!

My beautiful Mom & sisters
I like the B&W girls!!
Don't worry we didn't eat ALL that sweet corn, but we sure had a lot!!!!
Abby jumping in the pool!
She was a brave little puppy running around the edge of the pool!
It was starting to rain so we had to get out!
Sunday night at my house...Stef playing with our cousin Angela
Stef was the kids' entertainment for the night!
My little cousins.....Nathan & Angela
We played the telephone game...the kids really liked it!!
Mindi passing the "message" onto Preston during our telephone game!
Mindi & Stef playing "bago"
Wendi & Kyle...I think Kyle & Stef beat Wendi & Mindi!Angela hanging out on our new portable hammock!!
Grandma, Stef, Mindi, and our little cousin Randy
Kyle showing us his cart-wheel skills!!
Randy didn't like the grass....look at his feet!!
And now he's "Mission Impossible Baby" hoovering over the was pretty funny!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kitchen Table?

So when we were in Minneapolis last weekend we went to Ikea and found this great set of kitchen table and chairs. The table is black with a hidden leaf, so when its expanded I think you could comfortable seat 8! And there are a bunch of different chair covers you can get!! Unfortunatley we only had the car and not the Explorer so we could get it because it wouldn't all fit in the trunk!! Let me know what you think of the table! Hoping to go back in a few weeks!! Hope everyone has a happy "hump" day!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Flooded Fort Dodge!

Last Thursday we got a bunch of rain (not sure how many inches) in a very short amount of time!! So of course Kyle always likes to go out and check out the damage. We didn't leave the house soon enough after it rained though because it was already starting to receed....but still quite high!!

Notice the car lights in the distance....don't know why anyone would drive into that!

Pulling out of the Wendys always gets flooded right there!
Look how high the water is on the truck!!

This is a little VW Jetta trying to go through that

I know its hard to see (it was still raining when I took this picture), but in the midst of all of that rain there was a rainbow!!

Twins Game

Kyle and I spent the weekend in Minneapolis. We went to a Twins game on Friday night. Which was a ton of fun. And we won....6-0!!! Saturday we went up to Albertville to shop and then came back into the city and met up with my cousin Libby and did some shopping at Ikea. It was good to see her. We also found a kitchen table and chairs that we want to get, but didn't drive the Explorer and there wasn't enough room in the car, so I think we're going to plan another trip to get the table, hang out with Libby and Adam (her BF) and go to another game!! Sunday we came home and just was a great weekend!!

Joe Mauer!!
Kyle & I at the game
Justin...2008 Home Run Derby Champion!!

This was my supper on Friday was huge!! Chicken fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy!! It was really good too!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's Official!!

We are officially football season ticket holders for the Iowa Hawkeyes!! We just got our seats assignments today...we're about on the 20 yard line about half way up!! Can't wait for this fall!!

And We're Done!

Last night Kyle put up the last piece of crown molding and now the kicthen update is DONE!! Yeah horray!! We are very happy with the turn out and hopefully this will last us for a few more years now!! For those of you who don't know we updated our kitchen, painted the cabinets, added a piece of molding to the doors, new knobs, new hinges, new laminet wood flooring, tiled the backsplash, new white base board, casing, and crown molding!!

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday. Looking forward to the weekend!!

Monday, July 14, 2008


Kyle & I borrowed Mom & Duane's bush trimmers and finally got around to getting our bushes trimmed and boy did they need it!! So that is what I did on Saturday and I think they look much better now....not all grown together!! Sorry I didn't take a "before"'ll just have to use your imagination!!

Summer Fun!

Saturday (after the 4th) I hung out with Wendi and a friend of her's (from college) who was here for the weekend. We decided to go to Don & Sherawn's to cool off in the pool!! It was a nice time and I think we all got some good sun....including Abby!! We put her in the pool and it was like paddling was automatic for her!! It was so cute!! She didn't like it very well though 'cause she was always swimming for the side to try and get out. So we put her on a floaty for a while and I think she felt a little bit better!!

Rachel, Beth (Wendi's friend from school), & Wendi


Abby catching some rays....we got such a kick out of her in the pool!!

She looks like a drowned little rat!

This is Don & Sherawn's dog Becky. She loved to run on the side of the pool. I don't think her & Abby are friends yet though...they need to get used to each other first!!

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