Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Adelyn’s Christmas Program

Adelyn had her 2nd Christmas program for daycare tonight. I was nervous how she would do, especially once she spotted Mommy right near the stage snapping pictures, but she did great!IMG_3879

She made the cutest face when she saw me. She pointed at me and made an “O” face! The girl knows her Mama! Cheyenne (one of her teachers) said she wasn’t interested in sitting in one of the presents though, she was locked in on her lap!IMG_3886

After her part of the program we bundled up and headed out. On the way we walked by some of the teachers setting up cookies & juice for afterwards. Adelyn slowly and so adorably shy walked towards the table with the cookies. It didn’t take long for one of her teachers to realize what she wanted! She got two cookies out of the deal! We thought it was so cute how she ever so shyly went about getting one!


On another note, getting a posed picture of this girl these days is a BIG chore! She insisted on sitting in her chair in front of the tree!


Want to compare years? Check out last year’s Christmas program here!


  1. That is so cute that they have a program for the little ones! And the story about her getting a cookie...adorable!


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