Monday, April 14, 2008

New Lawn Equiptment!

On Sunday when we got home from West Bend (Sara's wedding stuff!) we cleaned up a bit and went to Sears to find a new lawn mower! And of course, we did! Can't wait to try it out! The one we had was pretty old, some good friends of ours gave it to us before we were married when we had our two separate houses in FD! So its time to retire it! We also bought a new spreader when we were there too! The spreader we have I got last summer for a quarter at a garage sale and I think we used 2 times, so I think we got our money's worth out of it!

Kyle getting our new toy out of the was SUPER heavy!

I think I had to end up helping....too heavty! Notice Abby in the background keeping an eye on things!

This is what she does over and over again! She jumps up and tries to get the pillow out of the bay window, she loves to paly with it! I came up earlier that day and she had tore a TON of the stuffing out of it, looked like it had snowed in our living room!

Kyle checking out the new mower!

Kyle & Abby with our new spreader!

Sara Got Married!!!

My best friend, Sara, got married last weekend (April 12th). The wedding was beautiful and so was she! Her colors were gold & pink, looked very elegant! I am so happy for her and Vahn! Congrats guys!!

Sara & I...wating for the ceremony to start!
Tanya....she tooks tons of pics, hope to get them from her soon!

Sara & Kaley (her cousin), the flowergirl

Sara...what a gorgeous bride!

Tracy & I at the reception, we had so much fun!

Our flowers...they were beautiful!

My sister Mindi and I! We tore up the dance floor!!!

Kyle & I....found his tie at was a perfect match!

The newly married couple....first dance!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Gutters At Grandma's

On Sunday Kyle and I went to Grandma's to finsh cleaning her gutters (Kyle had started it last week, but got rained on!)! It was pretty easy...but dirty!! And boy does she have a lot of gutters...her house is huge!! We took Abby with us so she could play in the yard with Charlie, my Grandma's dog.

Kyle finishing off the garage gutters.

Charlie is always so excited to see everyone and has TONS of energy!

I wonder if it's a Pomerian thing to stand on your hind legs!

The two dogs having a stand off in the back yard...j/k!

My Grandma & Me!

Kyle playing with Charlie!

Home Decor!

So sometimes I get tired of how things are always the same, so I like to mix things up a bit! When I was on my Algona/Emmetsburg trip I stopped in West Bend and got a few new things at Pam's Final Touch (A super great little shop!). Check out my pictures below!

I bought this artifical geranium (i think that what it is!) at Pam's, I think it brightens up our kitchen!

So I don't know what to call these, but I think they're neat! I bought the "ball" things at Pam's and then the bowl at Hobby Lobby! A nice fresh centerpiece for our coffee table!

So this is a little old, but I bought the banana holder at Homespun in the mall and I love it!! Matches the other decor in our kitchen perfectly! And now our bananas stay fresher, longer!

This is about as exciting as the banana holder, but its "special"! When I was on my way home from Emmetsburg I stopped at this little shop that is just north of town on hwy 169 called "Just For You", I always drive by and think I should stop there and never do, so that day I did! She has some cute things, but I got this cutting board. It reminded me of a cutting board my Mom had when I was growing up at the farm, except her's was in the shape of a pig! :)

I needed something different in our bathroom. It always ends up just getting cluttered with our "bath" stuff. So I cleared that stuff off and used this smaller hurricane with a coordinating candle and some rocks in the bottom! I think it turned out nice! The green runner underneath also completes it well!

And last, but definatly not least, Kyle and I took the blinds out of our bay window! They were the kind that is in-between the windows and they didn't work very well so you never had a nice clear view and now its perfect! We just need to get a curtain rod that extends the entire length of the window, the ones that are in the picture are ones left from the preview owners that we have just used.

New Nightstands!

A friend of mine heard about a sale at Alco (of all places!) on these nightstands, so I couldn't pass them up! So on Saturday I went to Algona for my final dress fitting for my friend, Sara's, wedding and then headed up to Emmetsburg to get the nightstands. Kyle and I don't have coordinating bedroom furniture, but the one piece we do have is a black dresser and that was my night stand before and Kyle used some old suitcases (i think they looked neat), but now we'll have matching ones! So I moved the dresser to the corner and put our TV on it (got rid of our "college days" tv stand)! We also ordered a new headboard (we just had the plain metal frame before only on the bottom) from Slumberland last week. Kyle is picking it up today!!! I'm super excited to make our bedroom look a little more "grown up"! The only bummer part is that Alco only had 1 left, so we had to do a raincheck for the other one! Hope it comes in soon!! I'll add another picture when its all put together!

The Headboard

New Nigtstand!

Our TV & dresser in the corner!

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