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Christmas Happenings

I finally have all of our Christmas posts done! Instead of scrolling through our blog, you may use this post to easily open each Christmas post I’ve done recently.

Christmas Day

This was Adelyn’s first sight in the living room Christmas morning…might I add EARLY Christmas morning! Let’s just say she was excited for Christmas!


I wish I would have been in a better spot to get her face. It was pure awe! She ran right to her new kitchen and played for a LONG time! It made all “Santa’s” work the night before worth it!


Santa also brought her a table & chairs set {Santa had to get a rain check on 2 pink chairs that were out of stock at Ikea}.


After Adelyn checked out her Santa gifts we had some breakfast and got ready for the day…and then opened presents from Mommy & Daddy!



The tape kept getting stuck to her foot and she wasn’t a fan of that at all. This is her trying to “kick” the tape off her foot! Silly girl!


And what do you do after un-wrapping all your gifts Christmas morning? Play with all your new toys! We got her the Melissa & Doug ice cream set. She knew just what to do with that ice cream cone!


And she made Mommy a 2 scoop ice cream cone! Yum! Smile


She loves her Little People fire truck from Grandpa & Grandma Bangert!


Mommy & Daddy also got her a tunnel and a tent!


“Daddy come play with me!”


Love these two smiles peeking through the “window”!


Kyle and I decided no gifts to each other this year. We bought a new TV for the basement in November and Kyle got a new road bike, so those were our “gifts”. Well…except for one Adelyn had to help Mommy open.


Kyle didn’t abide by the rules! Him and Adelyn gave me a shiatsu massage chair! Read = great gift for a prego Mama with a hurting back! Adelyn loves Mommy’s new chair…and the remote!


After we were finished playing with all our new toys we packed the car and headed an hour north to Kyle’s Aunt & Uncle’s house for Christmas dinner with his extended family on his Mom’s side. It is always a fun time with family with food, games, fun, and gifts! {sorry I didn’t take any pictures}

Overall Christmas was wonderful this year! Adelyn makes it extra special and I’m sure next year will be even more special with two little ones! Hope you enjoyed the recap of our Christmas season!

Christmas Eve

On Monday, Christmas Eve, we headed up to Kyle’s parents house for lunch with them. Sharon made an awesome meal, as always! After lunch it was present time! And Adelyn knew just what to do after lots of practice over the weekend in Omaha!

Notice her Under Armour shirt under her dress. Daddy insisted! Smile with tongue out


One thing on Adelyn’s wish list was a stool she could use in the kitchen to help Mommy or anywhere in the house. As you can tell, she loved it! She totes that thing all over the house and the handle is perfect to help her balance.


“Let me help you Aunt Laura!”


Uncle Travis got a discman from his parents. I didn’t even know they made those anymore!


All us kids went in on Kyle’s parents’ gift. We got Sharon a tablet and Jim a fancy tool…some sort of grease gun!


After all those gifts Adelyn was wore out. So I put her down for a nap, but since it was an unfamiliar place she wasn’t interested in staying down for a nap, so Mommy joined her! While we were napping the rest of the family enjoyed an afternoon of games.

Adelyn, Kyle, and I headed out late afternoon to get home, eat a quick supper, and head to Christmas Eve service at church. It is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. Adelyn was a little busy during the first half of the service, but thankfully kept quiet and finally fell asleep during communion. Usually she is in bed by 7pm!


After service we put our sweet little girl to bed and “Santa” got to work finishing up a final gift! Santa, aka Daddy, still had to put Adelyn’s new kitchen together. An hour and a half later we finally had the 1,000 {exaggerating, yes!} piece kitchen put together and ready for Christmas morning!


Omaha Christmas Weekend {part 3}

Sunday morning we all got up & headed to church. I always enjoy the services at Stef & Geoff’s church. Afterwards we headed back to their house for lunch before hitting the road.

Great Grandma Donna read to Adelyn while Stef & Mindi were getting lunch ready. She was listening so intently!


Auntie M not only got the girls matching Christmas PJs, she also got them dresses too! Unfortunately we were running behind before church to get a picture and Lily napped from the time we got home from church until after we left to go home, so we didn’t get a picture of the two together. Still cute though! 


Adelyn sure loves her Aunt Stef or in Adelyn’s words “Aah Ste”!


Before hitting the road we had to get some quick family pictures! My pops and his 4 girls {plus baby boy!}.


Then we switched out Dad for Grandma!


And then we got everyone, Uncle Kenny, Aunt patty, and their grand daughter Angela {minus the sleeping kiddos & our hubbies}.


We also did some other family pictures…
















I had seen ideas on Pinterest for printables for a Christmas photo booth which is what I was originally going to do. Then I had an idea to shop the dollar store. I spent about $10 and used a few things from around the house and had lots of fun props for our photo booth. It was a hit!

Omaha Christmas Weekend {part 2}

In case you missed it, you can read/see part 1 here.

After our morning at the Children’s Museum we headed back to Stef & Geoff’s for our big Christmas dinner! The guys did a wonderful job keeping things going. We had ham, cheesy potatoes, scalloped corn, green bean casserole, strawberry pretzel salad, and dinner rolls. All the classics!

Once we were all stuffed to the bone we headed downstairs to start on the gift opening. But not before some fun on the trampoline. _DSC4289

Uncle Kyle has some ups!


Preston graciously played a Christmas song for us before opening gifts!



Adelyn wasn’t interested in signing. She LOVES to sit in Hayden’s truck…and chew on one too. Silly girl!


Time to open presents! Lily started things off, but her cousins helped. I love her facial expressions!IMG_3949

Adelyn totally got into opening gifts this year. Having little ones sure does make this time of year extra fun! {Notice her tongue sticking out…total concentration on getting ALL the paper off her toy}


The girls opening their matching PJs from Aunt Wendi!


Wendi and her boyfriend, Matt. He lives in Omaha. I haven’t had a chance to share on the blog yet. But they started dating in September or October this fall {a lot of thanks to Stef for hooking them up}. Wendi got a job in Omaha and moved out there in November. Lots of changes for her & Hayden these past few months. It was fun to have Matt around for Christmas. Him & Wendi are totally smitten over each other! Reminds me of Kyle & I when we first started dating {years and years ago}.


Silly Grandpa Steve!




Auntie M & Uncle P gave Adelyn a set of an infant carrier, stroller, and doll crib for her babies. She was such a little Mommy pushing her stroller and carrying the infant carrier! So cute!


After gifts the kiddos took a nap. Adelyn & Lily were up much sooner than Hayden. We took a short drive to Stef’s neighbor’s house to see Santa. Lily was less than impressed! {classic}


Adelyn wasn’t sure what to think. She studied Santa for a while. I thought for sure she would cry!


Not excited, but no tears either. Successful Santa experience!


After our afternoon with Santa we worked on supper. Since we had such a big Christmas dinner Stef had a great idea to do different appetizers for supper. Geoff was pretty proud of a cheese & cracker Christmas tree!_DSC4453


Auntie M picked up some matching Christmas PJs for the girls {I think this is 1 of 3 sets of matching jammies they have}.


Love these 2 sweet girls SO much…and they love their babies!


Night, night! Part 3 coming soon!

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