Sunday, September 13, 2009

Iowa Hawkeyes vs ISU Cyclones

Saturday was the “super-bowl” in the state of Iowa. Or Kyle said it was a state holiday!! Either way, it was a fun day!! The Hawks and Cyclones battled it out on the football field and the Hawks won 35-3. And it wasn’t ‘cause the Hawks played that good, it was because the Cyclones played really bad!! I’m pretty sure they have 5 turnovers and a fumble!

We had a little tailgate party in our garage with a few friends!

Sara and Emma came…Vahn did too, but he also went to the Iowa Central game to catch up with some friends!DSC04436  

I think every time I see this cute little girl she is doing something new! Saturday she talking up a storm. Mainly saying “Mom” and “Momma”….so cute!!DSC04439 

Time to eat!

DSC04440 DSC04442


She is so happy and smiley…pretty much all the time!!       DSC04447


Emma and I tried to take our own picture…didn’t work out too well!!   

DSC04451 DSC04452 DSC04453


Then Kyle helped us out!DSC04456 

Just love those chubby little cheeks!!DSC04457 

Ok back to the Hawkeyes!! Kyle and I all ready to cheer on the Hawks in our black & gold!DSC04459 

Sara and I – notice the TV, Kyle had to get another one out in the garage for the game! (borrowed from Chad!)DSC04462 

Emma wanted to pet Abby…but Abby stayed just far enough of away so she couldn’t reach her! Too funny!DSC04463 

Nate and Kyle came too with Lauryn! Like her little cheerleader outfit? Just a little something I dug outta my stash!!


Cute little Lauryn!DSC04465 

Bago time!!DSC04467 

Kyle got a bag stuck on the power lines!DSC04468  

DSC04482 DSC04474 DSC04478

Lauryn says, “Go Hawks!!”DSC04488   

Look at those big beautiful eyes!!DSC04494

The day was great overall! Hawks won and had a great time with friends and their babies!! :)

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