Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kyle turns 24!

Kyle's birthday happened to land on Memorial Day this year so it was nice to have the day off together! We didn't do a whole lot and I think that was ok! We slept in, made breakfast, watched "I Am Legend", and Kyle's family came over for Casey's pizza and caked & ice cream. We played some bago too...our neighbor made a set and now he's going to help Kyle make one!! I'm excited, love that game! The night before Kyle, Wendi, and I had a nice dinner, steak, green bean casserole, strawberry pretzel salad, watermelon, and triple chocolate cake for desert! So Kyle got TWO birthday cakes!! It was a nice long weekend....now we're back to work!

Kyle cutting his 1st cake!

Opening presents!

My family and I got him Sirius satelittle radio!
Kyle's 2nd birthday cake...Go Hawks!!

Look at those beautiful eyes!
Licking his plate clean!! He must have loved that cake!

Wendi and I at the end of the night...she didn't want her picture taken!


I purchased a new "Welcome" sign for our front door from Uppercase Living and I LOVE it!! When I first got it I thought it was going to be too big, but its perfect and you can see it from the road!! :) Hope you're all having a great Tuesday morning!!

A close up view!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Momma Bangert

Yesterday was Kyle's Mom's birthday! Jim, Sharon, Laura, Travis, Travis' friend David, Kyle, and I celebrated with dinner at the Cellar and then went back to our house for cake and ice cream! Sharon hadn't been to the Cellar before and wanted a good steak, so we figured that was a good place to go! And I think she got her good steak!! The Cellar is always a good place to go!

Today is Friday and I am SSOOO glad!! I am ready for the three day weekend! I hope everyone enjoys their long weekend and gets some r&r!!

Happy Birthday!!!

Dad & Mom Bangert
Laura and I

Me and my man, Kyle!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Abby Update

Abby is now one year old!! And she is as fun as ever!! Here are a few pictures I took last night when we got home from supper. She just curled up in Kyle's arms....I think she loves Kyle more than me! Probably 'cause I'm the one who has to do the punishing!! Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!! Looks nice outside!!

Celebrate Good Times....Come On!!

Kyle and I went out with the Millers (Mark & Kathy) last night to celebrate that the Simple Simon building has sold!!!! We went to Sport's Page and had a really nice time!!! And Kyle got free fried ice cream because someone said his birthday isn't too far away (and they sang to him!)!! He was excited about that!!

Enjoying his Free Fried Ice Cream!!
Mark & Kathy...great friends!!
This was when we got home, but I had to add it!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

It's starting to feel like summer!

We made it home from Wisconsin in time to go to a friend's graduation party on Sunday! It was so nice out! I am excited for summer!

Wendi, Me, & Becky


My sisters Mindi and Wendi and my Mom and I all went to Wisconsin this past weekend for my cousin Elizabeth's graduation. We stopped and shopped on the way (found lots of great deals!) and then got to Wisconsin on Friday night. It was great to see Elizabeth and spend time with her! Over a two night period we got about 8 hours of sleep because we always stayed up late having "girl talk"!!! Tons of fun and brings back so many memories!! I hope everyone had a great weekend and a good start to your work week!

Mom and her girls....minus Stef! Notice she is having an "emotional moment"!

Wendi & Me
Do I look like the lunch lady or what....I borrowed some shoes from my cousin so I could do the Nordic Trak and they noticed I looked like the lunch lady!!
Wendi Sue
Jumping Wendi

Wendi and Me on this really cool "mini teater-totter" at Ikea! We had to stop there on the way home!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

We had a busy Mother's Day! Went to church in the morning and then had lunch with the Bangert's at Bonanza! Then hurried and got the house together and my mom and Duane, Mindi, and Preston came over for supper! It was a good time though and I have to say the food was great! We had smoked Iowa chops, green bean casserole, dinner rolls, strawberry pretzel salad, and triple chocolate cake and ice cream for desert!! Yummy!!! Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day and made time for their Moms!!

Ready to eat!!
Duane & Mom

Mom & 3 of her girls!
Mom, Preston, & Kyle

Duane & Mom (again!)

New Kitchen Floor

Last week we purchased new laminate wood flooring for our kitchen and didn't delay installing it! Kyle did it in a day and did a great job! We hope to refinish our cabinets this summer too so it will really give our kitchen a facelift!!

Making progress! You can see our old vinyl flooring here too!
Another view!
More progress!!
Almost done!
We foudn this behind some trim boards, its a Plumbing Inspection dated 1-13-61!!!

Kyle cutting the boards!

The finished product!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

We're an Aunt & Uncle!

Kyle's sister Sarah had her baby in April! Her name is Arianna Nichole! Just wanted to share a few pics!

Grillin' Time!

So I am ready for summer! I bought some smoked Iowa chops the other night at the grocery store and couldn't wait to cook em up!! Grilling is one of my favorite ways to cook! They turned out great and with pineapple they are "to die for"! Happy Summer everyone!!!


So we've been in our house for almost three years now and this hall closet has been the "catch all" spot and it always drove me nuts!! So I finally did something about it, and now its all nice and organized!! I even have extra space on the top shelf!!!

Girls Nite Out!

My sister, Mindi and I met our friend Leanne for dinner and drinks one night at Lomitas! It was nice just to catch up and have some "girl talk"!

Mindi ordered this weird thing that comes in this giant bowl...she said it was good!

Leanne & I

Barnstormers Win!!!

The Barnstormers had another home game and it was great, we won!!! Someone who plays defense got hurt and so Tim had to step in and play for him and the very first play Tim intercepted and ran it back for at touchdown!!! It was super exciting and Kyle and I had better seats this time, on the 15 yard line (which is like the 30 yard line on a normal field) and about 6 rows up!!! Too much fun!!! :) Can't wait for the next one on the 10th!!

Our Barnstormer mascot!
The team at the beginning of the game....intros are pretty cool! They shut all the lights off and have fireworks!!
#1 Tim Dodge!

Cousins & Puppies!

The same day that Mindi and I hung pics at her house we heard Don & Sherawn (my cousins) were about done with their new kitchen! So of course we had to go over and check it out! Some of the pics are a little blurry (I let my little cousin take the pics!), but you can at least see how AMAZING it looks!!

Toni & Abby (Toni was the flowergirl in my wedding almost 3 years ago!!)
Abby & Daisy (my cousin Jill's dog). They sniffed each other and played!
Checking things out!
Toni & Abby striking a pose!

Toni, Abby, & Me...fun with the cousins & pups!

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