Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nursery Tour

Welcome to Baby Bangert’s nursery!

We painted over Christmas break before we knew the gender. We chose Restoration Hardware’s light silver sage for a  color. I knew the color would work well for a boy and of course adding pink to it worked out perfect for our little girl!

This is the view from the door.  The crib was a generous gift from some friends who moved out of state a few years ago and their little guy was ready to move to a big bed. We purchased their crib mattress for only $25 (they paid over $200) I guess it pays to plan ahead! Her bedding is from Pottery Barn Kids I purchased a few years ago on super clearance. I think it was back in 2006 I had MAJOR baby fever, but after lots of life chats with Kyle we decided it just wasn’t the right time yet. Everything happens for a reason, right?!?!DSC09919

Above her crib we plan to do something similar to this with her name. Don’t get excited though, Stella isn’t one of the names on the list…just a sample! image

To the left of the crib is some d├ęcor I explained in this post here.

  • The frame on the far left has pink scrapbook paper with a white swirly design. Once we pick out her name I’m going to put a big initial of her first name.
  • Another little owl from my friend, Kim. (Kyle still needs to hang up the carbon monoxide detector)
  • The 2nd frame is something I designed & framed. 
  • Then we have her ultrasound.
  • Lastly, I finished it off with some coordinating scrapbook paper I picked up at Hobby Lobby.
  • The 2 pink iron flowers below are hooks I also got at Hobby Lobby for $3/each.DSC09928

To the right of the crib is a night stand we picked up at Ikea for under $10. And in the corner is our comfy, cozy glider we got with the generous help of my Grandma! The ottoman was a gift from my Mom & sisters for one of my baby showers! Both are from Babies R Us. DSC09920

Zooming in at the side table…the lamp & light block (the outside says “Iowa Hawkeyes”!!) were shower gifts. The lamb piggy bank was a gift from Kyle’s Grandma. And we picked up the pink clock/ipod dock with gift cards at Target. DSC09921

Here’s a close up of our glider! The owl was made by my good friend Kim’s mom! She used them for decorations at my work shower! Kyle’s Mom made the sweet blanket on the back of the chair and the tag blanket was a gift from my cousin!DSC09922

Above the chair is a shelf we purchased from Ikea that holds a few baskets for storage. My sister, Mindi, made the banner below for one of my baby showers! Once we pick out her name I was going to re-arrange the letters to spell out her name. I picked up the calendar at Hallmark. A friend I scrapbook with said she used one to jot down notes on each day of what baby did and it came in super hand when she went back to do her little guy’s scrapbook!DSC09923

Here is her changing station. We used a dresser we already had and just added the changing pad to the top. The cover on the changing pad is from Etsy (one of my favorite sites!!). To the left of the changing station is her hamper and to the right is the much needed Diaper Genie! The curtains were a set of 2 black out, floor length panels from Target that Kyle’s mom hemmed into 4 curtains to cover the 2 windows in the nursery. DSC09924

You’ve seen her closet here! It’s much fuller now! LOVE it!!DSC09926

To the right of the closet is a bookshelf with cubbies & storage for her already growing book collection! Above the shelf is another owl from my friend, Kim. Hanging on the wall is a scrapbook page display frame I got as a birthday gift from my sister Mindi a few years ago. I think it worked perfect in her room to display her shower invite & other memorabilia. DSC09927

Behind the door is the bow holder I made. Kyle hung some hooks to store the diaper bag and her cute little robes!DSC09929

We are ready for her arrival…hospital bag all packed & ready to go!!DSC09930

And just for the fun of it I included a video tour of her nursery too! We just got our video camera and had to test it out! Smile

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Work Baby Shower

A few girls at work were SO kind to throw me a shower, Wendi (my sister), Kim, and Nicole. DSC09917

This is the invite that was sent out, too cute! image001

Some of the guests showed up early to help me get my work done quicker! Winking smile


I loved the owl theme they went with!! And who doesn’t love diaper cakes, SO cute and VERY useful!! Great job, Kim!!DSC09905

The food was exceptional too! Not only did they have these yummy ├ęclairs, but also a “ho ho” cake that was AMAZING!!!DSC09906IMG_3759

So many of my co-workers stopped in to “shower” baby Bangert!IMG_3760IMG_3762IMG_3774IMG_3783

To say my friends at work were generous is an understatement! Our SUV was completely full with gifts for Baby Bangert!IMG_3777IMG_3779IMG_3781IMG_3785IMG_3789

This is my friend/co-worker Kim. She is 4 weeks behind me. This is also my only 34 belly picture! I’m glad to share it with Kim!DSC09915

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bow Holder

I’ve seen so many cute ways to store & organize all those fun bows that come with little girls! Instead of spending $$, I decided to make my own!

I started with this beauty! Winking smileDSC09893

I removed the glass & picture. I think I got it at an auction for less than $2 last summer. Then spray painted the frame white.

I picked out some paper for the background. And used mod podge to “seal” it to the backing.  DSC09896

Next I cut & measured some chicken wire (thanks to my Mom!), just a few inches wider than the backing. DSC09897

Once the mod podge was dry I added some ribbon through the frame to use as a hanger. DSC09898

Next I folded the chicken wire around my piece of backing. DSC09899

Lastly I used some duct tape to cover the sharp edges of the chicken wire (to protect the wall). DSC09900

Lastly I inserted the backing into the frame and….

Finally, hung it in Baby Bangert’s room!!DSC09901
Can’t forget the most important part…add bows & flowers!!DSC09902

I’m sure this cheap, simple project will be very useful over the next few years for our little girl!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tweet Baby Girl

A few Saturdays ago my sisters threw me an AMAZING baby shower!!! I am so blessed to have these 3 wonderful women in my life! _DSC4765

Warning:picture heavy post! ;)

I arrived slightly early, but got a sneak peak of the place!_DSC4687

The food table looked great! I loved the decorations and of course the food too!_DSC4694 _DSC4696

They served mini quiches, roll ups, triple chocolate cake, mini “bird’s nest” cupcakes, and Larita’s cookies (they are famous in my town!). _DSC4695

The theme was SO cute…”Tweet Baby Girl”!!_DSC4697

The sign in table did not disappoint! _DSC4701 _DSC4703

Let the party begin!_DSC4706

There was a great turnout for my shower!_DSC4708

So many friends came to shower “baby bangert”!_DSC4713_DSC4729 _DSC4714_DSC4731                    _DSC4715

We even allowed a few cute boys into the party!_DSC4734

To say that I had a lot of gifts to open was an understatement! _DSC4718

This little girl is already blessed beyond belief and she isn’t even here yet!_DSC4720          _DSC4730

I had a few little “helpers” with the gifts too!_DSC4736_DSC4743

Needless to say, I’m pretty sure we have everything we need and more for this little girl!

Afterwards we snuck in a few family pictures! My Mom…aka Grandma!_DSC4755

Me and Grandma…or should I say Great Grandma! :)_DSC4760

And we cannot forget 3 of my bestest friends…my sisters!_DSC4766 _DSC4767

Stay tuned this week for more baby updates! I’m a few weeks behind on my weekly posts…and I had ANOTHER baby shower…and a few projects I want to share!! Have a great week everyone!! 

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