Monday, July 23, 2007

Wendi's Surprise Going Away Party

My sister Mindi & I, along with the help of our husbands, threw our youngest sister Wendi a suprise going away party & it was a huge success! She didnt' have any idea & was very surprised! She is transferred to Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida & she will be playing volleyball. We are definately going to miss her a lot, but it does give us one more reason to visit Florida!
The food table, we set it up in the breezeway & it worked out perfect!

I thought the cupcakes turned out pretty cute!

The classic "rice krispie logs"!

Kyle making his taco salad! Yum Yum!

Everyone hanging out on the patio!

Wendi opening & her gifts that friends brought!

My favorite little sister....gonna miss her a TON!

Wendi, I, & Mindi& Now Mom in the picture too!
Wendi, Grandma Freund, & Dad....he doesn't like to smile for pictures very much!

Wendi getting ready to serve, after eating we all played volleyball, fun fun!
We ended the night with a bonfire & some good convo! But we forgot about the yummy smores!

Tawny's Bachelorette Party!

On Saturday I had my friend Tawny's bachelorette party. Tawny & I have been friend's for quite some time....maybe 15 years! She is marrying Clayton, they have been an item since junior high! We had a great time playing games, having girl talks, watching Tawny open all her "fun" gifts, and just catching up! Can't wait for the wedding, should be lots of fun!
Here Tawny is showing off her "Soon to be Mrs. Anderson" shirt!
We played a game where Clayton answered questions prior to the party & Tawny had to guess what Clayton would answer them as, if she got it wrong her would have to eat a piece of bubble gum, she actaully did really well! 13 out of 22 right! But 9 pieces of bubble gum at once is a lot!

Here is a sample question....this is one that Tawny got wrong. :(

Here is Tawny showing off one of her many gifts!

Tawny was reading her "Love Coupons" from the "Honeymoon Survival Kit" that I gave her and Clayton! It was pretty funny!

Some of the girls just hanging out at the party!

Tawny with all her lovely gifts!

Eating supper on the patio, Shari's mom was a great hostesss for the party!

Tawny & I after eating some yummy home grown IA sweetcorn! I'm gonna miss her so much when she moves to Kansas!

Celebrating Sara's Birthday!

Last Thursday Kyle & I went to Des Moies to celebrate our good friend's Sara's birthday with her! We met at Texas Roadhouse for supper & then went out a did some shopping! It was a fun night!

Here Sara is on the saddle & she got a big "YeeHaw" from everyone for her birthday!
Here is another shot of Sara on the saddle!

Kyle & I at the roadhouse, they have such good food, we ate too much!

Sara & I.....I miss her not being in Fort Dodge! We had a great time!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Me & My Sisters

So this picture is acutally from the first week in July, but I never got them posted. My sister Stefanie and her husband Geoff came up from Georgia for the weekend because she had her 10 year class reunion, it was good to see them & can't wait for them to come back in August!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Jill & Martin's Wedding

It was a full weekend! Saturday we had my cousin Jill's wedding. It was good to see family from out of town & a nice time! And as usual Mindi & I tore up the dance floor!!

Don walking Jill down the isle! Her dress looked great!

Jill & Martin lighting their unity candle.

Wendi with the flower girl & ring bearer, Toni & Matt!

Toni, looking cute as always!

The bride & groom about to cut the cake! I love wedding cake!

Kyle & I at the reception!

My cousin Josh & his wife Amber, they are about to move to Germany for 3 or 4 years! It was great to see them!

Baby Shower!

We had a baby shower on Friday for my friend Leanne and her baby Drew. The theme was rubber duckies. Mindi made taco salad and we had Larita's cookies (SSSOOO yummy!) and we played a couple games and just had a nice time visiting! We played a game with melted chocolate & diapers! There were melted candy bars on the inside of each diaper and we passed them around and had to guess the candy bar by looking at it & smelling it! It was pretty funny!

This was the invitation I made for the shower!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Exciting News!

Good Morning! So the past two days haven't been very fun, I've been sick in bed, but I am feeling much better today!

So for my exciting news, I picked cucumbers from my little patch!! Check out the pics below! I have never really had my own garden, so it was pretty exciting to see!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Busy Week!

It's hard to believe that July is already here. Summer is going way too fast!

We celebrated our 2nd anniversary on the 2nd. We both had to work considering it was a Monday! But we spent the evening together, ordered Casey's pizza & watched the Marion Home's fireworks display (which was great!) It was a nice day! Can't believe two years have already gone by!

On the 4th Kyle & I went the Gowrie parade in the morning. Then we picked up the boat and headed for Twin Lakes. It was a beautiful day to be on the water & I think everyone else thought so too because it was ssoo busy! But we still had a great time. Kyle tried to wakeboard & didn't quite get it, so we are hoping for this weekend! We stayed for the fireworks at Twin Lakes and got to watch them from the boat in the lake, I think it makes it 100 times better, it was a great show!

The pictures below are Kyle & I watching fireworks, the sign @ Wendys!, the beautiful roses that Kyle personally delivered to me at work for our anniversary, and the last one is a fireworks display from the Marion home, it was ssoo pretty!

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