Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

Last night I got a few pictures of Abby while she was playing outside. She recently got her haircut so she looks quite different now!! So I just thought I would share an updated picture of our cute little puppy!!

We had a a HUGE "Praise the Lord" today!! Kyle's wallet was returned, we were just starting to cancel everything and get duplicate driver's license and social security card and then today he called and said it was returned to him at Wendys! How awesome!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Camera Fun

So I was messing around with my camera on Friday while waiting for our ice cream to get done and I found some great features I didn't know about! One was to do a partial color picture and the other one was to (don't know the technical term) add something to bright points in the picture. So I used one from my friend Genev's wedding! Kinda fun! :)

I hope everyone is having a good Monday! Fall is definitely in the air! Yesterday I raked up the leaves in our yard and hauled them to my Grandma's house, she has a big burn pile. Definately feeling more like "football weather"!

Nakaiya & Matt's Wedding

A childhood friend of mine, Nakaiya, got married this past Saturday. We've known each other for a LONG time! Her Dad farmed next to the farm where I grew up so we were always running around the farm doing something! And then we went to middle school together at CCS (Community Christian School). It was an outdoor wedding the the Iowa Arboretum and was beautiful!! It was good to see everyone and catch up. Kyle didn't go because he went the Iowa Hawkeye game and unfortunately we lost :(

The beautiful bride with her groom!!
Cutting the cake
Feeding each other, he was nice and didn't smash it in her face!
Tawny & Clayton...Clayton is Nakaiya's brother! Gotta love great friends!!
Liz & I - We both went to CCS as well. It was great to see her & her husband, Jim!
Nakaiya & Me! Her little smirk cracks me up!!

Homemade Ice Cream!

For Kyle's birthday...last year...his parents gave him the kitchen aid ice cream maker attachment. We hadn't tried it out yet because it takes some odd ingredients that we usually don't have on hand. So I finally bought them when we went grocery shopping. And I went to make it last Wednesday night, read the recipe, and was greatly disappointed. You have to mix all this stuff together and let the ingredients chill for 8+ hours. So Friday on my lunch I got them all mixed up and it was going to be our late Friday night snack! It turned out pretty good, but I would say that a regular ice maker is much better. So I think we might buy one of those instead! The ice cream turned soft SSSOO fast we ended up eating it with a straw.

Here is what it looks like for those of you who hasn't seen one before!
Just starting to mix....still really runny!
Almost done, much thicker
Me enjoying our homemade ice cream!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Vikings Game

On a total whim, we got to go to the Vikings game on Sunday! We picked up our tickets around 10:30 Saturday night near Des Moines, drove home & slept for a while, and then got up early and headed north to Minneapolis. Kyle's parents came with us too. It was a fun day and to make it even better, they won! Kyle & I are hoping to make another game this year.

Victor, the Viking!
Jim & Sharon in their new mathing shirts!

Kickoff...an action shot!
Kyle blowing his "horn" after a touchdown! We had a ton of fun!
Go Vikings!
Check that out, the Panthers were 3rd & 39 yards to go!Kyle & I after the game waiting to get out.
A shot of the metrodome from the lite rail on the way back to our car.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fall Decor

So as I mentioned in my previous post, when we got home from Iowa City on Saturday I got the house cleaned and got out all our fall decorations! I love this time of year! So I thought I would take pictures of it to share with you!

Iowa vs. Iowa State

So Saturday was the BIG game!! Unfortunately it rained for tailgating, but the it did quit in the first quarter of the game. So that was good. We did get to try out our $5 ponchos for Wal-Mart (my LEAST favorite store!) and they worked great! We walked around and saw some friends and decided it wasn't worth getting all wet and hung out in the parking ramp until game time! Nice time to dry off!! It was a good game...especially because we won!! Go Hawks!! We didn't tailgate afterwards because Kyle wanted to get home to watch the Ohio State vs USC game. It was nice to get home at a good time. I actually got the house clean and got my fall stuff out (that post to come later)!!

Here come the Hawkeyes!! I love this part of the game, it always gets me pumped up!!

The guys getting the Cy-Hawk trophey from the Cyclones!!

"Hawkeye State!!!" (That is what the crowd was cheering for the last few minutes of the game!!!)

So I know we look tired, but I had to post one of us in our "Beat State" shirts! This was when we got home that night! It was a long day....I forgot to mention that we had gotten up at 3:30am to leave for IC!!

Hawkeye Nails

Last Sunday at church a lady had the Iowa State Cyclones painted on her finger nails and so I decided I needed to get the Hawkeyes on mine for the big rivalry game on Saturday! They were a little "much" for my taste, but they were fun! Another way to show my support for the Hawkeyes!! By the way, the lady hand painted them!! Yep, she drew Herky free-hand by looking at the symbol on the fleece that I happened to wear that day! Pretty amazing!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Shoes!

So I have been looking for black and yellow shoes to complete my "tailgate attire" for the Iowa Hawkeye games. I really haven't had any luck, unless I could wear kid shoes. So I ended up going to nike.com where you can customize your own shoe! So that is exactly what I did today! :) They are in processing, takes up to 4 weeks. Hope everyone is having a great Thursday! It's almost the weekend and that means time for the IA vs. ISU game....GO HAWKS!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Genev & Tony's Wedding

My college roommate got married this past weekend. It was a really nice wedding and fun reception! Of course Genev looked gorgeous as always (Tony wasn't too bad either!)!! It was good to catch up with some old friends I hadn't seen a while. And of course dance the night away!! Congrats Genev & Tony...we wish you guys the best!!

Me and the new Mrs. Genev Calek!
Mylie & I
Mindy, Me, and Tiffo....Mindy caught the bouquet!!
Genev & Mylie!


Craig & Mylie

the newly married couple!!

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