Thursday, September 18, 2008

Iowa vs. Iowa State

So Saturday was the BIG game!! Unfortunately it rained for tailgating, but the it did quit in the first quarter of the game. So that was good. We did get to try out our $5 ponchos for Wal-Mart (my LEAST favorite store!) and they worked great! We walked around and saw some friends and decided it wasn't worth getting all wet and hung out in the parking ramp until game time! Nice time to dry off!! It was a good game...especially because we won!! Go Hawks!! We didn't tailgate afterwards because Kyle wanted to get home to watch the Ohio State vs USC game. It was nice to get home at a good time. I actually got the house clean and got my fall stuff out (that post to come later)!!

Here come the Hawkeyes!! I love this part of the game, it always gets me pumped up!!

The guys getting the Cy-Hawk trophey from the Cyclones!!

"Hawkeye State!!!" (That is what the crowd was cheering for the last few minutes of the game!!!)

So I know we look tired, but I had to post one of us in our "Beat State" shirts! This was when we got home that night! It was a long day....I forgot to mention that we had gotten up at 3:30am to leave for IC!!

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