Thursday, November 29, 2012

Three Day Play Date

The first week in November I had a 3 day work conference a few hours that just so happened to be about 10 minutes from my sister, Stef’s, house! I called to see if I could just stay with her instead of getting a hotel,she said “of course”, and suggested I bring Adelyn! Needless to say I was thrilled and of course agreed!


I was especially grateful because this was my 1st of 2 conferences this month. I’m currently at my 2nd conference in Orlando for 5 days. Stef did offer though if I’d buy her ticket, she’d come & be my nanny so I could bring Adelyn!615961_10151238511357348_657741075_o

I had sessions all day and was back to Stef’s house by 5pm, almost like a normal work day. Stef, Lily, and Adelyn kept busy throughout the days we were there. One day they went to Stef’s Mommy group and another day they went to Geoff’s work for his Thanksgiving potluck. I gave Stef major kudos for toting two little girls all around town!


Aunt Stef even got Adelyn to leave her ponytail in! Unfortunately her daycare teachers must not keep after her like Aunt Stef did ‘cause she quickly reverted once we were home in our normal routine. 665565_10151238511037348_2029885136_o

I’m so thankful for my sister and that Adelyn has Lily to grow up with. She is such a great Auntie to Adelyn and loves her so much! Thanks for letting us stay!


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  1. What cute pictures!! That is fun you got to visit with your sister too!


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