Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Friday Kyle and I headed down to Des Moines to see one of Kyle’s favorite bands live!! I got the tickets for him for his birthday and well….let’s just say he was quite surprised! ;)

We stopped and had an early supper before the show at Outback Steakhouse, one of our favorite restaurants!!

Then we headed downtown to the Marriott to check in to our room to freshen up before the show. We took our time and took the sky walks to the arena where the show was. Thank goodness for those!! It was raining!! :)

There were two opening bands before Coldplay. We missed the first one, but the 2nd band was Snow Patrol (another one of Kyle’s favorites!). We really enjoyed Snow Patrol!DSC02935

DSC02943 DSC02951

Then it was time for the main event!! We had heard that Coldplay put on a good show, but WOW!! We never expected it would be that good!! Here are just a few pictures from the night!

Opening Song


When they played “Yellow” they sent out all these giant yellow balloons and if you popped them confetti came out! Very cool!!

DSC02975 DSC02976
DSC02977 DSC02978
DSC02980 DSC02981


 They had some pretty cool lights and “extras” throughout the whole show!DSC02991

DSC02992 DSC02993 DSC02994

     DSC02997 DSC03012 

In the middle of the show, Coldplay walked through the crowd to the other side of the arena to perform!  DSC03030 

We even went to outer space…lol!! :)




It was an AMAZING show and both Kyle and I were so glad that we were able to go!! Oh and at the end they passed out a copy of their CD to everyone!! Sweetness!!! :)

After the concert…we were quite hot from rocking/dancing the night away!! :)


Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Friends = Fun Night

Saturday night we met with Mark and Jenna (I work with Jenna at the college and Mark is her BF who is a cop here in FD) and some new friends, Jodi and Tervor(Trevor is a fellow cop friend of Mark’s and Jodi and is wife!).

Started the night out at Pizza Hut for some delicious pizza! Kyle and I had canadian bacon and pineapple, our most favorite!! Jenna got chicken and by the end of supper I was wishing I ordered that…going to try it next time! DSC02855


The plan was to hit DQ for some ice cream afterwards because they have the “brownie batter blizzard” back for the summer and what happens when we get there….their order of the brownie stuff didn’t come in and so we left there and headed over to a local ice cream shop, Dairyette! I was thinking I was going to just go all out that night, but ended up being reasonable and ordered a small twist cone…Yum-o!!!

Boys just being boys at the ice cream shoppe!

Take #1
Take #2


After ice cream we headed back to our house to hang out in the garage for a few! I think that place is quickly becoming quite the hot spot….and I think Kyle and I are both ok with that! So far this summer we have had a ton of fun out there! And I’m sure there are lots of good times to follow!

Look at these two cute couples!!

DSC02858 DSC02859


Jenna is quickly becoming one of my new BFF’s!! Hey a girl can never have too many friends!! :) She has really been a big support on my weight loss journey and through that our friendship has grown!!

Like our mini’s….totally unplanned!! ;)DSC02861

Senior picture pose!! :P 

DSC02872 DSC02874


Kyle and I got this clock for a gift last year and knew when we spruced up our garage it would work perfect out there!! We call it our party light clock!! It is actually quite bright! Too bad it can’t keep the time worth a hoot!! DSC02881

Abby even got to hang out with us in the garage! She was probably the most loved one there!! Everyone always wants to be Abby’s friend!! :) Kyle gave her his empty gatorade bottle and boy did she like…I think she would have played fetch all night, as long as Trevor was throwing that bottle, Abby was running to get it!DSC02884           

It was overall a great night and so fun to get to know Jodi and Trevor!! Never a dull moment when Trevor is around and Jodi is a total sweetheart and super fun!DSC02899

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Abby’s Haircut

Hey everyone!! I hope your June has had a great start. I can’t believe it’s already here. I hope the summer goes slow…these are some of my favorite months!!

Abby’s hair was getting quite long so we got her into the groomer on Tuesday this week. I forgot to take before pictures so I had to try and snap a few on the car ride to the groomer…not the safest I know, but I wanted you guys to see how fluffy she was!! We have been really happy with this groomer too…they don’t cut her hair too short, almost just right!! You be the judge and check out the pictures of our little pampered pooch below!!

DSC02800 DSC02804 DSC02801
DSC02815 DSC02814 DSC02818

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