Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Garage Sale Finds

It’s no secret that I LOVE to go to garage sales! I know they are great to get kid’s stuff, but it’s also fun to find a few things for our house too!! Here are a few of my recent finds!

SPRING blocks…$2.ooDSC07392

Basket…$2.00 And this isn’t a little basket, it’s over 12 in tall and 12 in in diameter and super sturdy!DSC07394

Shadow box frames…$1.50 & $2.00 (can’t wait to show you guys what I’m going to do with these!)DSC07395

Kyle has joined me on a few of these garage sale expeditions! Look what he found! He loves Superman and insisted on hanging him on the cabinets in front of our kitchen window! (I agreed just ‘cause it was his birthday!)DSC07393 

Can’t wait to see what other great finds I’ll get this summer!

Monday, May 24, 2010


For the past 2 months I have been sneaking around and lying to Kyle while planning his surprise “golden birthday” party! It’s been SO hard!! But it was all worth it because it was a HUGE success! Kyle was totally surprised and had an awesome time!

So to back up and give you guys some background….I got Kyle of the house with the help of my brother-in-law, Preston. He called Kyle up and asked for his help and Kyle agreed! So by 10am Kyle was out of the house and I got to work with the help of my sisters, Wendi & Mindi!

The guests showed up by 4pm and Preston showed up with Kyle around 4:20pm pulled in the driveway and opened the garage door and SURPRISE….the garage was filled with Kyle’s family & friends to celebrate him!!!DSC07357

Check out that smile!DSC07358

I tried to convince him to take clothes to clean up at Preston’s house, but he didn’t think was necessary! Now he understood why! ;)DSC07362

Ok…on to the details!DSC07347   DSC07354

The one thing I wanted to do was have a candy buffet filled with Kyle’s favorites! It turned out to be a big hit!DSC07351

I made a banner to hang above the candy buffet! DSC07350DSC07352           

Happy 26th Birthday Baby!!DSC07364DSC07366

It was also Mom B’s birthday so I got her a cake that looked like a baseball with “Twins” on it because she  LOVES the Minnesota Twins! Happy Birthday Mom B!!DSC07365 

We spent the rest of the evening chilling out in the garage visiting and got a few games of bago in!  

DSC07376 DSC07370
DSC07378 DSC07379

Abby even enjoyed the party! But I think it wore her out!DSC07380

I’m so happy that Kyle was surprised and enjoyed his party! He deserves to be celebrated more than anyone I know. He has worked so hard for a long time and I wanted to give him a night where he could just totally relax and enjoy himself!

So obviously his birthday isn’t even here yet! We have a few plans for his actual day which is Wednesday the 26th. I took a vacation day so we can spend the day together!

Wendi moves home!

Last Sunday was the last day that my niece, Maya, was at my Mom’s house. And my little sister, Wendi, moved home from Florida. So we headed down for the afternoon to hang out!

Maya had fun pushing Abby around in the stroller! Abby just loved it!! When Maya stopped, Abby didn’t want to get out. It was too funny!DSC07339 

We spent the afternoon unloading Wendi’s car full of stuff! I wish I would have gotten a picture of that ‘cause in the words of my Dad, ‘We couldn’t have fit a toothpick in the car’! AKA….it was packed FULL!

Maya sure does love Kyle! This picture is just too cute!DSC07341 

Oh and Kyle had to test out giving Abby a ride in the stroller!   DSC07346

Junior High Besties

A few Friday night’s ago we met up with our friends Tawny and Clayton. Tawny is my BFF from junior high! We met at Applebees for supper.

I don’t think we stopped laughing or talking the whole night! It was such a good time! Look what greeted us when we walked out the door! A FULL RAINBOW!! I loved that you could see both ends! Just a reminder of how wonderful God is!

DSC07187 DSC07186

This is about the only other picture I got that night! We don’t see each too often, but when we do it’s like we hadn’t missed a beat! Those are my favorite kind of friends!DSC07189 

After supper we headed to the Dariette for some desert! It was much too cold though to eat on the patio so we headed to their place! I had a lemon cone! I LOVE ice cream! We didn’t call it a night until almost 11pm when we left their place, but we had SUCH a good time!

Ross & Etan’s 1st Birthday Party

Two of my cousins, Elizabeth & Jill, both had baby boys within a few weeks of each other! So they had a double 1st birthday party! It was tons-o-fun!

They started out the night opening gifts!DSC07262

DSC07260 DSC07263
DSC07278 DSC07264 DSC07271

My niece Maya! She loves to pose for pictures!DSC07279 

Cake time!!! DSC07282   

Mmmm, Ethan loves green frosting! ;)DSC07287 

Ross wasn’t too sure about getting it on his fingers!DSC07289

Then he decided that it tasted good!DSC07291

This is fun!DSC07298    

I took a few B&W’s too! Just ‘cause I love em! DSC07304

Getting messy!

DSC07305 DSC07307


Ross was protecting his cake from Ethan! :pDSC07319  

After cake time the boys got a quick bath and then they had to test out their toys!      DSC07329 

Too much fun!!DSC07332   

It was a fun night! And always so good to see Elizabeth. She lives in Wisconsin, so we have limited time together. DSC07338

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Get Excited!

Ok so it’s not too exciting for you guys, but for us, it is!! We have lived with the tiny freezer above our fridge for all 5 years of our marriage. We said “enough is enough” and broke down and spent $139 on this 5.0 cubic ft deep freeze! It may not be the mammoth of a freezer we had when we were growing up, but it will work great for us two for now! DSC07249

Notice we only have a pack of buns in there right now. We hope to stock up on some meat and also when there are frozen items on sale majorly stock up since we have the space for it now!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Celebrating Mother’s Day

We celebrated all the Mom’s in our life all weekend long a few weeks ago. It started out with lunch with my Grandma and 2 of my sisters at a local tea room!DSC07198

Tea rooms hold a special place in my heart. A farmer/neighbor growing up owned one and I started working there when I was 12. Yes, 12! I drove the 4 wheeler to work on all gravel roads! I started a dish washer and after that (and I got a little older!) I waitressed, hosted, and worked in the gift shop! It was so fun. But unfortunately it closed. So whenever I get the chance to go to one I’m all for it!

The menu changes each day while keep a few of their “staples” like soup in a bread bowl or their famous chicken salad! I ordered the Almond Chicken. Here is the description from the menu:

A boneless breast of chicken is lightly breaded with crushed almonds, and seasoned bread crumbs. Baked and served with real mashed potatoes, and smothered in a creamy baby Swiss cheese sauce, and served with candied carrots, a homemade Italian Style cole slaw, and our home baked sweet bread.


For desert we ordered the puff pastry…look how HUGE this thing is!! The middle is filled with vanilla mousse, strawberries, banana, and whip cream. Don’t worry, we split it 4 ways! DSC07196

Happy Mother’s Day to my Grandma! We had a wonderful visit and didn’t leave there until after 2pm!DSC07197

Next up was celebrating Mother’s Day with my Mom! And can you believe in the 6 hours we were at her house I forgot to get a picture with her. Here is one from my Wendi’s college graduation this past December. DSC05300

My Mom & Step Dad were watching my niece, Maya, while my Step-Dad’s daughter & her husband were on a mission trip. It was fun to have a little 4 year old add some extra entertainment to our evening!

Maya took an extra special liking to Kyle! Here they are giggling on the couch!DSC07200

After supper we went for a walk…the whole family!  DSC07206

We made a stop at the park for Maya…DSC07215

And maybe for the “big kids” too! ;)     DSC07217  DSC07219  DSC07221    DSC07225           DSC07236

After our park time we finished up our walk and headed back to my Mom’s. (You can tell from the pictures towards the end that it was getting dark!) We had desert and called it a night!

Sunday we celebrated Mother’s Day with Kyle’s Mom with going out to a brunch buffet after church. It was a great weekend celebrating the wonderful Mom’s in our life. I hope you were able to spend some time you Mom!

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