Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Random Tuesday

Adelyn loves to play in the dishwasher, whether I’m loading it or unloading it. She did something new this morning though, she took clean glad-ware out of the cupboard and was trying to put it in the dishwasher! Silly girl!IMG_2566

After daycare we will usually give Adelyn a snack. Today I decided to see how it would go if I gave it to her in her own container.


“Uh oh, Mama, I spilled one”


“I’ll just go ahead and dump the rest out!”


“That won’t stop me from eating them though…”


“…or sharing the ones that fell on the floor with Abby”


“Just kidding, I’m going to eat it!” Such a little tease!


Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Recap

We had a busy, but fun weekend! It started Friday night with a double date with our friends, Mark & Kathy, to Des Moines. My Mom was kind enough to watch Adelyn {and ended up spending the night}. We went out to a Mongolian bbq, did some furniture shopping, drooled over some cars, and finished the night off with self serve fro-yo.
Saturday Kyle had to do a work thing from 7am-9am. Adelyn, Auntie M, and I had to head back to Des Moines {Adelyn slept almost the whole hour+ drive!} bright & early for her 1 year pictures. I was so thankful that my sister could join us. Its just so nice to have an extra person. Adelyn did so well for her pictures and we were done in no time {thankfully before the rain came}.
We had some spare time and decided to check out the small farmer’s market that was going on nearby. Auntie M found a steal of a deal on some perennials and I picked up some delicious organic homemade peanut butter chocolate granola bars. Auntie M got a lemonade & shared with Adelyn….hindsight I should have gotten one for Adelyn. She drank almost all of Auntie M’s glass! And she didn’t even make a sour face!IMG00515-20120623-0953
We had to meet up with Uncle P, but we had some time to kill so we did a little shopping at TJMaxx. Actually I didn’t shop…I just ran after Adelyn! I wanted her to have some time to stretch her legs before we had to hop in the car again for another hour & a half. Needless to say, she loved running around the store, the shoe isle was her favorite!
We said our goodbyes to Auntie M & Uncle P, they were off to their company picnic, and we had to jet home. Once again Adelyn napped almost the whole way home. I was so thankful for a good little traveler on Saturday!
We had lunch when we got home and changed to hit the road yet again! This time we headed north to a small town for a cousin’s wedding. And guess what, Adelyn slept for about an hour on the way there too! Thank the Lord! I forgot my camera at home so I had to steal this picture off facebook. I’m always so bummed when I forget my camera, especially when we’re all dressed up!403516_10151832014510456_830098293_n
Adelyn did ok during the wedding. We ended up leaving for a wet diaper during the message and finished off the ceremony in the nursery, but thankfully they had sound & a tv so we could see it! Going to a wedding with a 1 year old is a whole new experience!
In between the wedding & reception we stopped by my good friend Sara’s house to meet her newest addition (once again no camera). Josie is baby #3 for a Sara & Vahn! She is seriously super Mom, I’m always so impressed with her!
We headed back to the reception just in time to have supper and get a few dances in before we had to make the hour+ drive home. But, you guessed it, Adelyn slept the whole way home and didn’t even wake up for me to take her out of her car seat & put her in her crib.
Sunday we had the usual church and grocery shopping. After Adelyn’s nap and lunch we hit the pool! Notice Adelyn’s pigtails! This was the first time I did them on her! So cute!
And no afternoon is complete without a wagon ride with your puppy!
“Don’t worry Abby I won’t let you fall out!”
We changed out of our wet clothes and Adelyn {and Abby} had a snack! She loves sharing her food with Abby…no matter how many times we say no!
Snacks are so much more fun when you are a big girl and get to get your own from the box!
We finished off our evening with our usual Sunday night pizza, bath {for Adelyn}, and just chilled! Thanks to Aunt Wendi for the super cute new outfit!
Love weekends like this with my family! Why do they have to always go so fast?!?!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Adelyn’s 1st Birthday

Thursday June 21st Adelyn turned 1! I have been planning for weeks to take that day off from work and just spend the day with her! We saw Daddy off to work and then got ready for the day, including a “Happy Birthday to me” shirt from Old Navy for Adelyn, and took a trip to Target to pick up a few things. IMG00508-20120621-0849

After Target Adelyn took her usual morning nap. When she woke up Kyle was home for a long lunch and we decided to go out to Wendys. Adelyn was such a little ham while we were there and was much more interested in waving and blowing kisses to everyone rather than eating!IMG00509-20120621-1206

She did end up sneaking in a few fries and tried out the chicken nuggets. She was not a fan of the chicken nuggets…but she did like the frosty at the end!IMG00511-20120621-1207

We spent a little more time with Daddy before he had to go back to work for some afternoon meetings and then we headed to the splash pad in town. We hadn’t been yet this summer (or ever)! I was surprised at how busy it was for the middle of the day, but I think a lot of it was daycare kids (which means little adult supervision). IMG_2461

At first Adelyn was almost more interested in watching the other kids rather than playing in the water, but that quickly changed and she had to check everything out!


We really had a good time, but the one bad part is that there were a lot of bigger kids who were RUNNING around! I ended up having to say something to them, I didn’t want them to fall, let alone knock my baby over! (I know…I’m a big meanie!)


We will definitely give it another shot! Love this sweet girl so much…and I was so happy to get to spend her birthday with her!


After the splash pad we stopped over at a co-worker/friend’s house who just had a baby. She also has an {almost} 2 year old. It was fun to watch Adelyn & Melora interact!


We tried to get a picture with all the girls…but just wasn’t working out, but I do love Melora’s face and poor baby Melina was being blinded by the sun!


The proud Mama of 2!! Congrats to Melissa & George & their new addition! It was fun seeing you guys again.



After leaving Melissa’s Adelyn was MORE than ready for a nap. So I got her tucked in and got to work on supper. My parents, Wendi, and Hayden joined us for Adelyn’s birthday supper! Hayden was more interested in eating Adelyn’s food than food from his Mama!


Supper was a group effort, Mom & Duane brought maidrites and we made veggies on the grill! Thanks to my Mom for the offer for supper and to come over & celebrate!


Once again Adelyn wasn’t sure what to think when we sang to her!


But once that candle was gone she didn’t waste anytime checking out that cupcake!


It just cracks me up how she went to the cupcake rather than bringing the cupcake to her mouth!


“This is good stuff!”


And she quickly started in the cake! I think the 2nd time around she was more experienced to know what to do!


Checking out the cupcake…


Must have passed the check ‘cause she shoved that whole thing in her mouth!


“Yum, Yum!”


Time for a bath!


After bath time she opened just a few gifts from us.


She actually did really well with ripping the paper to see what was inside.


We kept things simple and got her a puzzle (she doesn’t have any!), paci’s, and some orbit labels from Inch bug.


She also opened a few cards that she received in the mail on her birthday!


It was a wonderful day celebrating my sweet girl! I didn’t want to go to work the next day…I could get used to being home with her all the time!

Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us over the past week and made our baby girl’s first birthday special!

Adelyn’s 12 Months Old!

How in the world do we already have a 12 month old? We can hardly believe that we have been blessed with you for 1 whole year now! It has been an amazing, fun filled, and challenging year!
You are such a sweet little girl! You wave hi & bye to everyone & anyone, whether we’re at the store, out to eat, church, or at daycare. You also love to blow kisses! It just makes our hearts happy to see you being so sweet! We are really starting to see your personality. If you do something & we laugh you will do it over & over again and just laugh!IMG_2419.1
You are a 100% walker. You rarely crawl anymore. You took your first steps on Mother’s Day and have just continued to progress ever since. You are almost running these days, when you get really excited! I just love watching your little legs trot along, its so adorable! And you are really starting to want to walk all the time! If we are holding you or you are in the cart, 90% of the time you will squirm your way to the ground so you can walk.IMG_2447
Although you are a sweet girl, we think you are starting to show some sass! If you don’t get what you want or can’t reach something you sit down and sequel! You definitely have a strong opinion of what you want!
When you wake up in the mornings or from a nap you hand us your blanket first, make sure you have your paci {if you don’t already}, and then lift your arms up for us to pick you up and then you just snuggle into our chest. We love those moments! Since you are walking all around these days, our snuggle times are pretty minimal.IMG_2456
You have improved by leaps & bounds with your changing table over the past few weeks. You rarely cry when we put you on it. Both your Daddy & I are so thankful for this change! The car seat is also getting better as well. The only time you cry when we put you in it is when you are over tired. Even though you are at the one year mark we are going to keep you rear facing as long we can.
You jabber all the time. There are a few words you say, hi, bye, more {maa}, uh oh, da da, and mama. You point to things all the time and say “ba” or “da” like you’re asking a question. You don’t say paci, but we have figured out that when we say “where’s your paci?” or if you’re looking for it you say “ya ya ya”! It is so fun to watch you learn a discover all these new things!IMG_2434
You are on 100% table food and whole milk now. The week before you turned 11 months old we quit nursing and Mommy just continued to pump until 1 week before you were 1 year old. We slowly started mixing breastmilk and whole milk as we got closer to the one year mark. You never missed a beat and drink the whole milk so well. You had your last bottle on June 15th. Now you are solely drinking from a sippy cup. You have a sippy cup of whole milk when you wake up, one with lunch, and one before you go to bed. You also will have water or juice {mixed w/water} with meals and snacks. You are a pretty good eater. I can tell when you aren’t in a growth spurt though, you don’t eat near as much! Your favorite foods are grapes, strawberries, bananas, waffles, chicken, and peas. IMG_2432
We got a pool in early May and you LOVE it. I’m so happy that you love the water. We were pretty sure that you would love the pool since you love bath time so much. I see lots of pool time and hopefully some lake time as well this summer.
You love Abby. Despite Mommy & Daddy saying “no, no” you love to share your meals & snacks with her and just grin the whole time. You love it when Abby gets excited and starts darting all throughout the house, you just sit there and giggle at her.IMG_2453
You have 12 teeth now, the four on the top, four on the bottom and four molars. You went about 6 weeks without biting and then bit 3 kids in one day at daycare just before your first birthday. We were really hoping you were past that phase. It hasn’t happen since {knock on wood} so we’re hoping it was a random occurrence and you are past the biting stage.
We are so incredibly thankful that you are such a good sleeper. You consistently sleep 11+ hours/night. You go down each night between 6:30pm & 7pm {with about a 15-30 second squeal} and sleep till about 5:30-6am-ish. The other day we didn’t get you out of your crib until 6:30am and it felt wonderful ”sleeping in” that long! At daycare you only take 1 nap/day for about 1 1/2 hours, but at home on the weekends you will take 2 naps that are 1 1/2 – 2 hours. IMG_2429
You are mainly wearing size 6-12mo or 12mo clothes. They are quickly getting too short for you though and if it’s a shorts & shirt set you end up showing off you cute little tummy! We have put you in a few 12-18mo or 18mo clothes, but they are still quite baggy. You are still in size 3 diapers and have been since you were 7 months old!IMG_2404.1
Adelyn you are growing up so fast! You are such a fun, happy little girl. We are so blessed to have you in our lives and we love you more than you’ll ever know. Can’t wait to see what your second year will bring!

weight – 22lbs 1oz 
length – 30 in
eating – 100% table food & whole milk
clothes - 6-12 mo & a few 12-18 mo 
diapers – size 3
Look how you’ve changed in 1 year!
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