Monday, November 12, 2012

IA’s Best Dam Tri

Sunday September 16th “Team B” {Kyle and our friends Brandon & Brittany} competed in their 2nd triathlon. This one was held just outside of Iowa City at the Coralville Reservoir. We all went to the Iowa Hawkeye football game on Saturday, stayed in IA City Saturday night, and got up bright & early for the triathlon on Sunday.

Adelyn and I dropped them off and went to get some breakfast while they got registered and set up.


Adelyn and I returned before they shut down the road and met up with the team!


Brittany was just getting warmed up for her portion of the race, swimming! And it was chilly that morning! {Brittany is the 2nd one from the left}


Her heat was up! GO Britt!!!!


Look at her go! I sure wish I could remember the temp of the water…just know it was COLD!


Brittany finished with a great time {beating her time from the Twin Lakes Tri} and hustled up the beach to meet up with Kyle in the transition area. IMG_3471

Kyle greeted her with a “high 5” and switched the time chip.


And he’s off! GO Kyle!!!!!!!!


Adelyn was a great race cheerleader throughout the whole thing! While Daddy was riding his portion of the race we sat and ate some fruit with Brittany while Brandon warmed up for his portion of the race.


Kyle did AMAZING on the bike portion of the race! It is one of the hilliest courses he’d ever done. {read: we have ant hills compared to the “mountains” he had to ride}


It was a challenge, but he finished with a great time. We were so proud of him!!!


He met Brandon in the transition area and he was off to finish the last leg of the race.


Unfortunately we weren’t able to see Brandon on his portion of the race because it was an out & back. But we did get some good pictures of him finishing strong!


All three of their times combined put them in 5th place {out of 17 teams}!! So proud of them. This was a much bigger race with a lot more competition and they did awesome!!

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