Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Crafting Weekend

The weekend of October 20th I headed south to Kansas to meet up with my friend, Kim for a craft show in Baldwin City, Kansas. Every year they have the Maple Leaf Festival with a good sized craft show. I did the same thing last year, but Kim lived in Iowa at the time. Her & her family moved to KS to be closer to their family back in February. I hadn’t seen her since and had been looking forward to this weekend to catch up!

One thing I love about going south is all the Sonic options! I definitely had my share of route 44’s over the weekend!


Last year Adelyn joined me, but not this year. I don’t think sitting in a stroller for 4-5 hours would be fun for my busy little 16 month old! Kim brought one of her little boy’s Garrett, who turned 3 in August. Seems like I just met him the other day!

Friday we all met up at Kim’s Aunt Ginger’s house. Ginger and her sisters were all so kind to welcome me into their family crafting weekend again! If they’re ok with it, I might just make it an annual tradition! It was SO good to see Kim and catch up with her. It felt like a sleepover, pretty sure we saw 1am (which never happens for this prego mama!).

First thing Saturday morning we headed just a short drive to Baldwin City for the craft show! IMG_0127

Garrett was a good boy all day and was content in his stroller!100_2952_edited-1


Kim found this super cute sock monkey hat for Garrett! I bought a hat from the same vendor last year for my niece!


Garrett got a break from his stroller and had a pony ride! He LOVED it!


Garrett ended up falling asleep, so Kim & I took advantage of his nap time and got some crafting done! I ended up spending less than $10 at the craft show! I know, I know…I was surprised too! But at that time, I still didn’t know if baby #2 was a boy or girl and a lot of the things I found for Adelyn were either the wrong size or I couldn’t justify spending the $! (trying to be budget smart w/another baby on the way!)

After shopping we went to the carnival part of the craft show and Garrett & Kim went down the super slide a bunch of times! Garrett loved it!!






After our day of crafting, Kim & I stopped by a consignment shop that we each had a $10 off coupon. I found a few things for Adelyn and spent next to nothing! We met up with Kim’s family at Oklahoma Joes for supper! Love southern BBQ!

We all crashed for the night at Kim’s Aunt Gingers! The next morning we had a yummy breakfast, did a little shopping and said our good byes.IMG_0151

This picture of Garrett just cracks me up. Look at the determination in his face! IMG_0153

It was such a fun weekend with my long, lost friend! But I was excited to get home to my family!


  1. Oh my gosh, I wish I had known you were in KC! You were 15 minutes from my house and that's the university I work for! How fun that you came up for it and had a good time. :)

  2. Aww...the pics of baby G put tears in my eyes!
    You are such a wonderful friend...I'm glad we have opportunities like this fun weekend to keep in touch! SO happy you were able to join us...can't wait 'til next year! We will have a little Baby B to join us!


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