Monday, June 4, 2012

New Pool

Over Memorial Day weekend we decided to get a pool for Adelyn! And as you can see, she was pretty excited about it!


I was pretty excited to finally put her in one of her 3 swimsuits I got her for the summer! And I don’t think this one will make it all summer…I’ve got a long little girl!


I know this picture is blurry, but I love the smile on her face with her tongue out!


We got her swimsuit at!


Saturday was a perfect pool day, sunny and 85 degrees! The pool we got was even big enough to fit me and Kyle, we had a fun afternoon splashing around in our new pool! I’m sure it was a funny sight to see 2 grown adults in this small plastic pool, but hey it’s one of the things you do once you have a baby and you don’t care what people think!


I know there will be many more afternoons spent in the pool this summer!



  1. I love her swimsuit! It looked like a great way to spend the day!

  2. That swimsuit is adorable!! I keep hounding JJ to get our pool up too, we just haven't done it yet.

  3. Oh my word I love that swimsuit!!!!! She is just adorable!

  4. We just bought Arya a kiddie pool, but it sounds a lot smaller than yours. I will be doing a post about it once Bradley helps me edit the videos we shot of her in it.

  5. That is the cutest little swimsuit I have ever seen! Adorable. We have 5 swimming pools in our neighborhood, but I still want to get a little backyard pool for Pearson to play in. I think I might pick one up to give him for his birthday.


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