Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I have something fun to share!

Dairy Queen is celebrating its 25th birthday. Plus it’s also the time for DQ’S “Customer Appreciation Week” which calls upon all fans of Dairy Queen to get into the party!

Any blizzard purchase from Diary Queen shall entitle the customer to have another same sized blizzard for a quarter. Click here to print the coupon. It’s good April 19th – 25th!

Of course we couldn’t pass up this sweet deal! So we jumped in the van with our neighbor Mel and her 2 boys and headed across town for a sweet treat! DSC07069 

Ice cream was enjoyed by all! Chocolate is Deigo’s favorite!!DSC07067

So make sure to take advantage of this sweet deal this week! Hope everyone is having a great week, we’re on the home stretch!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Park Fun

After our race on Sunday we went down to a local park with our neighbor Mel and her 2 boys, Diego & Mateo! This particular park not only has playground equipment, but also animals! I think this was the boys’ favorite part! DSC07019

In the words of Mateo “here here little goat”!!DSC07021 

Swinging Time!

DSC07023 DSC07029

Kyle was the king of under dogs! DSC07032

And who doesn’t love the fun blue slides?!?!

DSC07033 DSC07037


We finished our time at the park with a race to the car!! I think we have a future 5k-er!DSC07038


Kyle and I ran a 5K on Sunday. This was our 3rd 5K together and 4th race we’ve done. It was a benefit for Nolan, the son of one of my co-workers.DSC07017

Nolan’s story:

Nolan was born a perfectly healthy little boy April 20th, 2009.  On August 18th, Nolan was at daycare and went down for his morning nap.  After Nolan stopped crying his babysitter went in to check on him and found that he had stopped breathing.  When the paramedics arrived Nolan was without a pulse.  Nolan was taken to the hospital where they were able to get a slight pulse after his brain went without oxygen for about 20 minutes.  He was then transferred to a children's hospital.  While at Children's Mercy Nolan was heavily sedated to control seizures and let his body rest.  Due to the lack of oxygen that Nolan’s brain suffered from the doctors said that Nolan will probably never be able to walk, talk, see, feed himself, or live a normal life.  Nolan was released from the hospital on the 6th of September.  At this time Nolan receives physical, occupational, visual and hearing therapy at home.  He also receives all food through a gastric feeding tube that was placed while in the hospital.

So sad! I can’t even imagine having a healthy baby for 6 months and then something tragic like that happens. We were happy to run and support him.

Kyle finished at 27:12 & my time was 28:38. We ran the first 2.5 miles together and Kyle went ahead the last .6. DSC07015

As soon as we got home I mixed up a protein smoothie for each of us. Mine ended up being too big, so I double fisted it! ;) I ended up though only able to drink just 1 glass.DSC07018

We are currently training for the Dam to Dam which is a 20K race (12.4 miles) in June. It has been good to be back into our running routine after the long, cold winter!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Organizing contd.

This weekend I picked up where I left off last Friday with organizing! Saturday morning I started in the front closet where we store coats, hats, mitten, and the vacuum! Check out the before and after pictures! I particularly like the labels!
DSC06907 DSC06930
DSC06908 DSC06931
After I got the front closet done I  went to the *dreaded* back closet! It wasn’t fun, but I think I conquered it! I took EVERYTHING out…shoes, tools, cleaning supplies, and the shelves. I put a quick coat of white paint on the shelves to brighten them up. I used baskets from the dollar store to keeps things separated and organized. We got rid of 6 pairs of shoes and put the rest on the bottom 2 shelves.
DSC06933 DSC06935
   This just makes me feel great! DSC06936
The last closet I tackled was in the basement under the steps. This was a closet that we just stuck extra paint and other random stuff (like that weird wood cart on wheels…never used it and was from the previous owners). We were wasting that space that is now being used much better! I took everything out and cleaned the floor. Then I used 2-$1.99 12 x 48in counter top remnants from Menards and 4 brackets (less than $10!). Kyle had to help me with this closet, I’m not too good with the screw gun! Look at all that extra room we have now!
DSC06938 DSC06939

Easy Entertainment

Who knew the stool could be so much fun?!?!  DSC06911 

Abby even had fun chasing them around!DSC06913 

Diego LOVED it!!DSC06916 DSC06917

Kyle was getting tired so Mateo thought he needed a ride next!DSC06922

Do you like Diego’s slippers? ;)DSC06919

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Family Time

Saturday Kyle and I had plans to spend the day with my Mom, her husband Duane and my sisters Mindi & Stefanie, along with their husbands Preston & Geoff. It was a nice “surprise” that Stef & Geoff came…they were originally  not planning on coming (they live in the Omaha area), always good to see them!

I brought a plate of festive cookies to share!   DSC06854 

Duane always gets into the holiday spirit with festive napkins & center pieces, he’s good for my Mom! ;)DSC06856

We had an awesome lunch, complete with smoked pork chops with grilled fresh pineapple, homemade mac’ n cheese, and peas to round it out! Mmmm good! DSC06857 

And my favorite course, desert! I had to try a small slice of each…banana creme & pecan! DSC06858

Next up, Easter “basket” time!! Mom and Duane hid glasses filled with Easter goodies all over their house and we had to find them just like when we were kids!! It was loads of fun! :)

Mindi found hers! DSC06859

Kyle was next!!DSC06860 

Then I did…with the help of my hubby!! ;)DSC06861

Stef found one too…under the couch! :)DSC06863 

And Geoff found his too! Preston was last and I couldn’t get a picture of it because we were all (8 of us!) crammed in the bathroom trying to find the last one!!DSC06865

After all those goodies we thought it was time for a walk! Abby was happy about that…she was running her little legs off the whole time! DSC06866 

Mindi brought an awesome dip for some afternoon snacking. I can’t remember what it was called, but it had milk, cream cheese, sausage, and Homemade Gourmet chicken enchilada soup mix! It was SUPER good!!DSC06867  

Next up was card playing time!! We had a boys table…DSC06870

And a girls table! DSC06871 

Check out this kick butt hand I had…oh, by the way, we were playing 500!! And my cute, silly partner across the way! DSC06872

We were the winners of 500!DSC06875

The whole family (minus Wendi, the youngest sister)! DSC06878

Good Friday

Friday night when Kyle got off work we headed down the street to our neighbor/friend Mel’s house for some egg dying and supper! Mel couldn’t believe that Kyle had never dyed eggs before! It was quite “interesting” with a 3 year old (Diego) and an 18 month old (Mateo)!DSC06821 DSC06822 DSC06823 

After dying 3+ dozen eggs we got to making supper! Kyle was in charge of grilling…check out his chair! ;)DSC06825 


Mateo had fun looking at him out the window…I think they were making silly faces at each other!DSC06826

This little boy’s cuteness just melts my heart!DSC06829 

We had a wonderful supper complete with hot dogs, hamburgers, fresh pineapple, grilled potatoes, and chips w/salsa! Good stuff! :) But we could hardly sit still long enough…we just wanted to play!

The boys love to play “Tarzan” and take their shirts off and run around the house!DSC06835 

They asked Kyle to join them playing tarzan, but Kyle said he was cold! ;) So he changed their mind to play “airplane”! DSC06837   

And other fun games too! DSC06841    DSC06845     DSC06850 

It was a fun evening! Kyle and I left around 7pm to make it to the “Good Friday” service at church, which was awesome! DSC06852

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