Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Organizing contd.

This weekend I picked up where I left off last Friday with organizing! Saturday morning I started in the front closet where we store coats, hats, mitten, and the vacuum! Check out the before and after pictures! I particularly like the labels!
DSC06907 DSC06930
DSC06908 DSC06931
After I got the front closet done I  went to the *dreaded* back closet! It wasn’t fun, but I think I conquered it! I took EVERYTHING out…shoes, tools, cleaning supplies, and the shelves. I put a quick coat of white paint on the shelves to brighten them up. I used baskets from the dollar store to keeps things separated and organized. We got rid of 6 pairs of shoes and put the rest on the bottom 2 shelves.
DSC06933 DSC06935
   This just makes me feel great! DSC06936
The last closet I tackled was in the basement under the steps. This was a closet that we just stuck extra paint and other random stuff (like that weird wood cart on wheels…never used it and was from the previous owners). We were wasting that space that is now being used much better! I took everything out and cleaned the floor. Then I used 2-$1.99 12 x 48in counter top remnants from Menards and 4 brackets (less than $10!). Kyle had to help me with this closet, I’m not too good with the screw gun! Look at all that extra room we have now!
DSC06938 DSC06939

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