Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Adelyn’s First Christmas Program

Last week Adelyn’s daycare put on their Christmas program. Obvioulsy she won’t remember it and didn’t sing, but I couldn’t resist having her participate in her first Christmas program! And this was the perfect time to start getting some wear out of her new SheSheMade Christmas dress!IMG_0251

Before we headed out I had to snap some pictures of my sweet girl! Like always, she was all smiles! My sister commented this weekend that Adelyn just gives those smiles away for free, so true! IMG_0246

Adelyn’s group was first at the program. They pooled the baby room with the next 2 older rooms. Mainly the workers sang. There were a few crys and some coo-ing! The put bells on the babies’ arms to shake!IMG_0258

It took me a minute to find Adelyn, but once I did I went to the other side of the auditorium and once I was closer she spotted me right away! IMG_0261

See her there in the middle? She knows her Mama! The rest of the program she had her eyes locked on me! Totally melted my heart!IMG_0262

Afterwards we had to get a few pictures with friends! Kim and her family are moving to Kansas in February. We are so happy for them, this is what they’ve wanted for along time, but we are going to miss them SO much. Ok, I’m done talking about it, makes me sad!IMG_0264

Kyle got me a DSLR camera for Christmas (obviously an early gift!), so as you can tell he’s still figuring it out. This picture is a bit out of focus, but I still love it!IMG_0268

We snapped a few more pictures when we got home. Adelyn was way more interested in the Christmas tree than taking pictures though! She wouldn’t let go of it!IMG_0285

Having our sweet baby girl sure does make Christmas extra special this year. I love making all these new memories with my little family and it’s fun thinking about everything that is yet to come!


  1. She matches your wrapping paper! So cute :)

  2. 1) I spotted her in the first picture at the program!:)
    2)I love how she couldn't keep her eyes off of Mama bear!
    3) Kim's moving down to KS?! Yay all the more reason for our favorite friends to come down!
    4) I love, love, LOVE how Adelyn coordinates so well with your gifts. You do such fun stuff with her!!

  3. You will LOVE your new camera. I got one for Mother's Day last year and it quickly became my new best friend!


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