Monday, May 24, 2010


For the past 2 months I have been sneaking around and lying to Kyle while planning his surprise “golden birthday” party! It’s been SO hard!! But it was all worth it because it was a HUGE success! Kyle was totally surprised and had an awesome time!

So to back up and give you guys some background….I got Kyle of the house with the help of my brother-in-law, Preston. He called Kyle up and asked for his help and Kyle agreed! So by 10am Kyle was out of the house and I got to work with the help of my sisters, Wendi & Mindi!

The guests showed up by 4pm and Preston showed up with Kyle around 4:20pm pulled in the driveway and opened the garage door and SURPRISE….the garage was filled with Kyle’s family & friends to celebrate him!!!DSC07357

Check out that smile!DSC07358

I tried to convince him to take clothes to clean up at Preston’s house, but he didn’t think was necessary! Now he understood why! ;)DSC07362

Ok…on to the details!DSC07347   DSC07354

The one thing I wanted to do was have a candy buffet filled with Kyle’s favorites! It turned out to be a big hit!DSC07351

I made a banner to hang above the candy buffet! DSC07350DSC07352           

Happy 26th Birthday Baby!!DSC07364DSC07366

It was also Mom B’s birthday so I got her a cake that looked like a baseball with “Twins” on it because she  LOVES the Minnesota Twins! Happy Birthday Mom B!!DSC07365 

We spent the rest of the evening chilling out in the garage visiting and got a few games of bago in!  

DSC07376 DSC07370
DSC07378 DSC07379

Abby even enjoyed the party! But I think it wore her out!DSC07380

I’m so happy that Kyle was surprised and enjoyed his party! He deserves to be celebrated more than anyone I know. He has worked so hard for a long time and I wanted to give him a night where he could just totally relax and enjoy himself!

So obviously his birthday isn’t even here yet! We have a few plans for his actual day which is Wednesday the 26th. I took a vacation day so we can spend the day together!


  1. Fun Stuff! It all looks GREAT Darci!

  2. you are soo adorable, makes me miss Iowa.thanks


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