Sunday, June 17, 2012

First B-Day Party: Guests

Instead of having a guest book we had a photo booth with a chalk board for guests to write a message or sign their name. My brother-in-law Geoff was so kind to be our photographer for the day! The background was inspired by this pinterest idea.

First off, the guest of honor, Adelyn, and her parents!


Uncle Jeff, Aunt Pam, & cousin Maya   -   Grandma Cindy & Grandpa Duane


Aunt Wendi & cousin Hayden


friends, neighbors, & co-workers, Mike & Mindy   -   our KC besties, Mark & Jenna


neighbor Chuck, he didn’t want to take a picture by himself!


Grandpa Jim & Grandma Sharon   -   Great Grandma DeWall


Great Grandma Donna


Our wonderful friends Mark & Kathy {Mark wasn’t able to come till the end, so we had to get a just in case he didn’t make it picture!}


Uncle P & Auntie M   -   Uncle Geoff, Aunt Stef, & cousin Lily


Aunt Mel & Uncle Steve   -   Aunt Laura


cousin Christine & her 4 kiddos, Nathan, Angela, Randy, & Allison   -   cousins Don, Sherawn, & Toni


We didn’t get pictures in the photo booth of Grampo, my Dad {I don’t even have a party picture of him}, and Uncle Kenny & Aunt Patty.


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  1. cute idea! I love the streamers for the backdrop!

  2. We are going to do the chalkboard messages too. I think it will be great for us to be able to look back on. I like your idea for the background, I was just going to use a white wall but yours is much more festive.

  3. Super cute idea!! We have family sign a little pirate book I bought. It turned out cute, but we just had 8 families that had to sign it!


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