Monday, August 6, 2007


While on vacation we got a puppy!!! We named her Abby. She is a Pom-A-Poo!! She is tons of fun & super cute!

Abby getting weighed at her first Vet visit!

Now she is getting her heart checked!! She was a good puppy!!

Kyle combing Abby's hair before her first bath!

Kyle & Abby...she wasn't excited to get wet!

Getting dried off!


Kyle & I spent last week vacationing at Leech Lake in Minnesota with his Grandparents, Aunt, Unlce, and cousin. We spent our days fisihing, skiing, relaxing, did a little shopping, and just tried to enjoy our time off as much as possible! Hope everyone had a great week & you enjoy our pics! Oh by the way I caught the most fish.....6!

Here is a picture of our rig we took! It was a full load!
This is the name of the lodge we stayed at, it was pretty nice!

Here is a pictre of the resort of the bay!
Me & Kyle...we stopped in Walker (the nearest town to the lake) for a few groceries. I love my husband!
Kyle & his Grandpa DeWall

Kyle...he is king of the giant bobber!
Kyle & I fishing early in the morning!
Kyle caught the first fish...but it was tiny! ;)
Kyle & I swinging in front of our cabin!
Kyle & I fishing at night...we didn't have any luck.
Kyle & our last catch of the vacation...we got to take 6 fish home!!

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