Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

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Avery: 11 months

Dear Avery,
I cannot believe my little boy is only 1 month from being one year old! This has been one of the fastest, toughest, and best years! You are such a sweet lil guy and your daddy, big sissy, and I all love you very much!IMG_6673-001
January 19th you got your first bought of the upset tummy bug. You threw up 4 times between lunch and 8pm. Despite having an upset tummy, you wouldn’t hardly know it, you still played fairly well. You were just a little extra clingy & whiney and we can’t blame you for that. Poor baby boy!
You still only have 5 teeth. I just know one of these days you’re going to have 3-4 pop through based on your sleep and fussiness lately. Teething bites!
Speaking of sleep, every night I nurse you and give you a 2oz bottle before bed around 6:45pm. I usually put you to bed by 7:10pm and if it’s a good night you sleep till 6am. You’ve had your handful of nights the past month with a few wakeup calls. A quick nursing session and you’re usually good until your normal wake up time or later. Your naps are hit or miss. You usually take 2 naps a day, a morning and an afternoon nap. Sometimes they are 20 minutes, other times they’re an hour!
We dropped a feeding this month. Now you nurse when you wake up, a bottle of pumped breast milk mid-day at daycare {or nurse on the weekends}, and nurse before bed. You did so well with this switch and didn’t miss a beat. You also eat 3 meals a day and an afternoon snack. We have been expanding your foods a lot this month and give you almost everything we are having. You are such a good eater. Daddy and I joke you probably eat 2-3 times the amount your big sissy does!
You have crawling down to a science and I’m guessing by the time you’re 1 you’ll be walking! You are so quick when you crawl and pull yourself up on anything you can. You are scaling the further and cupboards so quickly these days!
You say “da da” and you FINALLY say “mama”! You also say “ba” and “da” a lot when you’re pointing to something you’re interested in!IMG_6679
Oh yes, cupboards, you LOVE to play in mama’s Tupperware, pots, and pans in the kitchen! Who needs toys when you have all these fun things to get into! You do have a few favorite toys, like the nesting doll you’re holding in your pictures this month or a cement truck that you can put balls in and they turn and spit out the back. You also love to use your walker, especially when sissy is riding her tricycle around the house! You LOVE bath time! You splash and “swim” around like a little fish!
You are still quite clingy and prefer to be held. From the time we get home in the evenings during the week till bath time or bed time, you usually are in your highchair ‘cause you’re the happiest there. Otherwise if we put you down to play with your toys while I get supper ready you are in complete meltdown mode! So highchair it is little boy! We usually get in a little play time before bed though!
Although you have presented a few challenges to us, you have completely captured our hearts and we couldn’t imagine our family without you! You are such a sweet boy with a smile that could melt anyone’s heart! I love you so much big boy!
weight 20 lbs
length didn’t measure
eating 100% breastfeeding & lots of table foods
clothes 6-12 month & 12 month
diapers size 4
Look how you’ve changed over the past 11 months!
And just for fun, here’s a comparison of Adelyn at 11 months & Avery at 11 months! Yep, my kids look nothing alike (other than their big smiles!).

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