Monday, November 12, 2012

Farm Girl

I’m an Iowa farm girl, born & raised! Even though Kyle and I are raising our family in town I still want the farm life to be part of Adelyn’s (and baby #2’s) childhood! My Dad aka Grandpa still farms. Since its harvest season Adelyn and I went down for a ride in the combine with Grandpa one afternoon.
When we pulled into the field Grandpa was just headed the opposite way, so we had a bit to wait for him to make a round. I talked to Adelyn about the combine and how we were going for a ride. She acted excited, was jabbering away, and playing around in the front seat with me.
Once Grandpa made his way back towards us, we let the corn dust settle, and opened the car door to head to the combine. I set Adelyn down outside the car and as soon as her feet hit the dirt she was diving back for the car. She wasn’t sure what to think of the big, green combine! I picked her up and we walked to the combine as she clung to me. With Grandpa’s help we made it up the steps to the combine, but Adelyn was glued to my lap and didn’t say a word!
She ended up falling asleep after about 30 minutes and slept for about an hour, while my Dad and I caught up! It was fun to be back on the farm!
When Adelyn woke up she wasn’t near as scared of the combine. She started playing with the vents and Grandpa showed her how to honk the horn! She was also very interested in the CB’s that Grandpa kept talking into!IMG_3595
I think that will be her only combine ride for 2012 (pretty sure my Dad has all the crops harvested), but hopefully next year she won’t be as scared of it!
After our 2 1/2 ride with Grandpa, we went into Grandma’s house to eat supper. Cousin Hayden provided some good dinner entertainment!IMG_3607

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