Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Visiting Friends in KC

Kyle, Abby, and I drove to KC last weekend to visit Mark and Jenna and take a few of their things they couldn’t fit in their moving trailer!!
Kyle worked a partial day on Saturday and when he got off we jetted out of Dodge right away to head south. DSC04562 
And here are some fun pics I took along the way!!DSC04567

Everything is bigger in Texas?!?!?

Free gas? Woooo Hoooo!!!DSC04598

We stopped in Lamoni for a potty break (for Abby!) and some gas. And saw a horse at the gas station too!!DSC04570
DSC04569 DSC04568
    We bought our Sirus Satellite radio a “dash friend”!! Found a GPS on clearance at Target!DSC04575

Look it even has a thing that says what the speed limit is…but as you can see Kyle wasn’t following it!!DSC04580
But wait…who needs a GPS when we have this little guy to navigate us! lol (If you can’t tell it’s our Iowa Hawkeye football antenna topper)DSC04593

We made it to Missouri!!DSC04574

Look who didn’t catch us!! Ha ha!!DSC04592      
Kyle said I’m too easily entertained for taking all these random pictures! But I told him I needed something keep me entertained for 4 hours!
We snacked on animal crackers….Abby really wanted some, but sorry little miss puppy, none for you! (Are we mean or what!?!?)
DSC04585 DSC04586

Since she didn’t get any animal crackers she took up smoking! Oh no!!! j/k it’s a sucker she got a hold of!!

We made it to KC!!DSC04608  
Eating pizza at Mark & Jenna’s!! We hung out at their place for the evening and cheered on the Iowa Hawks against Penn State. DSC04611 
Cute Jenna!! Thanks for being such a great host, friend!!DSC04612 

Abby <3’s Mark!!
What a cute couple!! Thanks for the fun visit guys…can’t wait to come again!!DSC04617 
Kyle getting into the intense game!DSC04618 
I think they were playing peek-a-boo!!DSC04619     
Iowa Wins!!!
DSC04626 DSC04627
After the game, the boys played video games and Jenna & I facebook-ed and chatted the night away!
DSC04628 DSC04629
Doggie pile on Mark!!DSC04635 
Sunday we went to Kauffman Stadium to watched the Twins play the Royals! Mark & Jenna are Royals fans….so there was a little rivalry going on!! DSC04645DSC04639    
It was a bright day in KC!!
DSC04642 DSC04643
Unfortunately it wasn’t a good day for the Twins…but just wait in about a week they are coming MN so we’re hoping for some sweet revenge!!DSC04646 

DSC04650After the game we went back to their apartment to pick up Abby and hit the road, north to Iowa. We stopped to get ice cream at DQ and found out they give dogs a free dish! Abby loved it!!  DSC04651

Friday, September 25, 2009

Show Us How You Live Friday – Favorite Dessert Recipe

I know I’ve missed this the past few weeks, but definitely wanted to participate this week. Make sure to check out Kelly’s blog to see what other great dessert recipes everyone is sharing! KellyShowUs

My favorite, simple, yummy dessert recipe is the famous “Rice Krispie Log”!! No matter what I make it for or where I take it, they are always the first thing gone!DSC04496

Rice Krispie Log

  • Melt 1 ½ -2 min. in microwave:
    • ½ stick butter or margarine
    • ¼ - ½ c peanut butter
    • 10 oz bag marshmallows

  • Add 5-6 c. rice krispies & mix well.
  • Line jelly roll pan/cookie sheet with wax paper. Spray wax paper w/Pam.
  • Put rice krispie mixture in jelly roll pan/cookie sheet and flatten out. It should flatten out to the size of the pan.
  • Melt 1-2 min. in microwave:
    • 1 c chocolate chips
    • ¾ c butterscotch chips
    • ¼ - ½ c peanut butter
  • Spread chocolate mixture over the flattened rice krispies.
  • Roll up (the long way) peeling the wax paper back as you roll, but keep it on the outside of the rice krispie log.
  • Freeze 20-30 minutes to allow chocolate to set or you can leave it out for a few hours to set.

Slice and enjoy!DSC04497

I made a couple “logs” last week. One for work for my good friend’s last day in the office. And then another one for tailgating on Saturday. Mmmm!! Kinda wish I had one right now!! :)

Jenna and I…her last day at Iowa Central. :( Good luck in KC!!DSC04498 

And a log to tailgate…Go Hawks!!DSC04495


Happy Friday everyone! Kyle and I are running 12 miles tonight (only 23 days till we run our first half marathon!) and then we’re heading to Kansas City on Saturday, should be a fun weekend!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Iowa Hawkeyes vs Arizona

Last Saturday was week 3 of Hawkeye football. And guess what…we’re 3-0!! What a great way to start the season. This was another non-conference game, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t competition. Iowa ended up winning 27-17! It was a great win on a beautiful day in Iowa City!

To back up a bit, the game didn’t start until 2:35pm, so we were able to sleep in a bit….got up at 5am instead of 3:30 am! Still too early!! But we got to our tailgate lot just in time, there were hardly any spots left! But we s-q-u-e-e-z-e-d in! Kyle does a good parking job. I wasn’t even thinking, I should have taken a picture of how tight we were!! It was tight!! We met up with Sara, Vahn, and the rest of the tailgate group for a while.  DSC04499 

Sara’s Dad, Don, and good friend Ed, were in charge of the meat this week. They made pork loin and brisket! Mmmm!! Now that’s what I’m talking about!!DSC04500 

I love Saturday mornings in Iowa City!!DSC04501 

After tailgating a while, we walked up towards Kinnick Stadium to meet up with Mark and Kathy. On the way we ran into the drum line…very cool!DSC04502 

It was “Blackout Saturday”!!DSC04514

DSC04503 DSC04504


The marching band spelling out “Hawks”!!DSC04505 

Former Iowa Hawkeye running back and current radio analyst, Ed Podalak, was the honorary captain!DSC04507




Here come the Hawkeyes!! I love this part of the game…gets me all fired up!!DSC04511    DSC04515 

Woo Hoo!!! Go Hawks!!!DSC04516


And this is where my camera battery died. :( So no action shots from this game…but we won, so that is all that matters! Next week the Hawks head to Happy Valley to play Penn State and we’re hoping for a big win!!

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