Friday, November 30, 2012

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Three Day Play Date

The first week in November I had a 3 day work conference a few hours that just so happened to be about 10 minutes from my sister, Stef’s, house! I called to see if I could just stay with her instead of getting a hotel,she said “of course”, and suggested I bring Adelyn! Needless to say I was thrilled and of course agreed!


I was especially grateful because this was my 1st of 2 conferences this month. I’m currently at my 2nd conference in Orlando for 5 days. Stef did offer though if I’d buy her ticket, she’d come & be my nanny so I could bring Adelyn!615961_10151238511357348_657741075_o

I had sessions all day and was back to Stef’s house by 5pm, almost like a normal work day. Stef, Lily, and Adelyn kept busy throughout the days we were there. One day they went to Stef’s Mommy group and another day they went to Geoff’s work for his Thanksgiving potluck. I gave Stef major kudos for toting two little girls all around town!


Aunt Stef even got Adelyn to leave her ponytail in! Unfortunately her daycare teachers must not keep after her like Aunt Stef did ‘cause she quickly reverted once we were home in our normal routine. 665565_10151238511037348_2029885136_o

I’m so thankful for my sister and that Adelyn has Lily to grow up with. She is such a great Auntie to Adelyn and loves her so much! Thanks for letting us stay!


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Halloween Fun

My sister, Stef, and her daughter, Lily, came to visit for a few days. It happened to be Halloween while they were visiting. We got the girls dressed up and passed out candy for beggars night!78384_10151238509997348_342300355_o

Uncle P and Auntie M even stopped by for a visit. Getting both girls to look at the camera AND smile is no small feet these days!


LOVE this picture!!


This was about the best shot we got of the two girls in their costumes. Adelyn wasn’t her normal smiley self that night.


And completely not into taking pictures!


These next two pictures completely melt my heart! Adelyn sure loves her Daddy…


…and he loves her!


We didn’t do the whole trick or treating thing…but we did stop at two of our neighbors house! Adelyn knew just what she was doing. Unfortunately she only like the blue ones (Almond Joy) and Daddy wanted her to pick the orange ones! Ha!



We had a fun night with family and friends! Oh and seeing all the neighborhood kids all dressed up!

Mall Trick or Treat

I’m still playing catch up!

One evening the week of Halloween Adelyn & I met up with our friends Brandon, Brittany, Brody (AKA Bro Bro), and Brayden at the mall for an indoor trick or treat. Neither of our families had done it before, so we weren’t sure what to expect. I thought it would be good since it was inside and it would be Adelyn’s first trick or treat experience.

There was a line around the ENTIRE perimeter of the mall and you would just walk from store to store and most (not all) stores would pass out candy.IMG_0221

Adelyn quickly caught on and would reach for candy from each store associate! The only bad part was that she didn’t want to wait in the big line…so she was on the move, which meant so was Mama!


Brody saw the “rides” about 3/4 the way through the mall and he was done with candy and wanted to play…us parents were A ok with that!


This was Adelyn’s first time playing on them and both her & Brody were completely content just playing on them without putting in coins! Score!


It was a fun evening with our friends!


Friday, November 16, 2012

Weekly Meal Plan

My blog friend, Katy, always does a post of her weekly meal plan and I love it! I haven't posted one on our blog since back in July. But I have been doing one on paper for the past two weeks. So this week I'm finally going to get a post done! Here's hoping this becomes a weekly habit!

We do our grocery shopping on Friday or Saturday for the next week, which is why my meal plan starts with Saturday!

Saturday Lunch: Thanksgiving at my Mom's
Saturday Supper: Leftover Chili
Sunday Brunch: Waffles
Sunday Supper: Casey's Pizza
Monday: Cheesy Taco Pasta and Sweet Corn
Tuesday: Crock Pot Cheesy Chicken & Rice
Wednesday: Deep Dish Pizza Casserole
Thursday: Thanksgiving @ Kyle's Parents'
Friday Lunch: Nachos & Pizza Treats
Friday Supper: BBQ Pork Sandwiches & Green Bean Casserole

Happy Weekend everyone!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Crafting Weekend

The weekend of October 20th I headed south to Kansas to meet up with my friend, Kim for a craft show in Baldwin City, Kansas. Every year they have the Maple Leaf Festival with a good sized craft show. I did the same thing last year, but Kim lived in Iowa at the time. Her & her family moved to KS to be closer to their family back in February. I hadn’t seen her since and had been looking forward to this weekend to catch up!

One thing I love about going south is all the Sonic options! I definitely had my share of route 44’s over the weekend!


Last year Adelyn joined me, but not this year. I don’t think sitting in a stroller for 4-5 hours would be fun for my busy little 16 month old! Kim brought one of her little boy’s Garrett, who turned 3 in August. Seems like I just met him the other day!

Friday we all met up at Kim’s Aunt Ginger’s house. Ginger and her sisters were all so kind to welcome me into their family crafting weekend again! If they’re ok with it, I might just make it an annual tradition! It was SO good to see Kim and catch up with her. It felt like a sleepover, pretty sure we saw 1am (which never happens for this prego mama!).

First thing Saturday morning we headed just a short drive to Baldwin City for the craft show! IMG_0127

Garrett was a good boy all day and was content in his stroller!100_2952_edited-1


Kim found this super cute sock monkey hat for Garrett! I bought a hat from the same vendor last year for my niece!


Garrett got a break from his stroller and had a pony ride! He LOVED it!


Garrett ended up falling asleep, so Kim & I took advantage of his nap time and got some crafting done! I ended up spending less than $10 at the craft show! I know, I know…I was surprised too! But at that time, I still didn’t know if baby #2 was a boy or girl and a lot of the things I found for Adelyn were either the wrong size or I couldn’t justify spending the $! (trying to be budget smart w/another baby on the way!)

After shopping we went to the carnival part of the craft show and Garrett & Kim went down the super slide a bunch of times! Garrett loved it!!






After our day of crafting, Kim & I stopped by a consignment shop that we each had a $10 off coupon. I found a few things for Adelyn and spent next to nothing! We met up with Kim’s family at Oklahoma Joes for supper! Love southern BBQ!

We all crashed for the night at Kim’s Aunt Gingers! The next morning we had a yummy breakfast, did a little shopping and said our good byes.IMG_0151

This picture of Garrett just cracks me up. Look at the determination in his face! IMG_0153

It was such a fun weekend with my long, lost friend! But I was excited to get home to my family!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Catch up on our family!

Over the past few months I’ve been slacking in the blogging department and because I use the blog to do my scrapbooks I needed to do some “back blogging”! If you’d like, instead of scrolling through, feel free to click on each link below to catch up with what the Bangert’s have been up to over the past few months!

Hawkeye game at the Bush’s


IA’s Best Dam Tri

Farm Girl

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch

Sunday October 14th we made our annual trip to Community Orchard to go to the pumpkin patch!IMG_3721

We rode in the pumpkin cruiser down the hill to the pumpkin patch. They even let a few kids of front for the ride. I’m sure Adelyn will love that someday!IMG_3710

Once we were down there Adelyn kept tripping over the vines and got upset when she kept getting her hands dirty! Wonder if we have a “girly” girl on our hands?!?IMG_3667


She also wanted to pick up the pumpkins, but since none of them were her size, Daddy showed her how she could sit on them. Made for some cute pictures! IMG_3688


And there was something that afternoon about her tongue, she kept sticking it out! Silly girl!IMG_3702

We finally found the “perfect” pumpkin for Adelyn! Our family of three four! Winking smileIMG_3707


After the pumpkin patch we took advantage of a few spots they have for “photo ops”! The lighting isn’t good in this one, but the combination of her hair and face just cracks me up!


Again with the tongue…silly girl!

We hurried home so Daddy could catch the 2nd half of the Vikings game. But I had to squeeze in one more picture of our sweet girl!IMG_3740

Check our the difference from last year! And next year will be a lot different with the addition of baby boy Bangert!
DSC00829 IMG_3677

Farm Girl

I’m an Iowa farm girl, born & raised! Even though Kyle and I are raising our family in town I still want the farm life to be part of Adelyn’s (and baby #2’s) childhood! My Dad aka Grandpa still farms. Since its harvest season Adelyn and I went down for a ride in the combine with Grandpa one afternoon.
When we pulled into the field Grandpa was just headed the opposite way, so we had a bit to wait for him to make a round. I talked to Adelyn about the combine and how we were going for a ride. She acted excited, was jabbering away, and playing around in the front seat with me.
Once Grandpa made his way back towards us, we let the corn dust settle, and opened the car door to head to the combine. I set Adelyn down outside the car and as soon as her feet hit the dirt she was diving back for the car. She wasn’t sure what to think of the big, green combine! I picked her up and we walked to the combine as she clung to me. With Grandpa’s help we made it up the steps to the combine, but Adelyn was glued to my lap and didn’t say a word!
She ended up falling asleep after about 30 minutes and slept for about an hour, while my Dad and I caught up! It was fun to be back on the farm!
When Adelyn woke up she wasn’t near as scared of the combine. She started playing with the vents and Grandpa showed her how to honk the horn! She was also very interested in the CB’s that Grandpa kept talking into!IMG_3595
I think that will be her only combine ride for 2012 (pretty sure my Dad has all the crops harvested), but hopefully next year she won’t be as scared of it!
After our 2 1/2 ride with Grandpa, we went into Grandma’s house to eat supper. Cousin Hayden provided some good dinner entertainment!IMG_3607

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