Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Family Time

Saturday Kyle and I had plans to spend the day with my Mom, her husband Duane and my sisters Mindi & Stefanie, along with their husbands Preston & Geoff. It was a nice “surprise” that Stef & Geoff came…they were originally  not planning on coming (they live in the Omaha area), always good to see them!

I brought a plate of festive cookies to share!   DSC06854 

Duane always gets into the holiday spirit with festive napkins & center pieces, he’s good for my Mom! ;)DSC06856

We had an awesome lunch, complete with smoked pork chops with grilled fresh pineapple, homemade mac’ n cheese, and peas to round it out! Mmmm good! DSC06857 

And my favorite course, desert! I had to try a small slice of each…banana creme & pecan! DSC06858

Next up, Easter “basket” time!! Mom and Duane hid glasses filled with Easter goodies all over their house and we had to find them just like when we were kids!! It was loads of fun! :)

Mindi found hers! DSC06859

Kyle was next!!DSC06860 

Then I did…with the help of my hubby!! ;)DSC06861

Stef found one too…under the couch! :)DSC06863 

And Geoff found his too! Preston was last and I couldn’t get a picture of it because we were all (8 of us!) crammed in the bathroom trying to find the last one!!DSC06865

After all those goodies we thought it was time for a walk! Abby was happy about that…she was running her little legs off the whole time! DSC06866 

Mindi brought an awesome dip for some afternoon snacking. I can’t remember what it was called, but it had milk, cream cheese, sausage, and Homemade Gourmet chicken enchilada soup mix! It was SUPER good!!DSC06867  

Next up was card playing time!! We had a boys table…DSC06870

And a girls table! DSC06871 

Check out this kick butt hand I had…oh, by the way, we were playing 500!! And my cute, silly partner across the way! DSC06872

We were the winners of 500!DSC06875

The whole family (minus Wendi, the youngest sister)! DSC06878

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