Sunday, April 24, 2016

Weekly Meal Plan

Well my first week being a full time Wife/Mama (I still need to post about this!!) was great on the meal
plan front...BUT I got off track for a couple weeks. I think since I was home more I figured I could just wing it each night, but I really didn't like that plan too much. Today Adelyn helped me do the whole meal plan. She even wrote my grocery list for me! Our menu this week is pretty kid friendly! 😉

Monday: Bubble Up Pizza, Salad, & Cottage, Cheese

Tuesday: Sloppy Joes, Roasted Potatoes, & Fruit

Wednesday: Pigs In A Blanket, Carrots, & Fruit

Thursday: Chicken Quesadillas, Corn, & Fruit

Friday: Supper out @ Wendy's!

Saturday: Dinner @ a Friend's house 

Sunday: Pizza Nite!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Weekly Meal Plan

One of my favorite things that I feel like keeps our day/budget in order is a meal plan and I haven't done it in FOREVER! So I'm back at it and hope to start a trend in our house! I usually plan for the week and then shop what we need based on that plan. And who doesn't love knowing what's for supper each night!

Monday: BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches & Green Beans

Tuesday: Chicken Bundles, Roasted Potatoes, & Salad

Wednesday: Bubble Pizza & Salad

Thursday: French Dip Cupcakes & Fruit

Friday Lunch: Mama out of town, kiddos @ Auntie's house, & Daddy's working

Saturday Lunch: Mama out of town, kiddos @ Auntie's house, & Daddy's working

Saturday Supper: Daddy Duty!

Sunday Brunch: Pancakes & eggs

Sunday Supper: Pizza Nite!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I'm Baaack!


Is this thing on??

Well almost 2 years later I'm FINALLY deciding to get back to blogging! We have some exciting changes coming up for our family {more on that later} and want to make sure I get back to having a "journal"! Also I attended a blogging conference right here in my hometown last weekend that reminded me how much I enjoy blogging!

If you're still here, drop a comment and let me know! More to come :)

Monday, May 5, 2014

March Randomness

If you are on Instagram  you can get a more up to date of our daily happenings in the Bangert family! Follow me here #bangertfameveryday2014

One Saturday afternoon Avery kept going over to Adelyn’s doll highchair and trying to climb on it so I decided to see if he fit. Adelyn was pretty excited ‘cause she had her own real life doll to feed!


This was Avery’s response when I asked him if he wanted more…such a sweet boy!


Adelyn was sharing her pasta with Avery, such a good big sissy!


Who needs matching PJs?!? ha!


We had a Sunday afternoon play date with our friends Chris & Sarah. Their kids are about the same ages as Adelyn & Avery and they always have a good time!


March 13th was first real nice day of 2014 and we couldn’t wait to get outside and play & swing!


I’ve mentioned before, but Avery loves to play in the bathroom. Mostly he loves to find mama’s stash of tampons and carry them around! Silly boy!


Kyle usually works one evening a week. Those evenings we will usually go for supper so the kids can see Daddy since he usually gets home after they are in bed. Avery is always very entertained with all the people while we are there, always a good time!


The kids enjoyed their toys from our good friends Mark & Kathy. They recently went on a cruise to Mexico and were very sweet to bring back some gifts for us!


Adelyn loves to play “catch”, but you have to sit with your feet together and she usually ends up rolling the ball! Avery even got in on the fun this time! Love hearing my kiddos giggle with their Daddy!


Grandpa Steve was on babysitting duty one weekend when Wendi & Hayden were back. Avery was already in bed when we left for the evening, but I think Adelyn & Hayden kept him on his toes! Ha!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Snow Day

February 20th we had a big snowstorm and my work ended up cancelling. Hooray for a free day off!


Avery was sad that sissy got to go outside and he didn’t…


…so we bundled him up and pulled him around the back yard on his sled! He didn’t love it, but he also didn’t hate it! ha!


Adelyn, however, loved helping Daddy scoop snow!


Then her & Daddy made ‘frosty’! She said hi to him daily…until he melted! ha!


Valentines Day

Valentines Day this year was fun! Adelyn was even more into it than last year and enjoyed helping get her valentines ready for her friends. We used a free printable from Pinterest that said “Valentine, you are extraSTRAW special”. I sized the printable down a bit, used Wilton pretzel bags, and straws from the party favor section at Target. Adelyn still talks about her Valentine straws! Avery took applesauce squeeze pouches with a tag that read “Thanks for being awesome-sauce” Ha!


We also got some special valentine cookies for their teachers from our local favorite bakery, Laritas! Adelyn was pretty excited about the balloon that Mark & Kathy brought her the day before! She also had a blast going through all her Valentines from all her friends! By the time we went through them all once, she was able to tell Daddy when he got home which one was from which friend!


Kyle had to work late on Valentines day. The kids and I got a Papa Murphys heart shaped pizza for $8 to make the evening a little extra special!


I love a good comparison! Here is a Adelyn in the same exact outfit – 2013 vs 2014! Crazy how much she has changed and grown up in just a year. {please slow down sweet girl!}


Saturday was a fun mail day and the kids had a good time opening their Valentine cards from Great Grandma DeWall!


Omaha for the Weekend

I had been working over Christmas break to get all of Avery’s baby stuff packed up and organized. Stef will be definitely be needing it with 2 of 3 babies on the way being boys. Adelyn and I packed up and headed to Omaha to take a load. And boy were we loaded down!


Before we got to Aunt Stef’s house we stopped to say ‘hi’ to Aunt Wendi at work. It was fun to see where she spends the majority of her day.


The kids had fun playing throughout the weekend while I helped Stef get the closet organized in the triplets’ nursery. We also did a few decorating projects and I cooked for them.


This girl sure loves her Aunt Stef! <3


It was a fun productive weekend! Since we aren’t close I wanted to spend some time helping Stef get ready for the triplets. Crazy to think they are going from 1 to 4 kids!

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