Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Hey everyone! I spent the past week in Florida with my three sisters and my Grandpa aka Grampo! It was a great time and I’m missing the warm Florida sun!
I flew down on Wednesday March 18th…which happened to be Grampo’s 75th birthday! Stef drove down from Georgia on Thursday. Mindi flew from Iowa on Thursday and drove with Wendi from Lakeland on Friday after Wendi was done with class. We had a fun filled few days of bike riding, shopping, reading, lounging on the beach, tennis playing, and just chatting!
Grampo fixed up a bunch of bikes so that we would all have one to ride! Here is him and Stef ready to ride! But Grampo didn’t want to wear a helmet. DSC02092
Stef and I on a bike ride…she let me wear Geoff’s helmet. I need to buy one for when I start to ride bike at home. DSC02094
Stef & I both brought our tennis rackets. I haven’t played much so Stef showed me the ropes and we got a couple games in while we were down there. DSC02097
Grampo & Stef relaxing after our first game of tennis. Such a nice picture of Grampo…can’t always catch the smile…he usually makes a funny face!DSC02101 
Friday night when Wendi & Mindi got to Grampo’s house we went out to eat at Outback Steakhouse to celebrate Grampo’s 75th birthday! So here are a few sister pictures I snapped over dinner. DSC02109 DSC02111 
I used the self timer on my camera and got one of all of us. It’s not the best…but it’s the only one I got of all 5 of us over the trip. DSC02113
Grampo’s birthday cake! We didn’t think 75 candles would fit on it so we went with the numbers instead!DSC02114
It’s nice to be able to have a house to stay at while in Florida rather than a hotel room. So we totally took advantage of Grampo’s kitchen. Stef made bbq chicken pizza one day and it was SO good! And even WW friendly! Good job Stef!DSC02115
We have taken pictures by this palm tree for many years!!DSC02124 
Another one taken with the self timer! I love my camera….and my sisters! :)DSC02131 
I think this one of Mindi, Wendi, & Stef is so cute!! I wish I could photo-shop myself in there with them!DSC02133 DSC02139  DSC02152
We like to take “jumping pictures”! Wendi is WAY more experienced than I am!! As you will be able to tell from the next two pictures!! But it made me laugh!!DSC02157 DSC02161
Me and Mindi! DSC02167

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Travis & Laura

Saturday was Travis & Laura’s (Kyle’s twin brother & sister) 22nd birthday! Hard to believe they are that old already! That means I’m getting old! Ha ha!

Mom B made her famous homemade pizza for supper. Grandma & Grandpa DeWall came out and we all ate together and played some card games and of course had cake & ice cream! It was a fun evening with family!

Kyle & Travis were messing around on their laptops. Kyle was showing Travis where he could watch music videos so I quick snapped a picture when Travis was busting a move!!

Oh and do you like his jacket? That is what Kyle & I got him for his birthday!!DSC02056

Had to get a picture with my Hubby!DSC02057

This is while we were playing cards. I can’t remember what the game was called…it’s a fun one we always play at the Bangerts, but Laura was trying to “read” David’s (Travis’ friend & roommate) face to see if she could figure out if she wanted to trade cards or not!DSC02060 

Abby came to Poky to help celebrate too! I think she likes to visit the Bangert house!DSC02061

Grandma & Grandpa DeWall playing cards. DSC02064 

Abby was helping me when we were playing cards….so much that she wanted to “hold” my chips for me…in her mouth! Sorry missy…those aren’t for you!DSC02067

Abby was a tired pup by the end of the night. She was curled up on the chair next to me…but as you can see she wasn’t quite asleep yet!DSC02068DSC02070

Abby & Laura…sorry for the red eyes…she really isn’t that scary looking!DSC02073

Laura and her birthday cake. It was one with a mint swirl…we had to show off Mom B’s baking!! Mmm!! It was really good…and I’m not really a big “mint” person. DSC02074 DSC02075 

And here is Travis with his cake…angel food. Silly boy! Check out those eyes…scary!DSC02076

And this was the last picture of the night. We were walking out the door and I wanted a picture with the birthday girl…she was too busy playing guitar hero though! :) DSC02077

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