Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!

We spent the Fourth of July at Kyle's parents house. Overall it was a really nice, fun-filled day! Check out the pics below!!

This is one of the things I brought for the day...I thought it turned out pretty good! My other "dish to share" was the "oh so loved" strawberry pretzel salad!!

We made breakfast when we got to Poky...eggs, sausage, regular & chocolate chip pancakes, and fruit!! It was yuuuuummmmy!!

After breakfast the boys went outside to "play" with their was quite entertaining to watch Kyle!

Melanie was the "barber" for the day!! She cut Travis', Davids, & Jim's hair!!

And she braided Laura's hair!! Nice job Mel!

While Mel was working her magic with the sheers everyone just hung out on the deck, this is Abby's new favorite spot!

I love this picture of her....its like she is smiling for the camera!

I had to get some pics of Sharon's beautiful flowers!! By the way these were taken with my NEW camera...we decided to keep it and I am VERY happy with it!!

The Bangert's have a ton of mulberry trees I used one of the many features on my camera for this one!!

And here begins the fun filled afternoon of games!! Mel, Steve, Laura, and Jim are playing "bago" here...such a fun game!!

Allie hanging out under the deck...probably trying to stay cool! Or away from Abby, she was "taunting" her all was quite funny!

The Brown's showed up and so we helped un-load the van and check out all the fireworks they brought!! I guess it totaled over $1000!

Once we all got settled Jim got the vollebally net set up and played some good ole volleyball!! I think everyone had a good time

Nice form Mel!!

Brotherly love ;)

This is Kyle trying to distract Mel while she was serving!!

Nice "ups" Jacob!

Grandma & Grandpa DeWall watching on the sidelines

The was the winning volleyball team!

Sharon has this yard spinner and I had to get a close up!! Can't wait for fall for Hawkeye football!

Jim started grilling after volleyball!! yum, yum

Karen & Sharon started in the kitchen on supper....careful with that knife Karen! :)

The boys got the fireworks out a little early!

Kyle thought the mailbox would work nice for a bottlerocket!! His Mom thought otherwise!

The Watne's from chuch came over for fireworks and homemade ice cream! Here is Becca with Laura's baby kitty!! So cute!!

Abby came with us and I think by the end of the day she was more tired than we were. Unfortunately once it got dark I still hadn't figured the settings on my new camera so here ends our day! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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